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BubbleGum Cannabis Strain: Prepare for a Bubbly Ride!

bubblegum cannabis strain

You would know the quality of a good strain by looking at how many awards it has racked up ever since it was introduced to the general market. Of course, the more awards a strain has won, the better. And when it comes to awards won, there are not a lot of strains that have racked up as many as BubbleGum has ever since this bud was released to the public. It is aromatic, tasty, potent, and also quite balanced as well. What else is there to want from BubbleGum?

Aside from its awards and its great attributes, BubbleGum is also well-reviewed strain that has garnered a lot of attention from marijuana experts and casual users alike.

After all, BubbleGum’s combination of great effects makes it a strain that really puts you in a for a very bubbly ride the moment you smoke it. 


The BubbleGum cannabis strain we know and love today is a bud that was released to the general public back in 1993 and then went on to win two awards just a year after it was released. However, there is a good reason to believe that this BubbleGum is not an entirely new strain especially if you know the backstory that comes with this popular name. The Indiana BubbleGum was crossed with a mysterious indica marijuana to become the BubbleGum that it is today. 

Aroma and Flavor

Well, the reason is that it actually has the distinct qualities of a pack of bubblegum.

This strain really smells like bubblegum in the strictest sense because of how sweet its aroma is. Meanwhile, BubbleGum’s flavor truly gives justice to both its name and its scent. Some say it has a berry-like taste while others say that is more tropical in nature. Regardless of that, the unmistakable fact is that it is very sweet and tasty.

On top of that, its flavor has a certain creaminess that is difficult to match. And while it is at it, it leaves your mouth with fresh flavors of tropical fruits.

All those things considered, there is no arguing the fact that BubbleGum is one of the most unique strain out there in terms of overall aroma and flavor profile. It is sweet, tantalizing, mouthwatering, and very appealing to the senses while also leaving your mouth wanting more. It really gives your taste buds the value for your money as it carries your senses to a bubbly ride they have never experienced before. No wonder this strain has racked up a lot of awards in the last two decades.


At the onset, BubbleGum cannabis strain hits your head with a cerebral rush that instantly makes you enter a state of euphoria. In this euphoric state, you will feel uplifted and worry-free while leaving you with a positive mindset throughout the duration of this strain’s effects. As the high intensifies, you will begin to feel yourself becoming more creative as different types of thoughts and ideas will begin to enter your mind at a rapid pace. At this point, your imagination seemingly has no limits as you begin to jump from one novel thought to another while also enjoying the different types of ideas that you come up with while you are under this strain’s effects.

Medicinal benefits

As a hybrid, this strain has medicinal benefits that neither pure indicas nor pure sativas have.

This hybrid strain is also a good treatment for chronic pain because of its great relaxing effects. It relaxes your muscles to a point where it can get rid of muscle spasms as well as back pains. It can also help soothe any headache that you may have. You may also find that BubbleGum is effective at treating symptoms of depression because of its great uplifting effects. 

Growing BubbleGum

Because BubbleGum cannabis strain is a hybrid, you will find that it is quite easy to cultivate. In fact, even less-experienced growers can still be successful when growing BubbleGum for the first time. It is resistant to a lot of adverse effects thanks to its hybrid attributes. Make sure to keep it dry while it is growing. In that case, it might be better if you grow it indoors than outdoors. BubbleGum has a flowering time of about eight to nine weeks. 

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