10 Marijuana Tools Perfect for Beginners

Every cannabis enthusiast out there has his/her own kit of tools that bring the green medication experience to the next level.

Are you among the newbie aficionados of the herb? If so, then it’s highly likely you’re somewhere at the very start of assembling your premium collection of go-to weed accessories.

The list of top 10 marijuana tools perfect for beginners that we will share below is compiled with a mind to making your ganja journey feel better than ever before.

Regardless of your favorite methods of cannabis consumption, we have a little bit of everything included suiting different tastes and preferences. Let’s get down to inhaling the good vibes and exhaling the bad vibes, shall we?

1. One-hitter

Are you an outdoor cannabis smoking aficionado?

Do you often need to be able to take a quick and discreet hit off the green medication while on the go?

Maybe you’re struggling with difficulties rolling your weed while on the run and that’s totally fine because we know fair well that learning how to roll your weed does take some time and practice.

If you can relate to any of the examples above, a one-hitter device is a real game-changer.

One-hitter devices do exactly what their very name suggests they allow you to take a few tokes of your favorite cannabis strains without having to spend any time rolling.

Plus, as the cannabis technology rapidly evolves, you can opt for one-hitters that are made of unbreakable materials so you don’t have to worry about transporting your stash and accidentally damaging the one-hitter device.

Just pack your one-time hitter, light it up and enjoy the ride.

Our favorite type of one-hitter device is the slide dugout. Thanks to a slidable lid, there’s room for two cylindrical openings one opening for storing ground weed and one that actually stores the one-hitter device itself.

2. Grinder

Once the gorgeous marijuana flowers are harvested and then carefully dried and cured, we end up with delicious buds ready to indulge in.

But in order to make the most out of the juicy, sugar coated buds, it is a must, to begin with grinding them properly.

In fact, grinding your weed isn’t limited to enjoying a traditionally rolled joint, blunt, or spliff it is also highly advisable to grind cannabis when making homemade edibles, cannabis oil or other topical ointments.

Wondering why grinding your weed makes such a big difference in your experience with the green medication?

In a nutshell, when you grind up the buds, you increase the surface area which leads to a slow, smooth burn.

In the case with homemade cannabis-infused treats and solutions, the increased surface area provides a more gradual, reliable, and consistent heating up of the buds during the process of decarboxylation.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of grinders available both online and offline so there’s a wide choice when it comes to picking one that matches your needs.

For the fans of trendy and innovative types of a grinder, a grinder card can truly amaze you with its convenience of use. The smart design of grinder cards makes them especially well-suited to those who want to be able to carry a grinder with ease wherever needed even if that means placing the grinder card right in your pocket grinding weed feels just like grinding a piece of cheese in no time!

As a rule of thumb, the larger the size of a grinder, the better it is suited to heavy cannabis consumers.

However, no matter of your average daily weed intake, make sure to choose a grinder that is capable of cutting your buds into fine pieces precisely, and also comes with a kief catcher. After all, you do want to indulge in the super potent, extra fluffy kief dust left behind after grinding you cannabis, and not simply throw the invaluable cannabis sift away!

Super Close Kief Bowl

3. Quality Storage Containers

For cannabis growers and consumers of all levels of experience with the herb, possessing high-quality storage containers is of utmost importance.

You may have already noticed that the quality of your buds greatly changes only a couple of days after purchasing them from a reputable dispensary and that’s due to the way you choose to store your stash.

Dispensaries follow strict rules for cannabis storage that ensure the buds will be well-protected from health-damaging mold or drying out too rapidly.

Nonetheless, improperly stored buds (and various cannabis derivatives alike) can lose their smell, flavor, and potency because of a faulty weed depot.

While there are thousands of storage containers available up-to-date, you need to keep in mind only the following tips when choosing an appropriate one for yourself.

– Make sure the container is made out of glass.
– Make sure the container comes with a resealable lid.

Not the least, keep your cannabis storage containers away from direct sunlight in a cool spot where the average room temperature is slightly below the average. Mind that excess humidity can be bothersome, too.

Both excess heat and/or light can lead to the degradation of active cannabinoids.
High humidity is related to the development of mold.

You can make use of humidity packs to control humidity levels by placing the packs inside your storage containers. However, that’s only necessary in the case you are not planning to finish your cannabis stash within the following week or two.

If you’re a hardcore beginner cannabis enthusiasts, you may also choose to take advantage of humidity controlled boxes for storing your stash. Once you dial the perfect humidity/temperature rates, the boxes will create the most suitable marijuana storage environment without you having to move a finger.

Quick Bonus Tip: Store different strains in separate containers to avoid mixing up (and subsequently spoiling) the unique flavors.

4. Rolling Machine

Rolling weed is an art form itself. It is also a highly-valued part of a cannabis enthusiast’s journey into the whimsical world of the green medication.

In fact, being able to manually roll your cannabis is widely considered as a matter of honor and respect for the herb in the circles of dedicated marijuana connoisseurs.

With this in mind, rolling machines are still undeservedly lacking behind in popularity, especially among experienced pot aficionados.

But don’t let the stigma surrounding rolling machines fool you they make excellent marijuana tools for both beginners, as well as advanced cannabis consumers alike.

Rolling machines are affordable, and they will allow you to enjoy perfectly uniform joints each and every time. Rolling machines will help you roll your weed quicker whenever and wherever you need to.

Plus, opting for rolling machines is a great way for newbie marijuana users to learn the art of rolling with their fingers easier later on.

5. Rolling Tips

There are many options when it comes to a DIY filter for rolling weed.

Whether you switch to a Hannibal-Lector-mode by tearing off the corner of a pack of cigarettes or gums to make a quick filter or whether you get more creative by turning just about any other suitable piece of paper into a filter chances are, you are highly unlikely to run out of alternatives.

But for newbie marijuana users (and in fact, for experienced ones alike), nothing can beat the convenience of having rolling tips available. Perfectly-sized and with a perfect roll-an-exquisite-joint texture, rolling tips can save you (tons of) fuss and bring your smoking experience to higher horizons of satisfaction and ease.

6. Scale

Anybody who is serious about his/her marijuana experience needs a scale. For a scale makes an intricate part of the consumption and storage process.

A scale is easy peasy to use and it can allow you to reap several benefits of your cannabis journey.

Firstly, using a scale is a great way to microdose your marijuana intake.

Microdosing marijuana doesn’t mean that you should restrict your cannabis consumption – but it does mean that you can find out exactly how much cannabis you need to experience the most beneficial effects you’re looking for while avoiding over consumption of excess amounts of weed. Not that you can overdose on marijuana you can’t but many cannabis users do tend to intake more cannabis than what is actually needed to keep them high and feeling superbly well.

Secondly, using a scale is a sure way to avoid getting scammed. As a rule of thumb, reputable dispensaries always measure the amount of cannabis you purchase with strict precision. However, using a scale is also convenient for keeping track of how much cannabis you have left in your stash so that you never end up starving (we hate cannabis starvation, and we bet that you do, too, lol)

Thirdly, a scale is a must-have for cannabis connoisseurs who are making their way into the world of homemade cannabis-infused treats, drinks, oil, and/or balms. Indeed, working with cannabis when it comes to dosing is strict science so a scale is a cannabis enthusiast’ best friend.

7. Multi-tool

Just like the name suggests, multi-tools consist of a number of different marijuana-joy-pieces-of-equipment that can greatly enhance your green experience.

Best of all, with the abundance of multi tools to choose from, you can easily find the perfect one for your personal taste and preferences.

There are multi-tools that come with scissors for cutting weed. There are also multi-tools that feature awesome dab spoons and/or scrapers. Some multi-tools even come with built-in flashlights.

Effortless to carry around, clean, maintain, and use when and if needed big thumbs up for multi-tools, bud buddies!

8. Glass Pipe Cleaning Solution

A decent kit of marijuana tools perfect for beginners cannot possibly go without a quality glass pipe cleaning solution. Maintaining your smoking devices clean at all times is a double win/win.

First off, remnants left behind from the process of combusting marijuana flowers mess up with the palatable joy of experiencing the full blend of flavors and the delicious smell of the strains you choose to consume.

Secondly, the remnants left behind can be damaging to your health, and especially with long term exposure.

Not the least, if you fail to maintain the highest hygiene with your smoking devices, you’ll end up ruining them much earlier which means you’re basically spending your money in vain.

Finally, the sooner you establish a habit of cleaning and maintaining your devices on a regular basis, the less will you have to get faced with excess rubbing, scraping and generally, investing time and efforts into something you could have done in a way much effortless, timely manner.

Indeed, bongs, glass bowls, and glass pipes, among others, do need careful and regular maintenance which is impossible without keeping a high-quality cleaning solution handy.

There’s a variety of readily-available cleaning solutions on the market. However, a simple DIY mix of rubbing alcohol and kosher salt will do the trick perfectly fine, too. A cleaning solution will remove all of the gunk accumulated in your device without causing damage to the glass.

3 “Natural” Ways to Clean Glass Pipes without Alcohol- EXPERIMENT

9. Magnifying Glass

No matter if you are a beginner marijuana grower or a cannabis consumption enthusiast who is still making his/her way into getting to know secrets of the herb better, a magnifying glass is an often underestimated yet extremely useful tool.

Nowadays, there are many apps that one can install on his/her smartphone device in order to substitute the effect of a magnifying glass but that’s only partially applicable. If you are truly passionate about the green medication, then a magnifying glass is your go-to.

The higher the magnifying capacity of your magnifying device, the better. Anything that starts from 10x can do the trick but if you can afford a magnifying glass tool that goes between 20x-40x magnifying power – we do encourage you to dive in!

A magnifying glass can give you a clear view of the legendary trichomes on a microscopic level.

Not only is it a fascinating process to be able to monitor closely how the buds’ sparkling glands look like. What’s more, it is possible to detect bud rot, impurities, and/or contaminants present.

Also, you can trace the maturity of cannabis plants’ glands thanks to the power of high-quality magnifying glass.

Did you know that if harvested later or if let to partially degrade on purpose, the tetrahydro cannabinolic acid (THCA) in cannabis will not end up as THC but as another active cannabinoid CBN (Cannabinol) – when heated through your preferred method of consumption?

CBN is known to induce a sedating effect which can be highly desired by cannabis consumers trying to fight off insomnia.

While the science behind other active cannabinoids found in cannabis, apart from THC and CBD, is still on the very rise, researchers believe that the mystical powers of less-known cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBC, and CBG, among others, can pave the path towards a much deeper understanding of marijuana’s healing properties.

10. Blowtorch

If you are a beginner dabber enthusiast, then you’ve probably already got familiar with one particularly annoying feeling most lighters simply fail to burn concentrates within the much-needed hot rates. That leads to literally struggling to finally get your ride on the dab train and we feel you.

Growing in popularity, cannabis concentrates do have their strong points and that’s not only limited to their mind-blowing potency.

If extracted without the use of toxic solvents, dabs are also the healthiest existing option when it comes to smoking cannabis.

In fact, when smoking concentrates, you only intake the active cannabinoids without the hazardous compounds that come along dry marijuana flowers combustion. Nonetheless, this makes dabs a much more valuable part of the science behind cannabis than merely a way to become a member of the yaba-DABa-dab family because medical marijuana users can highly benefit from dabs, too.

Fortunately, whenever there is a problem, there is also a suitable solution so skip on lighters in favor of investing in a blowtorch if you are a true dabbing connoisseur.

10 Marijuana Tools Perfect for Beginners: The Wrap-Up

Nowadays, the science, interest, and technology regarding cannabis are all teaming up so whether we realize it or not, we are witnessing a never-seen-before, unparalleled, and unprecedented development in the understanding of the true powers of marijuana on a massive scale.

Maybe only within a couple of years from now, the list of the 10 marijuana tools perfect for beginners we have compiled will invoke smiles on the faces of the cannabis-enthusiasts-of-the-new-generations who will be able to lay their hands on innovative, cut-edge devices and other exciting gigs. But isn’t that what we’ve been all waiting for?! If you want to stay tuned for thrilling news and know-how from the global stage of cannabis don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


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