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Highest Quality Malana Cream Cannabis Concentrate is Made by Hand

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Secluded by the side of Parvati Valley in India, Malana is a village like no other. Famous as the village of taboo where highest quality Malana Cream cannabis concentrate is made by hand, the ancient village of Himachal Pradesh hides numerous secrets that have protected, nurtured and maintained the indigenous lifestyle of the locals for ages.

The village of Malana does not mingle with any of the other villages in the district. While this might sound quite awkward at first, this is actually only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to the various extraordinary rules one needs to get acquainted with and follow strictly if he/she is to visit the Indian village located at an altitude of 9 938 feet above sea level.

Keeping in mind that marijuana is illegal in India, it is more than curious to find out how the village of Malana not only manages to sustain its ancient relationship with cannabis but has also earned the fame of the best place on Earth where one can indulge in high purity charas cannabis concentrate.

Join us below as we are about to reveal amazing, untold stories about Malana, how Malana Cream is made, as well as how you can make your very own Malana style charas!

Inside Malana: Why the Village of Taboo is Actually the Village of Ultimate Cannabis Acceptance

It might be surprising to find out that the Malana village is considered a living example of the oldest democracy in the world. Since times immemorial, the village of Malana has been running by democracy in its very own style. More importantly, it continues to do so up-to-date.

The village council is called “Hakima” and it consists of a higher and a lower court.

No police intervention is allowed in the system of the village of Malana. In the case anyone needs the help of the police, the person is obliged to pay the Malana council a fine of Rs 1000! Rs 1000 converts into about 15 USD. While the fine might seem low to foreigners it is not low at all for the locals, taking into account the fact that the average salary in India based on stats from 2018 is set at roughly $300 although further reports suggest an expected increase of about 9.7% is expected in 2019.

The fact that police intervention is kept away sheds some light on how come cannabis cultivation managed to thrive in Malanaeven though the government of India has not lifted the ban on marijuana as of now, despite the centuries-old history of cannabis as an intricate part of the ancient history of India, and nonetheless, of Hinduism.

Channel 420 – The God of Cannabis

It is common knowledge that the main income of the Malanese comes from the production of the notorious cannabis concentrate “charas,” the local variety of which has earned the nickname Malana Cream.

The hashish production history of North India is very long. It is so complexly intertwined with the country’s spiritual, commercial, and economic profile that it is impossible to neglect the hashish-related part of India’s (and, in particular, North India’s) ancient and modern history.

It was in the ceremonial boozrooz which dates all the way back to Ancient Persia when the first solid evidence of burning charas for religious purposes in what is nowadays North India is believed to have occurred.

But what is it that has earned Malana the fame of the village of taboo since as far as the locals’ attitude towards cannabis is concerned, it is actually an excellent example of ultimate cannabis acceptance and freedom which boldly oppose the norm in India regarding marijuana?

Here are several mind-blowing bits of information that will help you understand better the role taboos play in Malana village.

#1 The Malanese have strong beliefs in Faith and Destiny

Malanese beliefs in the role Faith and Destiny play in one’s life are so strong that whenever an unresolved conflict between two parties requires a final decision, the Malanese leave the decision to be made by their God.

For this purpose, the forelegs of two lambs are cut about an inch deep and then stuffed with poison before being sewn back right away. Each of the two lambs is assigned to one of the two sides involved in the unresolved conflict. Depending on which lamb dies first, one of the parties loses the judgment.

#2–The living nature is highly respected in Malana

Malanese are so sensitive towards their natural resources that even hammering a nail onto trees is strictly forbidden. If you happen to roam the forests of Malana, make sure not to burn wood in the forests as this is also strictly forbidden. It is only dry twigs that are allowed to be taken away from the forests.

#3–Malanese think of themselves as the descendants of Alexander the Great

The Malanese believe that they are the real descendants of the true Aryan race. And indeed, they do think of themselves as the descendants of the mighty conqueror Alexander the Great. 

#4– No physical contact with outsiders is allowed according to Malanese rules

Everything related to the Malanese people fits into a no-touching zone for outsiders.

You are not allowed to make physical contact by touching a Malanese, the walls of the houses a Malanese resides in, or their belongings. It is simply against their rules which means you risk ending up with a fine.

What’s worse, you risk being cursed by the local priest, especially if you break the rules that concern outsiders who are also not allowed to touch or visit the temples of the Malanese.

The Kanashi language spoken by the locals is also sacred so don’t try your tongue at how good you might be able to speak Kanashi since this is also considered an offense. Apart from fines, outsiders who break the Malanese rules can also be forbidden access to the village.

#5 – Ancient customs and traditions are religiously followed by the Malanese

If a Malanese decides to marry an outsider, he or she will be forever banished from the Malana village community. That’s because marriage in the village of Malana is rooted in the ancient customs and traditions which are followed religiously by the natives. The marriage of Malanese is pre-arranged in their adolescence. When it comes to divorces, Malanese men are allowed to divorce a woman but they must proceed to support her financially afterward.

What is Charas: Diving Deeper into the Mysteries of Finest Malana Cream Hash

Charas is an incredible variety of hashish which is believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago.

Traditional hashish is made from dried cannabis flowers by collecting the sparkling trichomes. In order to collect the trichomes where all the active cannabinoids are stored, these must be separated from the cannabis buds.

Once the trichomes’ dust is gathered, it can be compressed into bricks, thereby forming a solid piece of out-of-this-galaxy hashish.

Water extraction methods also allow for the cannabis plants’ resin to be separated from the cannabis flowers. Water-extracted hashish is commonly referred to as water hash or bubble hash. Instead of solid, water-purified hash possesses a paste-like texture.

Charas, however, is not made from dry cannabis flowers. Instead, it is made by collecting the sticky resin from female cannabis plants that have not reached full maturity. Typically, it is about 2-3 weeks before the end of flowering when cannabis plants are ready to give away their sweetest resin to the skilled Malana Cream hand crafters.

The process of charas making in Malana is one that unites the locals. You can see anyone from the village, ranging from men, women, grandmothers, and children involved in the production of Malana Cream.

Dakota of the earth – INDIA’S HIDDEN WEED VILLAGE | Malana, Parvati Valley (2017)

How to Make Charas

The truth is, making charas is a time-consuming process but apart from the time you need to spend carefully rubbing the fresh cannabis flowers between your palms, it is actually a beginner friendly exercise anyone can learn. After all, even Malanese kids know how to make charas!

The secret of producing your very own premium quality charas is to be ready to “sacrifice” a few cannabis plants for this purpose.

We use the word “sacrifice” because, for many cannabis growers out there, it can be a painful dilemma whether to try their hand at making that extraterrestrial, pure charas just to end up with a limited amount of the sweet rewards. On the contrary, if the cannabis plants are not “sacrificed” for the preparation of charas, one can enjoy a significantly higher amount of cannabis flowers upon following the traditional harvesting routine.

However, if you do grow your cannabis, then there is barely anything as amazing as sinking into the pleasure of consuming your handmade charas cannabis concentrate.

A good rule of thumb is to plan your moves accordingly which means that if you want to make charas, you’d better opt for high-quality marijuana seeds that can grant you better yielding plants because of their excellent genetics.

Also, you need to choose strains that are known to produce high yields because this is the factor which matters the most when making charas. You simply need to work with cannabis varieties that will allow you to get maximum rewards for your efforts.

Making charas requires only a pair of hands and a healthy dose of patience.

You can cut the cannabis plants and start rubbing the flowers between your palms without removing the flowers from the stems/branches. Alternatively, you can directly start rubbing while the plants are still in contact with the growing medium (basically, without cutting them).

Your moves need to be vigorous yet gentle because if you speed things up too much, this will decrease the amount of charas you get. At some point, you will need to scrape off the sticky resin that will collect between your palms. For this purpose, you can either use your fingers or you can use a knife but do be extra careful not to harm yourself by accident if working your way with a knife.

Once the resinous substance is collected from your hands, you want to keep rolling it between your fingers and palms until it forms a uniform ball-shaped pure charas cannabis concentrate ready to enjoy.

Original Shantivibes – CHARRAS MAKING INA INDIA

Tips for Visiting Malana and Purchasing Malana Cream Charas

Even though there are certain taboos one needs to get familiar with before visiting Malana, the locals are super friendly and very open to tourists. Thus, as long as you follow the simple rules we shared above such as no physical contact with the locals, no physical contact with their belongings or any form of disrespect to their customs or the living nature, you can have a wonderful time enjoying the rural beauty of Malana.

Visiting the village of Malana is all about the simple pleasures in life such as hiking, absorbing the warmth from the gentle rays of the sun, and of course, indulging in purest, highest-quality Malana Cream.

Winters are harsh in the mountain regions of India where the village of Malana is located so for a period of 5-6 months during wintertime the locals spend their days in their homes. In the spring, summer, and early autumn, however, the Malana district is marked by the stunning beauty of nature. Women work to collect honey or they accompany their husbands in the fields where they make charas together.

The village is quite peaceful and you can easily find charas to enjoy. In fact, even kids will gladly sell it to you.

Do keep in mind that Malana is better suited for travelers and backpackers rather than tourists. Most people visit Malana only as a part of a day trip, although there are hostel-like places you can pay to spend days or even weeks in if you wish to.

In order to reach Malana, the easiest way to do so is by catching a taxi from Jari which is located 23 km away from Malana. Public transport to Malana is not available. In fact, the only way to reach the village of Malana goes through a 4-km trek that can only be walked on foot. However, the trek is an easy one to conquer as it is made out of concrete steps.

While you are free to consume as much charas as you want during your stay in Malana, you need to be extremely careful not to end up in trouble with the local authorities if you decide to take some Malana Cream with you as you leave the village. Police officers typically check the taxis, as well as the passengers who leave Malana for trying to smuggle out the banned cannabis-derived substance.

1 kilogram of Malana cream costs about 3,564.25 USD, although some locals might be willing to bring the price down. Basically, for as little as about $100 you can enjoy at least 3 grams of pure Malana handmade charas which is totally worth every single penny.

As long as you are respectful of the local rules, the Malanese will happily greet you in their lands where you can forget about the busy pace of life most of us living in the West are so terribly used with.

Don’t expect any gourmet, fancy-style meals, though. Food in Malana is rather simple yet fantastically delicious simply because it is 100% bio and organic! Local, eco food paired with a sense of timelessness and serenity, while your sensations are heightened from experiencing the bliss of finest quality Malana Cream – what more could we possibly wish for?

The Village of Taboo Where Highest Quality Malana Cream Charas is Made: The Wrap-Up

Some call it India’s hidden weed village. Others refer to it as the village of taboos. Then there are those who dream of visiting the ancient village of Malana just to get a taste of the legendary, finest quality Malana Cream hash.

The truth is, one can easily make charas in the comfort of his home by using nothing more but a pair of hands and some carefully nurtured cannabis plants. However, the profound beauty and wisdom of Malana can be best experienced only when one has the chance to see for himself how the locals manage to live by following their own set of unique rules for ages.

But if you don’t have the opportunity to visit the village of Malana as of now, you still know perfectly well what weed culture reveals to us, cannabis connoisseurs: boundaries do not exist outside the mind.

Nowadays, even if we live thousands of kilometers away from the village of Malana, we are free to teleport ourselves right in the heart of the secluded village by merely blazing up a joint and sinking in all the wonderful videos of Malana village available only a click away. And if we dare to believe in the true power of thoughts, we might just as well end up in the village of taboo where highest quality Malana Cream charas is made by hand before we even know it.

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