Zkittlez OG Auto min

Zkittlez OG Auto Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
up to 600 g / m2
Hot and Tropical
Flowering Period
74 days
Hot and Tropical
Growing Difficulty
100 – 130 cm
Fruity, Tropical, Berries, Grapes, and Sweet

Where To Buy Zkittlez OG Auto Marijuana Seeds

Zkittlez OG Auto Marijuana Seeds Information

Zkittlez OG Auto is a ruderalis / indica / sativa type of weed, and it is an auto-flowering weed. It comes from the matching between the Zkittlez and the OG Kush x unknown Ruderalis. This strain produces plants with flowers that are full of resins. Aside from this strain’s tasty flavors, it has good benefits. You just need to be extra cautious of this weed’s adverse reactions.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Zkittlez OG Auto?

If you are planning to use this strain, you will be able to enjoy its fruity, tropical, berries tasting with a combination of grapes, and sweet tastes. The aftermaths are relaxing, positive, and euphoric.

What are the medical benefits of Zkittlez OG Auto?

This weed has a long-lasting effect and good health benefits. It alleviates and controls headaches, migraines, and nausea. Depression will be reduced in consuming this weed as well as insomnia will be cured as it will give you a good sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Zkittlez OG Auto

There are adverse reactions that you should expect from this weed after you consume it. It gives a dry eye sensation as well as a cottonmouth and dry mouth feeling.

How to Grow Zkittlez OG Auto?

This is an easy to grow cannabis because it is very resistant to pests and diseases. Therefore, growers don’t have to take much attention on this weed, but it doesn’t mean you should not monitor your plants. Monitoring is still necessary for your plants.

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