List of Marijuana Cannabinoids and Their Effects

marijuana cannabinoid effects

Cannabinoids are the components of cannabis that affects your body in different ways. The psychoactive chemicals are responsible for making you high and feel incredibly happy. Others are responsible for relaxing you and making you want to sleep. While there are more than 100 cannabinoids identified and researchers are finding more, we will talk about […]

How to Make CBD Crystalline DIY

make cbd crystals

CBD products have been steadily growing in popularity in recent decades. There are many forms of CBD available nowadays, one of the most well-known being CBD Oil. But CBD Crystalline is the new blast as this form of CBD extraction creates the purest form of CBD possible. Are you curious about learning how to make […]

The Human Body Designed for Marijuana Use

marijuana human body

Have you ever wondered how is it even possible that consuming cannabis triggers an array of effects one can experience not merely on a physical but also on a mental level? With this in mind, is there a secret key to understanding the unparalleled benefits one can reap when opting for the green medication? Ultimately, […]

Everything you Need to Know about Linalool

everything linalool

As people’s awareness over the multiple medicinal benefits of cannabis is rapidly increasing, it is not only the most common active cannabinoids, namely THC and CBD, that have been growing in popularity. Experts have been eagerly promoting science-backed up research evidence on the ensemble or entourage effect pointing out to the unique way in which […]

Evolution of Cannabis – Origin of the Plant


Cannabis is definitely the most controversial plant in the world. It has been a topic on a series of debates in the course of history concerning its benefits, importance, and drawbacks. Likewise, the plant has its own struggling and flourishing times. It has been one of the earliest cultivated plants by a man dating back […]