Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

best marijuana strains depression

Depression is probably one of the most common reasons a lot of users and patients stick with the use of medical marijuana. There are a lot of people who depend and self-medicate the symptoms of depression with marijuana. There are recent studies that suggest that there’s a link between depression and the endocannabinoid system of the human body, which can explain why a lot of people are in more favor with marijuana than legal pharmaceutical medicines.

There has already been a growing number of evidence, both anecdotal and scientific about the positive effects of marijuana with depression. Pharmaceutical drugs are always available in the market but marijuana still continues its stand that using this medication can be more effective than the traditional ones. There are studies that proved that cannabis can directly treat depression while the traditional and prescription drugs can only mask the problem. There is also a big tendency that harmful side effects can be experienced with these prescription drugs.

Marijuana Helps Alleviate Mood

Self-medicating with marijuana to help with depression might already be common. However, you just can’t simply use marijuana to treat this illness. Different variations of marijuana are available and not everything works the same. That is why a lot of people believe that there are specific strains that work better compared to others.

Although there is a tendency that some people use whatever strain they want, it is always important to take in mind that different strains are associated with different effects. As we all know, cannabis strains come in different types. These are the Indica and Sativa, or the cannabinoid content and terpene content.
Let us dig deeper on some of the best choices of strains for depression and how the contents of cannabis affect the overall benefits.

Top Choices Weed Strains for Treating Depression

Harlequin – is a type of marijuana strain that can do wonders to fight depression. This strain has a very high CBD content. It holds a 5:2 ratio of the CBD content and THC content. It can be unlikely to have a psychoactive high when you use Harlequin but you can also expect to have an upbeat and soothing kind of mood.

When you use this strain to treat your depression, you might benefit more with its effects when you consume it in the workday. Harlequin can enhance your mood and can boost your energy levels so you can warm up to complete all your activities during the day.

Jack Herer – The Jack Herer strain was known to be very exceptional especially of the fact that it was derived after the name of the Emperor of Hemp. This strain is one of the best choices of marijuana to go to when you need something to fight for your depression. This is a Sativa-dominant strain that has a THC content of about 17-24% which is the reason why it can promote a person’s well-being and alleviate a positive mood. It can also make patients become more creative and uplifted.

Pineapple Kush – Pineapple and O.G Kush are two good combinations that come together to have the Pineapple Kush. The idea of its name is because of its pineapple flavor. Hints of butter, caramel and mint flavor are also mixed together to make it much sweeter. Expect to have a mouth-watering experience while you are in a relaxing high when you consume this strain. This can help in lifting up your moods, where constant giggling can be experienced. The reason behind must be because of the high levels of THC it contains.

Northern Lights – was called by its name due to a specific reason – because of it dazzling aurora from its vivid colors that make it very appealing for a lot of users. This Indica strain can keep your body sink while you experience a mellowing high. Expect all your worries and thoughts to vanish while treating chronic pain and sleep problems when you use this stain. This can give you a piney and sweet treat which can aid in relaxing your mind while easing your anxiety.

Pennywise – is another type of marijuana strain that can be a good choice for treating depression. This high-CBD cannabis is an indica flower that can produce a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. This is the reason why this strain can give you a slight euphoric buzz. The high from Pennywise can be laid back and mellow and can inspire a good attitude which can make you go throughout your day. This strain can have up to 13% of THC to CBD.

Depression is a very common illness, and treating it with marijuana has shown exceptional results over the past years. It is very important to understand all the things associated with using cannabis for depressions such as the terpene content, cannabinoid content, and the strain types that you want to use.

A good piece of advice is to use strains that have high levels of CBD especially if you have multiple health conditions. The CBD component can reduce the side effects of marijuana which include psychosis and it can also have great benefits in treating anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

THC is also a good chemical that can help in depression because it makes the patient feel more positive and euphoric.
Both Sativa and Indica strains have beneficial advantages for depression but some users prefer using Sativas during the day so that they can aid in motivation and mood alleviation and the Indicas to be used at night to help with relaxation and insomnia.

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