If you’re concerned if you can donate plasma if you smoke weed then read on. Donating blood is very important as every drop can save someone’s life. It’s easy to donate blood and it takes only minutes to do so. Health experts also encourage everyone to donate blood as this is also healthy for the body. The body replenishes lost blood and this enhances cardiovascular health, reduces your risk of cancer and obesity. The same goes for donating blood plasma.

What is Blood Plasma?

Blood plasma is a blood component with a yellowish color. When donated blood is left standing, you can expect blood to separate from the plasma in a short while. Blood plasma is the liquid portion of blood that delivers various proteins and cells to different areas of the body.

Plasma is vital as it helps us when we are sick. Blood plasma ensures that the body’s electrolytes are in check and prevent infections or the development of blood disorders. Donated plasma is used by patients to balance the body’s proteins and cells. The proteins can help detect different diseases and treat them. This is why all blood centers and hospitals are required to have a steady supply of plasma as well as other blood products.

How Blood Plasma Donation is Made

Donating blood plasma is similar to donating blood but the process takes longer. First, a needle is placed on a vein in your arm through plasmapheresis. This process takes cycles and thus, donating plasma can take hours to complete.

Whole blood is initially drawn the arm and plasma are removed from the red blood cells and other blood components. As soon as the two components have been separated, these will be returned to the body together with a saline solution. This will trigger the body to replace plasma that has been removed from the whole blood. The first blood donation will take around two hours and afterward, you will return every 90 minutes to donate more plasma.

Blood plasma is very important and this is why blood centers ensure the safety of every donation. It starts by ensuring that all donors who want to donate blood are healthy before their blood plasma is let. In the US, there are different requirements before you donate blood and blood plasma and these must be carefully followed to ensure the quality of the donated blood material.

If you still have questions about donating blood and blood plasma, contact your local blood-letting center or hospital. If you would like to donate blood to save the life of a friend or a family member and don’t know if you qualify, consult a doctor or medical professional before you do.

Can You Donate Blood Plasma if You Smoke Weed?

The simple answer is YES. You can donate blood plasma and whole blood even if you smoke weed. BUT there are a few precautions and we’ll discuss these later. There’s no problem with weed users because blood centers are more concerned about donors who are using dangerous drugs and not marijuana. Also, tests conducted before a blood donation focuses on the prevention of the transmission of dangerous diseases and not about the presence of THC.

Some Important Precautions of Weed Use Before Donating Blood

Yes, you can donate blood even if you use marijuana but you must remember the following before you

Other Factors that Can Disqualify You from Letting Blood or Blood Plasma

Yes, you can donate blood even if you smoke weed but not when you have the following:

Now that you know can you donate plasma if you smoke weed, it’s time to schedule your blood plasma donation. Every bit helps now that more and more people need blood and blood plasma. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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