What is a Tarantula Joint and How is it Made?

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When you plan to smoke cannabis, perhaps the first thing that you ask is: “Where is the bong?” Sometimes, people neglect the classic joints – the one wrapped in paper and is smoked in the scrub together with friends.

Probably some have been disinterested with rolling paper, loaded with buds, or blended with tobacco. Yet ultimately, someone and somewhere in the present days got a bit slick and has turned smoking a joint an encounter that is worth remembering. And with tarantula joint – you have somewhere pleasurable to get into.

With the noticeable trend of vaping among cannabis enthusiasts, a lot of people would perhaps go to their vaporizer once it is time to smoke cannabis. Although we do not discount the benefits of using vaporizers when consuming cannabis – including the benefits and perks of flavor that are associated when utilizing a vape pen – there is still nothing that can surpass a good classic joint.

What is a Tarantula Joint?

For certain individuals, a joint is simply a weed that is wrapped in paper. But for others, the task of rolling a joint is a kind of art. If you think that you belong to the artistic group, then there will be no doubt that you will appreciate the beauty provided by one of the most powerful kinds of joints ever introduced – the tarantula joint. But what is a tarantula joint?

A tarantula joint brings the experience of smoking a joint to a higher level and will guarantee to provide you that additional surge that you wish to get from cannabis. A tarantula joint is a blend of buds, concentrates, oils, and kief. And the output is a doobie that appears the same with a tarantula. Since the joint is wrapped in kief at the tip, it achieves a brown, furry hint, providing it a fluffy arachnid-resembling look.

These tarantula joints are relatively potent since they are packed with all kinds of good materials. If you are fortunate enough to reside in a place where the use of cannabis is legalized, you can get pre-rolled tarantula joints. They are commonly affordable as you are purchasing one joint. However, with sufficient information and skill, you can create your tarantula joint even in the comfort of your home.

How is Tarantula Joint Made?

Tarantula joint is simply not just your ordinary, common weed. It is the elite of joints. It initiates with a regular joint paper, and inside the joint paper, you put your preferred bud. Complement it to your current mood or whatever kind of experience you are searching for. Eventually, it will be improved in the succeeding steps.

After grinding the bud and putting it in the joint, you have to put in some concentrates. You can utilize honey oil, budder, wax, butane hash oil, dabs, resin, and more – the possibilities are boundless. This will grant your common joint that further excellent quality. By putting the concentrates, you are about to get another 40 to 80 percent more THC. You can formulate it however compelling you prefer to suit your likeness.

After blending the concentrates into the bud, proceed and roll it just like how you would in any other kinds of joint. Then, here comes the enjoyable part. The next thing that you will do is to roll the joint with CO2 oil. It will provide it some additional dash, as well as set the exterior of the joint for the last and most foreseen step. And that particular step is the rolling of the oiled joint through kief.

This is ultimately the main factor that influences a tarantula joint to become a tarantula joint. The use of kief in rolling the oiled joint will provide it an even higher content of THC for an additional hit, and also that remarkable spider-resembling look that cannot be neglected or mistaken.

Rolling a Tarantula Joint

To roll your tarantula joint, you have to begin with your choice of bud and the joint paper. Set it to the time of the day, the mood, or whatever you find essential to achieve an excellent experience. 

Grind the buds and place them in the joint. Follow with concentrates. After that, wrap the joint with CO2 oil. This step does not only do additional potency to the joint; it also sets the surface for the last step, which is the rolling of the oiled joint with kief.

What to Feel When Using a Tarantula Joint?

Considering the entire content of THC in a tarantula joint, there is no doubt that it can get you pretty high. This joint is best consumed on a rainy season – those times where you can lay on your couch all day long without anything else to worry about, such as an obligation to finish. In the end, this is a powerful joint!

The kind of high that you will experience will greatly rely on the kind of strains and potency of the concentrates and buds. But overall, with moderate content of THC of approximately 80 percent, you are likely to feel softened and stoned, yet at the same time feel euphoric.

A lot of people who try smoking joints that are very high in THC just like a tarantula joint normally bumps on a sofa with a sluggish, but blissful ecstasy. You are likely to sense pleasure and feel good regardless of the condition, but it will be better if you can just stay in a safe environment so you can be ready for whatever may come.

Moreover, you will likely observe the quick disappearance of all pains, since CBD and high THC contents available in tarantula joints are likely to muffle muscle aches, nerve point, stress, and tension. Hence, it is good if you are searching for natural pain alleviation, as the great number of cannabinoids can intensely enhance soreness and inflammation.

Are There Side Effects?

Since a tarantula joint can be extremely strong and powerful because of the numerous ingredients, side effects are already given. With the capability to get 80 to 90 percent of THC, the tarantula joint is surely not a founding place if you have never tried smoking cannabis, or if you are a beginner.

Usual side effects of tarantula joints will defer based on the kind of cannabis strain, CO2 oil, concentrate, and kief used to create the joint. However, a lot of people tell that they experienced dry mouth, dizziness, red eyes, lack of coordination, tiredness, deterioration of judgment or thinking, too much sedation, and anxiety.

People with existing mental health conditions or those who suffer from anxiety should practice caution if smoking a tarantula joint since the high content of THC may create excessive psychedelic high and can potentially create develop panic. Patients of schizophrenia must also be careful as it can create paranoid behavior or thinking.

Overall, provided that you responsible smoke it, and keep yourself hydrated, the probability of intense side effects can be mollified.

How to Get a Tarantula Joint?

You are probably eager to know now where to get a tarantula joint as you are more than excited to experience that desirable high. There are two methods to get your tarantula joint. 

First, you can purchase from your local dispensary. Depending on the place of your residency, you may encounter challenges when getting tarantula joints. However, in areas with legalized marijuana, you may individually find them covered and loaded into potion-resembling tubes.

Surely, they are quite more costly than the regular joints, but you can always get the kind of high that you have always longed to have.

But if you have sufficient skills, you may choose to roll your tarantula joint rather than buying it. Provided that you got the skills to accurately roll the classic joint, it will be easier for you to make a tarantula joint.

So even if you cannot visit a dispensary to ask for an available pre-rolled tarantula because of some restrictions, you can still enjoy the experience by acquiring the skills on how to make your tarantula joint.


A tarantula joint is a kind of art. Its appearance will make you deal it with such respect. Considering its ingredients, the joint packs an excellent powerful dosage of CBD and THC – resulting in a compelling high loaded with numerous health benefits, counting in fast alleviation from inflammation and pain.

If you think that you have earned enough experience, you can try smoking the tarantula joint. However, if you are still a neophyte and cannot tolerate the high potency of the joint, please reconsider and do not try the tarantula joint yet.

So, for those who are veterans in cannabis smoking but have not tried tarantula joint yet, are you courageous enough to surpass your apprehensions on spiders and finally try this enticing and remarkable joint? If that is the case, get your tarantula joint from any of the local dispensaries or learn to make it yourself.  You might regret it that you have not tried it sooner.

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