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How to Make Marijuana Infused Syrup

Anyone can consume cannabis in many ways. Smoking, vaping, and infusing weed to edibles are popular. One simple thing that a lot of people don’t know about using cannabis is that they can turn it into a syrup.

What is Marijuana Infused Syrup?

The cannabis-infused syrup is the liquid sweetener crafted using water and sugar, mixed with cannabis. It’s actually easy to make. You can use it for various food and drink recipes. In making your own cannabis-infused syrup, you have to steep the bud in simple syrup or add oil to the syrup.

Not only that. You can also add flavorings and other herbs. To make the syrup more flavorful, you can something like ginger or rosemary. Once your cannabis-infused syrup is ready to use, try mixing it to your coffee. Adding to your iced coffee is a more brilliant idea. Doing so will make your drink tastier and more unique.
How to Make Cannabis Syrup (Recreational) by CaliGrow420

Uses of Marijuana Infused Syrup

You can use this tasty syrup in many ways. As a great sweetener, it is not only good for adding flavor to drinks. You may use cannabis-infused syrup as toppings on different foods like ice cream and pancakes. Just keep in mind that you should not consume more than 10 mg for each serving.

Of course, there’s a variety of canna cocktails that you can make using cannabis-infused syrup. Canna syrup is the best one to mix to tasty but non-alcoholic concoctions that will make you feel wonderful for hours. for s refreshing and tasty summer treat, simply add sparkling water, some fruit juice, and canna syrup.

Why Should You Try Making Your Marijuana Infused Syrup Today?

If you are a regular cannabis user and want something new in using your favorite strain, you will surely love making your own cannabis syrup the moment you try it once. Aside from the fact that the making process for this is easy, it is not asking for too many ingredients. Instead, you just need a few ingredients and some tools that are mostly available in your kitchen.

The ingredients needed in making cannabis-infused syrup are too common like sugar and water. Most of them are always in your kitchen. If not, you will easily find them in the market. Also, you can preserve the produced mixture and use it for weeks. You don’t need to cook cannabis-infused syrup every day. One jar of cannabis syrup can last for a month or even longer. There are ways for that.

How Easy It Is to Make Marijuana Infused Syrup?

The process behind making your own cannabis-infused syrup is not asking for too much when it comes to the ingredients and steps to follow. Just get a measuring cup, a container to use in decarboxylating the flower through the stove, 4 grams of weed, 3 cups of sugar, two cups of water, 2 tablespoons of liquid lecithin.

After finely chopping the flower and the water is at the low boil, start to add the weed to the water, stirring over the process. When the cannabis is already in the mix, add the cups of sugar and continue frequent stirring. This will maintain the decarboxylation process. At the same time, frequent stirring will liquify the sugar in the water and mix them both.

When the sugar totally dissolves, add 2 tablespoons of lecithin in the mix and keep the container closed for up to 20 minutes. Take the container from the heat source, strain the weed from the mixture, and allow the liquid to cool. This liquid is your simple THC syrup. You can start using as a sweetener for your coffee every morning. You can also use it in making fancy cocktails. One ounce of this THC syrup is enough to sweeten your favorite drink.

How to Make THC Infused Simple Syrup by The Cannabis Sommelier


Some Marijuana Infused Syrup Recipes to Try

Feel free to use your favorite cannabis strain when trying to make your own cannabis-infused syrup. However, the J1 cannabis strain will do. Then, aside from the ordinary recipe given to you previously, here are some great recipes to try:

Recipe #1: Marijuana Infused Simple Syrup


  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • 3 cups of filtered water
  • 2 tbsps. vegetable glycerine
  • 2 grams finely ground or chopped cannabis
  • Bottle or jar
  • Saucepan
  • Cheesecloth or strainer


  1. Put the water and sugar in your saucepan. Wait until the mixture boils.
  2. Stir the mix to dissolve completely the sugar. Add the ground or chopped weed and let the boil once again for twenty minutes with the cover on.
  3. This mixture will aim to decarboxylate the herb.
  4. Make sure the mixture will not boil for more than 20 minutes. After this, pour the vegetable glycerin to the mixture. This will allow the cannabinoids to combine with the fat. This combination will then infuse in your syrup mixture. Let the mixture simmer up at least 6 minutes but be sure you stir it as frequently as possible.
  5. When simmering is over, get your empty container and pour the syrup in it by using a cheesecloth or strainer. This will sift out any plant material. Take extra care when doing this as the syrup can be very hot.
  6. When the mixture is already cool, you can now start using your cannabis syrup.

Recipe #2: Honey Ginger CBD Simple Syrup

This recipe takes an hour to finish and will yield 16 ounces servings. If you’re preferring CBD over THC, you will love this recipe for sure. Each serving may have around 62.5mg CBD.


  • One cup of water
  • One cup honey (natural honey if available)
  • 1g CBD oil or less for minimal potency
  • 2 inches ginger (or a smaller one for a milder taste)
  • Measuring cup
  • Saucepan or medium pot
  • Spatula for pouring and stirring honey mixture
  • Funnel
  • Strainer
  • Spoon for peeling the ginger
  • Timer
  • Jar or container


  1. Get the ginger and peel it using the spoon. Slice it into medium-sized pieces.
  2. Mix water and honey in the saucepan or pot.
  3. Add ginger in the mixture and allow it to simmer. Stir the mixture from time to time while it simmers. Do this for 35 up to 40 minutes.
  4. Pour your preferred CBD oil to an empty jar or container. If the syrup is ready, pour it also in the jar or container and stir so that it will mix well with the oil. Be extra careful as you pour the hot syrup in the jar or container. Leave the vessel open until the mixture is almost cool.
  5. Close the jar or container and shake well the mixture before using it. Enjoy!

For best results, make sure you shake the syrup before using it. The mixture can last for up to 3 weeks. You can use it to sweeten your drinks. You can add one to three tablespoons of this cannabis-infused syrup to your coffee to make it richer, bolder, and tastier. You can also try adding it to your lime juice in the afternoon or to seltzer water for a cool, refreshing twist.

Honey Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe by Starbucks Coffee


Recipe #3: Cannabis Maple Syrup Recipe

This is a simple and sweet cannabis maple syrup recipe that you can use as toppings for your weed waffles, pancakes, and fried French toast.


  • 3 to 6 grams of ground weed
  • 2 cups of your favorite maple syrup


  1. Bake the flowers as it will activate its THC content. Preheat the oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, grind cannabis, line the baking sheet with aluminum foil and spread the cannabis over it. Put it in the oven for up to 40 minutes.
  2. Set up a double boiler. Put the heat-resistant bowl on the pot of boiling water. Pour your favorite maple syrup in the bowl and heat it until it reaches the boiling point of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Get the weed you put in the oven and transfer it on the cheesecloth. Tie it up in the bundle.
  4. Dip the cheesecloth bundle in the hot syrup and let it stay there for two hours. Remove the syrup from the heat source, squeeze the cheesecloth, and let the syrup cool. You now have your cannabis maple syrup.

As you can see, the ingredients and tools used in these recipes are mostly available in your kitchen. Other ingredients here are often available in a local grocery store. This concoction is good to use not only on making baked goods sweet and tasty. You can also mix it in some of your favorite beverages to make a glass of canna-cocktail or a cup of canna-coffee.

How to Store Your Extra Cannabis-Infused Syrup?

Of course, you can’t fully consume your cannabis-infused syrup in just one day. Proper storage is a must to make it last for a long time. Make sure you store the produced cannabis-infused syrup in the airtight container within the refrigerator until its next use. When stored properly, the cannabis-infused syrup will last for up to 4 weeks. It can even last longer with proper care and storage.

Be More Creative

Now that you already know how to make an ordinary cannabis-infused syrup, it’s about time to step up and use your creativity in using it. The same with cannabis, you can also extra the flavor from other things like cinnamon sticks or vanilla beans to create tastier snacks. Likewise, you can be more adventurous by using dried or fresh chili and garden herbs or aromatics like citrus rinds from grapefruits, lemons, or limes. You can also use edible flowers like rose and lavender.

THC vs. CBD Syrups – Which Should You Choose

Cannabis products are richer in cannabidiol or CBD, a cannabinoid that exists in all strains of cannabis. This cannabinoid induces a more relaxing and calming effect compared to THC. It provides significant medical advantages without the heavy or stoned feeling that is more common with THC.

There are few legitimate high-CBD cannabis syrups available in the market especially in the US, Canada, UK, and other European countries. These syrups will let you experience the real medical advantages of CBD. Of course, you should seek a recommendation from your doctor before buying these items.

If you’re looking to experience that “stoned” feeling, or you just like something stronger and psychoactive, the THC-infused cannabis syrups and beverages will be your best option.  There are several companies out there that are award-winners and popular for producing cannabis syrups made from the finest ingredients. These companies typically offer cannabis syrups in different flavors to choose from, such as cherry, grape, mango, strawberry, kiwi, and watermelon flavors.

Seriously, you need to be more careful with those types of dosage amounts. Even 300 milligram of THC is enough to experience a mind-altering effect. Some of these cannabis products like the weed from which they come from containing a combination of THC and CBD. Varying ratios of every cannabis syrup product will give different effects. Therefore, you must do some experiments by taking smaller doses until you find the best one for you.

Should Buy Commercial Cannabis Syrup or Make Your Own?

Buying cannabis syrup can be more convenient than making your own mixture. However, the latter becomes a better option in some ways. First, making your own cannabis-infused syrup lets you have more control over the THC or CBD content. That’s because you’re choosing the strain you like the most while a commercial cannabis syrup can have just any strain.

Second, making your own cannabis-infused syrup is much cheaper than a commercial product. Considering that the most ingredients are commonly available in the kitchen, making your own mixture is truly cheaper than the price of a commercial cannabis syrup. Third, you can have more spoons of syrup for the whole month, which saves you money as well. Perhaps, you need two or more small bottles of a commercial cannabis syrup if you choose not to try making your own mixture at home.


Making your own cannabis-infused syrup is truly a fun experience. You will surely love the experience only if you try at least once. Pick one of the recipes given above and get started now!

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