CBD Sour Lemon min 2

CBD Sour Lemon Marijuana Seeds

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Average to high
Sativa Dominant
Flowering Period
Period: 8 - 10 weeks
Warm and sunny weather
Growing Difficulty
70 - 120 cm
Citrus, herbal, pine, and sweet

Where To Buy CBD Sour Lemon Marijuana Seeds

CBD Sour Lemon Marijuana Seeds Information

A variety formed by HMG Cannabis Co., leaning toward Sativa. It is a variation of a CBD variant on Sour Lemon OG. Due to its behavioral performance, this CBD Sour Lemon weed strain is ideal for the daytime session, but please note that rookies need to be monitored due to their potency. This ganja contains medicinal and earthy flavor and has a pungent, spicy undertone until it is burned. You also don’t want its medicinal value and its effect.

What are the Flavor and Effects of CBD Sour Lemon?

This strain can provide citrus, lemon, and sweet to pine taste and smell. If you’re looking for something to support you during the day and need a little boost, you ‘d love to try and enjoy this cannabis strain CBD Sour Lemon! This weed is best for providing a boost to energy, particularly if you need to be successful that day. It provides a powerful cortical impact and a manageable body.

What are the Medical benefits of CBD Sour Lemon?

Mixing dominant strains with low THC results in the form of prescription marijuana, which can alleviate various afflictions such as chronic pain and decrease depressive symptoms. CBD Sour Lemon cannabis strain also has analgesic properties that can relieve pain in the body, fatigue that backache. This is sometimes used to prevent sleepless nights, and may regularly cure insomnia. It helps in nausea too.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from CBD Sour Lemon

Since it doesn’t have much THC, aside from the common dry mouth effect, most users might not feel dizziness.

How to Grow CBD Sour Lemon?

The variety can be grown indoors and outdoors, and someone who has experience in cultivating marijuana can do it. While this strain requires extra treatment and extensive nutrients, you’ll always be surprised at what it can produce and send to its boss.

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