Casper OG

Casper OG Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
17 -18%
14 oz per plant (outdoor); 11 oz per square meter (indoor)
Flowering Period
9 - 10 weeks
Dry, warm, Mediterranean
Growing Difficulty
Sweet, Tangy, Citrus, Chemical, Dank

Where To Buy Casper OG Marijuana Seeds

Casper OG Marijuana Seeds Information

This is a super-hybrid and the friendliest OG that you’ll ever know. It was created from crossing Face-Off OG of Thadocta and Ghost OG from ORGNKID in 2004. It resulted in something special as it gives pure Indica bliss in small amounts and couchlock heaven when taken in high dosage. It’s perfect for evening use as it gradually sedates you while it maximizes the stress-free relaxation. This strain is smoked for recreational fun and it’s a natural medication at the same time.

This weed’s potency is at a moderate level so it can be enjoyed by any kind of smokers. It can be your friendliest ghost to be around once you get a grip of appreciating its high.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Casper OG?

The scent of the bud is composed of sweet citrus accompanied by skunkiness with rich diesel on every smooth exhale. The flavor has sharp citrus accompanied by skunky chemicals as it is being burned. Smoking this strain will make you feel light as you release the baggage of worries. It delivers motivation and inspiration for someone to be productive.

It also uplifts the spirit along with unstoppable giggles. As your stress fades away, you will be relaxed. You will only want to slack on a couch or chill with a good company. It’s advisable not to use this strain when you have to operate heavy machinery.

What are the Medical Benefits of Casper OG?

It’s an effective medication for people with insomnia as it can induce a complete sleep at night. Stress, anxiety and other mental disorders are also smoothed out by this bud. The CBD content of this strain has the function of alleviating pain. It is used to pacify seizures too. It can enhance appetite so it’s beneficial for people who want to go back to their normal eating habits.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Casper OG

The minor side effects are being dehydrated and feeling parched so smoking this strain will let you have dry mouth and itchy eyes. These can be stopped by drinking plenty of water or other drinks except alcohol. Some users may get slightly dizzy, a little headache or paranoia. So it’s wise to know your limit and just take the amount that you can tolerate.

How to Grow Casper OG?

It is recommended to grow indoors but outdoors is acceptable because of pheno-typing. It has learned how to be resilient in various conditions. But it prefers to have a lot of sunlight and stay in low humidity. It grows into a bushy and short plant so it should be topped in an early stage. It is for having a high yield in the future harvest and the Sea of Green method is suitable for this plant.

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