AK 47 x Pakistan

AK-47 x Pakistan Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indica Dominant
Flowering Period
8 - 9 weeks
Mediterranean Climate
Growing Difficulty
Wood Incense and Herbal

Where To Buy AK-47 x Pakistan Marijuana Seeds

AK-47 x Pakistan Marijuana Seeds Information

Dopamine Seed created the AK-47 x Pakistan, the breeder chose the AK 47 for its large result and delightful aroma and they combined it with the male Pakistan to get the excellent taste of incense and wood.

What are the Flavor and Effects of AK-47 x Pakistan?

Another strain sought after by many cannabis lovers, the enticing flavors of incense combined with wood with hints of spicy herbal. The delightful effect will keep you high up as it has an uplifting effect with felt happiness and euphoria.

What are the medical benefits of AK-47 x Pakistan?

AK-47 x Pakistan has properties that can relieve pain to save you from severe distress particularly with chronic issues such as migraines, injury pains, headaches and muscle spasms. And of course, this can be your happy pill to get rid of stress and depression and anxiety. This strain has also been used in preventing seizures for epileptics.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from AK-47 x Pakistan?

The most common issue after consuming the AK-47 x Pakistan is it comes with the drying of the mouth and also includes dry eyes. This can also cause paranoia if too much was consumed.

How to Grow AK-47 x Pakistan?

AK-47 x Pakistan can be nurtured indoor or outdoor. It is also easy to cultivate. This strain can grow insanely so make sure to prune and remove dead branches and leaves to make certain that it got all the nutrients needed. The sea of Green method is also best paired with hydroponics; both methods will work very well giving you heavy yield and a healthy batch.

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