Side Effects of High THC Cannabis

thc side effects

Too much weed is bad for anyone. More specifically, overloading your system with THC can lead to some nasty side effects. This is due to the psychoactive effect of THC that affects the receptors within certain parts of your brain. What are the side effects of taking in too much THC in one sitting? How […]

Top 10 Strongest THC Strains

top 10 strongest thc strains

Back then, marijuana users are contented if they get stoned or knocked out from smoking weed. But now, there is a demand for marijuana that has a higher level of THC. The quality of marijuana effects had changed over time. More recreational consumers are looking for stronger effects. This has been a challenge for breeders […]

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

durban poison cannabis strain

Durban Poison refers to a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It has uplifting effects, great for tasks needing a sense of creativity, and it has a sweet smell with THC concentration levels reaching up to 24%. The buds are chunky and round with dense trichomes coating, making an excellent choice for extracting concentrates. Origin of Durban Poison […]

Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

best marijuana strains anxiety

Based on studies, anxiety disorder is one the most common types of psychiatric disorders. It is found out that one in every four people had experienced an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. For some people its something they battle with, for others they don’t have an issue with it. Below are some of the best […]

Double Infused Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Snacks

infused peanut butter rice cripsy snacks

Sometimes we want to get baked and skip the “baking” process, what better way of doing so then with everyone’s favorite marshmallow snack! This no bake snack is sure to do just the trick and leaving you just that – BAKED.   INGREDIENTS: (makes 6 servings) 4 cups of Rice Crispy cereal 2.5 cups of […]