How to Make a Cannabis Tincture

A cannabis tincture is an alcohol-based cannabis extract. This means that these tinctures are infused with alcohol. Tinctures, in general, were the primary form of cannabis medicine until certain areas enacted weed prohibition. With nicknames given to tinctures such as “green dragon” or “golden dragon”, you might also have the impression that tinctures are not […]

BubbleGum Cannabis Strain: Prepare for a Bubbly Ride!

You would know the quality of a good strain by looking at how many awards it has racked up ever since it was introduced to the general market. Of course, the more awards a strain has won, the better. And when it comes to awards won, there are not a lot of strains that have […]

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain Review

durban poison cannabis strain

Durban Poison refers to a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It has uplifting effects, great for tasks needing a sense of creativity, and it has a sweet smell with THC concentration levels reaching up to 24%. The buds are chunky and round with dense trichomes coating, making an excellent choice for extracting concentrates. Origin of Durban Poison […]