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Tips for Growing Green Crack Marijuana

growing green crack marijuana

Green Crack is probably one of the most controversial names when it comes to naming cannabis strains. We are taking something medicinal and beneficial and giving it a name that is synonymous with hard drugs… probably wasn’t the best idea for the industry but in the moment Snoop Dogg was probably thinking more about the strong sativa effects this strain has.

This strains is 100% not for those who want to sleep. Take the typical effects you would get from a sativa and Green Crack adds some extra euphoria to that with a lot of energy and potent sativa effects. The type of strain you may want to start the day off with.

For people who love to get awake, the Green Crack strain sounds like a dream that come true. It takes certain skill to cultivate a unique hybrid like this one. I remember the first time I tried to grow some Green Crack. It wasn’t the best experience I had as a cannabis grower. But I did learn a lot from that experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do love learning more about cannabis plants, and my encounter with the Green Crack was a lesson worth experiencing. However, every cannabis grower knows how painful it is to fail at growing a strain. The sad truth is that everyone needs to encounter that scenario in order to become a better grower.

Here are some useful knowledge I learned from my mistakes growing the Green Crack marijuana strain.

Growing Green Crack Marijuana Outdoors

It can be real tempting to grow Green Crack, or any other strain indoors. I mean, why not? As a cannabis grower, it really means a lot to be able to have full control of your cannabis’ environment.

As a cannabis grower, there is only one thing you can wish for – healthy and fuller cannabis buds. This kind of result is more attainable if you have a controlled environment. Even though growing out in the open has all kinds of benefits that helps plants grow to their full potential, it is not exactly the kind of environment you can label as “controlled”.

I’ve tried growing Green Crack indoors before, and trust when I say that it’s not a good idea. I’m not saying that it’s not doable. For sure, you will be able to pull it off especially if your an experienced grower, however, it is going to be a hasty process.
First of all, Green Crack is the kind of cannabis that grows taller really fast. With that, it can be pretty difficult to sustain if you plan to have it in a limited environment indoors. So its going to need plenty of vertical space.

If I would have known that Green Crack are supposed to get taller, then I would have made everything easier for me by placing it outdoors.
Ignorance is always the culprit, no matter what field you are trying to venture. That was the case with me. Truth is that the Green Crack cannabis plant is relatively easy to cultivate if done outdoors.

Be sure to have plenty of trellises ready for when this tall plant starts to produce flower since it will make cultivating it much easier. The growing time for Green Crack is very comparable to other strains at 8 weeks.

Feed the Plant Lots of Phosphorus during the Early Stages

Of course, space alone is insufficient to let a plant survive. Just like any other cannabis plant, the Green Crack Marijuana also needs food and lots and lots of nutrients.  Out of all the nutrients out there, what you need to keep in mind is Phosphorus. With that, you can bet that you really need to prepare the plant before it reaches the flowering stage. One of the most recommended ways of doing that is through feeding of Phosphorus. Make the plant gets a lot of this while it has not hit the flowering period just yet.

I was a bit surprised about how fast the Green Crack Marijuana can grow. If that hadn’t been the case, I think I would have done well growing the plant indoors.

Don’t get me wrong. Due to the fast flowering cycle of the Green Crack, growing the plant indoors will definitely get you more yields. However, unless you know how to care for plants in a limited environment and have some experience growing cannabis then I suggest growing it outdoors for sure.

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  1. My green crack was being grown indoors….it produced some nice budsby spring do I harvested them. To my surprise 2 of the plants started growing back again. Now the buds are plentiful and I think I should harvest them again. I’m just wondering if it’s too early. They are very potent smelling and crystalized. Just want to know if i should leave them or harvest so they don’t go too long in the ground without going bad on me.

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