Green Crack Strain Review


Green Crack strain is one of the types of sativa marijuana, and it can sometimes be referred to as Cush. This kind of strain will make you feel happy, energetic, and uplifted. The term was coined by Snoop Dogg, and this kind of strain is enjoyed by a lot of famous friends because of its stimulating effects and its potent buzz. This kind of strain is a very potent Sativa and has a THC content of over 20%. This is ideal to use during daytime since it is very energizing and is good for different social gatherings and for those individuals who need a morning medication. Some confused this with the Green Crack Extreme or the God’s Green Crack. This strain is also referred to as Green Cush, or simply just Cush.

Other people still prefer to name it as Cush to avoid the unwanted image of the cannabis stigma. A lot of people love this strain because its earthy and fruity stain can be very unanimous. Green Crack is known to originate from Athens, GA during the 1970s, and it is said to have been descended from the popular Skunk 1. Because of its high concentration of THC, you can be uplifted for longer hours.

Appearance of Green Crack Cannabis Strain

green crack cannabis budGreen Crack is associated with a classical indica bud structure, and it has dense buds that come in a small size, and it is also clustered. Its leaves come in pale yellow to green, and its pigments on the leaves can be streaked with a purple color especially when these plants are exposed to the cold weather during their growing process. Pistils that come in rust-color usually stand out from the colorful flowers. Their buds also come with milky white coated trichomes, which gives them a much sticky texture and like a glistening appearance. They also come with a very dynamic scent that is perfect for their visual appeal. Their flowers also have a bright and citrus scent, matched with mellow undertones of wood and earthiness. Its smoke can taste like a vaguely hashy, and sometimes spicy, because of it the Afghani.


Effects of the Green Crack

The boost of energy that is associated with using a Green Crack can manifest as a cerebral mindset, which can make it as a great bake and wake strain. It is also an ideal and inspiring smoke. The sharpness of focus that it can give can help consumers hit creative projects or can even draw attention to some nuances in a movie or music. This kind of strain can also have psychedelic effects, like visual problems, and an experience of an odd sense of dilation in time. Since this can have an effect of being uplifted and a little bit wired, the Green Crack is not advisable for night use. Since this strain does not constitute with relaxing effects, this does not come in a wide range of benefits in medicine. However, it is ideal for users who want to be free from fatigue because of its energizing effects. This kind of strain is also ideal for people who suffer from depression and anxiety because they can help them to temporarily live in the moment. However, users may take note that consuming this in larger quantities can lead to recursive cerebral thoughts that can result in paranoia and panic.

Growing Green Crack

The Green Crack Strain is one of the strains that can be very easy to grow. It is also an ideal choice for newcomers who want to cultivate it. You can flourish this outdoors or indoors. If you want to grow it outdoors, you should give it a stable amount of sunlight, and a consistent temperature of about 72 to 80 degrees F. Growing it indoors is still ideal because the conditions are controlled. These strains can usually reach a height of 3-4 ft. tall, with strong branching. Most growers practice the topping technique when they grow this kind of strain. This kind of method involves a trimming of broad leaves which is done at the top of the plant. This will allow the light to pass the lower stalks and be able to produce a lot of buds.

Green Crack can flower fast, with a maturity of about 7 to 8 weeks, if it is grown indoors. If you grow in outdoors, expect a harvest during the months of October. The yields of Green Crack are average but are always solid, and can produce at a range of 41-46 grams per sq. Footage of plant. It is very important that growers take care of these strains when growing so that they can preserve the strain’s potency and taste.

Despite its name, a green crack strain is an ideal way to make you inspired and energized in a manic and strung way. This can provide what a sativa variety can best offer, and is a very good strain if you are looking for something to enhance your appreciation with the surroundings, or just simply needs something to help you on the go. Its potency is very unique that even experienced weed users love it.

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