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How to Get Rid of Weed Smells

The distinct smell of marijuana is one of the best parts of enjoying the green medication. However, the pungent smell of weed can also quickly turn into a nightmare for cannabis users.

Maybe you’re dealing with conservative parents or suspicious neighbors?

Whatever the reason that makes you concerned about keeping cannabis consumption private, you want to know how to get rid of weed smell whenever the circumstances call for action on that note.

Certainly, it is your sacred right as an intelligent human being to delve into the healing ritual of consuming cannabis whether it comes to recreational or medical purposes.

However, the outdated negative image of “potheads” continues to linger in public perception when it comes to marijuana consumption.

When you need to keep your cannabis habits away from the public radar, learning the best practices for masking the smell of weed becomes a must. It’s always best to play safe and spare yourself the possible troubles, right?

In this article, we will explore the different methods of getting rid of weed smell in fast, efficient, cost-effective, and smart ways.

Burn Incense

burning incense

Nowadays, incense comes in many different forms, such as dhoop, flat coils, cones, hanging spirals, and sticks. All of these can work perfectly fine for getting rid of weed smell aptly.

Incense features a blend of flowers, resins, natural herbs and oils that are carefully rolled together. The rich fragrance of incense is typically used in meditation practices around the globe.

Once the incense starts burning, it quickly turns around the marijuana smell in the air within as little as several minutes.

Make sure to keep matches handy because they work fantastic for lighting up just about any type of incense with ease.

Of course, a lighter can work perfectly fine but if the flame is too subtle, it would be easier to get your fingers burnt while trying to light the incense.

As a rule of thumb, any type of incense can be helpful to disguise the distinct marijuana smoke under the gentle embrace of the highly aromatic compounds released by the burning incense.

However, the more saturated the aroma of the incense you choose, the better the smell will be masked.

With this in mind, it’s worth to go for high-quality incense. Also, go for complex aromas.

Instead of choosing incense that emits only a Vanilla scent, pick several different combinations to create a unique, deep, and well-working bouquet of scents.

For instance, Nag Champa is a fragrance based on a combination of magnolia (champa flower), sandalwood, and frangipani, as well as more or less of other active perfume-like aromas.

The more complex the aroma of the incense, the more efficiently it will remove any traces of weed smell.

Thus, even if you’re dealing with someone who is well aware of the distinct marijuana flavors, you can still win the battle with any reminiscent of cannabis lingering in the air.

For best results, make sure to test the incense you have picked in advance, and don’t wait for cases of emergency before you check whether the aroma blend is working perfectly for masking weed smell.

Here’s a list of incense aromas you can combine in order to hide the smell of marijuana.

Magnolia (Champa flower)

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys digging deeper into choosing a suitable incense fragrance, there are also Cannabis Incense sticks available to help you out.

Heads Up

Burning incense can work as a quick fix to unwanted cannabis smell due to smoke trapped inside the house.

But if you’re growing your own marijuana plants, burning incense can be only used in cases of emergency, and must not be your go-to marijuana smell disguiser.

Also, do NOT overuse incense as it is said to contain possible carcinogens. Last but not least, do NOT use incense in the case you’re suffering from respiratory issues.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can work fantastic for masking the smell of weed. What’s more, they are good for your health, so it’s a double win-win. Plus, essential oils are easy to carry around and they are quite affordable.

There are several ways to use essential oils in order to get rid of weed smell.

Firstly, you can place a few drops straight onto your skin – behind the ears, on your wrists and/or directly on your clothes.

Secondly, you can sprinkle essential oils anywhere in the room. Open up the windows to help marijuana smoke get out faster and let the essential oils do their work.

Do keep in mind that in order to increase the aroma emitted by essential oils, it is best to heat them up.

Thus, utilizing an essential oil diffuser can be a wise choice.
Similar to burning incense, it is best to opt for a combination of essential oils for best results.

Here’s a list of essential oils that can do wonders to mask the smell of weed.

Orange Oil
Peppermint Oil
Rosemary Oil
Cloves Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Rose Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Frankincense Oil

Did you know that hippies were among the pioneers of using essential oils to diminish the smell of weed? Patchouli oil was the hippie’s favorite option.

Go for the Good Old Air Fresheners

Certainly, the fact that air fresheners such as the notorious Febreze found their way into this compilation doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Due to its potent aroma, Febreze has been a life-savior for many marijuana aficionados faced with the need to get rid of weed smell in cases of emergency.

And indeed, most households are already equipped with a bottle of Febreze so it’s a logical choice to go for it.

Febreze, as well as other high-quality air fresheners, do work well for reducing marijuana smell. However, there’s also a downside. Air fresheners are definitely not the most solid option for completely banishing away the distinct, skunky cannabis odor.

Nevertheless, many people tend to experience headaches due to the highly potent scents of air fresheners.

In a nutshell, keeping Febreze handy might be a wonderful idea, however, don’t rely on this approach too heavily as you may end up disappointed. It is best to use an air freshener as an additional anti-marijuana smell armor but not as your main weapon.

Make a Sploof

What can you do in order to get rid of weed smell in the case you’re locked up in a room upstairs while your relatives or anti-marijuana prone guests are downstairs?

If you’re perfectly aware that you want to minimize any remnants of weed smell straight away, then using Febreeze, essential oils or incense is not the best option.

However, using a sploof is easy, convenient, affordable, and works like charm.

Here’s what you need in order to make a sploof in the blink of an eye.

– Kitchen paper towel roll or a toilet paper roll
– Rubber band or hair band (or any other type of string you have handy that can work well instead of a rubber band)
– Dry sheets of paper (fabric softener sheets work great but any type of fabrics can also do a good job)
– Air freshener, perfume, or essential oils (optional)

So how do you make a sploof?

Simply fill the kitchen paper towel roll (or the toilet paper roll) with dry sheets of paper (or fabric softener sheets or any suitable fabric you have handy).

Do not pack it too loosely, though.

You want to make sure that marijuana smoke will be able to travel through the sploof. However, a loosely packed sploof may fail to do its job for keeping the distinct cannabis odor at bay.

You can add several drops of essential oils, or take out your perfume or any air freshener you have available to further enhance the action of your sploof.

But do keep in mind that a well-made sploof can work perfectly fine with or without any extra aromas.

Next, place a sheet of paper (or any suitable type of fabric you have available) at one of the outer ends of the roll.

Lastly, strap the roll with a rubber band
Video by The Budd – How to Hide the Smell of Weed

How does the sploof work?

The idea is that once you have filled the volume of the roll with paper or fabrics, marijuana odor will be diffused. This happens as you slowly and carefully exhale the smoke through the outer end of the sploof that is not strapped with a band.

Finally, smoke travels slowly through the sploof where the dry sheets of paper diffuse it until it reaches the outer end that is strapped in order to capture any reminiscent of the smell.

Quick Bonus Tips

You can also make a sploof by using a plastic bottle instead of a paper roll.

If you want to increase the marijuana smell-trapping action of your sploof, go for a kitchen paper towel roll. Since it is longer than a toilet paper roll, it will be capable of diminishing cannabis smell better.
Video by RuffHouse Studios – How to Keep Down the Smell of Smoking Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart #9

Best of all, you can opt for a professional-grade portable carbon filter. It works by utilizing the same major principles for trapping the weed smell like a self-made sploof.

However, a high-quality store-bought filter is, undoubtedly, a superior version to home-made sploofs. For those of you who are often on the go and need a reliable device that can swallow up clouds of smoke anytime and anywhere, a portable smoke filter can become a best friend.

Choose the Right Smoking Spot

One of the tried-and-tested methods that can get you rid of weed smell is to choose a suitable smoking spot.

Of course, this method won’t work in the case you end up with unexpected visitors because, for most of the time, you will simply choose to smoke wherever you feel good to do so.

But as a preventative approach, picking a smoking spot that will diminish any unwanted marijuana smell is a brilliant move.

First off, smoking right under your kitchen fan is a quite straightforward fix to preventing cannabis smell from lingering in the air.

Have you tried the Hawaiian hotbox method? While this approach sounds fairly exotic, it actually refers to the simple ritual of smoking marijuana in the shower.

But don’t get this wrong, you don’t really need to take a shower.

Instead, all you have to do is to let the shower run and make use of the natural marijuana smell dissolving abilities of the steam created by the hot water.

Simultaneously, switch the fan on and let the cannabis smoke dissolve into the waves of steam, securely getting out of the shower room through the fan.

For maximum security, you can also place a towel right at the bottom of the door to block any remnants of the smoke from squeezing through the gap.

Finally, take some mouth wash and swash it to remove any weed smell reminiscent from your breath.

Undoubtedly, smoking outside is a method that has withstood the test of time. Whether you light up the green medication at the balcony or in your backyard, most certainly, this will eliminate any weed smell from getting into the house.

Take Advantage of Odor Neutralize

For a start, it’s essential to understand that there is a huge difference between air fresheners and odor neutralizers.

While air fresheners do provide a solid pinch of freshness, they only mask the smell of weed but cannot possibly absorb it.

Meanwhile, odor neutralizers work on a molecular level so they are designed to actually trap any of the tiny aromatic compounds that linger in the air.

High-quality odor neutralizers do NOT contain any perfumes. Instead, they rely on the scientific process of creating a chemical reaction in order to bind with the aromatic molecules in the air and absorb them.

One of the downsides of odor neutralizers is that their aroma-trapping action decreases with time. Thus, they may fail to get rid of the marijuana smell at the very moment when you need it the most.

In order to avoid such issues, simply make sure you always keep several additional odor neutralizers handy and open them up if a more robust action is what you need.

In fact, there’s a homemade mixture that works similarly to store-bought odor neutralizers, although it is far less potent, of course.

Combining an equal dose of baking soda and vinegar in a wide bowl can act as an all-natural odor neutralizer due to the acid-based reactions that take place by trapping the aromatic molecules lingering in the air.

If you’re willing to take it even further, mixing baking soda, water, and essential oils in a suitable spray bottle can also work as a combined air freshener-odor neutralizer weapon.

If you are an indoor marijuana grower who wants to get rid of weed smell, odor neutralizers are best to be kept away from your growing room.

While they can help you diminish the pungent smell of your cannabis plants, they will also trap some of the essential terpenes – the natural aromatic compounds found in marijuana.

Thus, you may end up with crops that lack the flavorful, delicious blend of the aroma and taste of the unique strains you’re cultivating.

Carbon filters work best for indoor marijuana growing when it comes to getting rid of the distinct cannabis smell. Nevertheless, intake and exhaust fans can also work great
Video by Online Medical Card – 4 Different Ways to Control Cannabis Odor

Explore other Ways of Consuming Marijuana

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, none of the traditional methods for diminishing marijuana smell works due to the specific circumstances we’re facing.

So if you are in a dire need to eliminate weed smell at any cost, then you’d better explore the different ways of consuming marijuana apart from inhaling the smoke.

Without any doubt, a vaporizer can work wonders to get you rid of weed smell while you are still being able to “smoke” the green medication.

What’s more, vaporizers come in different palatable flavors, and they are also considered one of the most health-conscious alternatives to the harmful toxins found in regular smoke.

Nevertheless, marijuana-infused pills or capsules, as well as micro dosed marijuana edibles can deliver the potent cannabinoids into your body without emitting even the slightest trace of marijuana smell.

For patients who are looking for pain relief through medicating with cannabis, trans-dermal patches or marijuana-infused ointments can be a wonderful solution to the issues related to cannabis smell

Keep your Marijuana Supplies in Air-tight Containers

You might be faced with hard times trying to get rid of weed smell not only when it comes to smoking.

If you’re lucky to have access to top-quality cannabis buds, storing them correctly will be of utmost importance to keep the pungent smell away.

For this purpose, you want to use a high-quality Tupperware or Mason jar. The good old Ziploc bags can also work fine, and especially if you aren’t equipped with any other suitable containers.

Just make sure you use several Ziploc bags to avoid any possible weed smell remnants.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell: The Bottom Line

Having to get rid of weed smell has happened, can happen, and will keep happening to many cannabis users out there.

Trying to act quickly and hide any suspicious marijuana smell within several minutes can often lead to panic but there is really no use of being under pressure.

Just make sure to explore and follow the handy tips we shared above, and you will know how to get rid of weed smell with confidence (and a big, wide smile).

Have you tried any of the methods we shared? Do you have more ideas hiding in your sleeve? You can help more cannabis users by sharing your experience so that we can spread the love and respect for the green medication together.

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