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Male Marijuana Consumers Showing Higher Sperm Count Rates than Non-Consumers!

male marijuana consumers showing higher sperm count rates than non consumers

Cannabis continues to have a bit of a mixed reputation in many aspects, including but not limited to the way pot use affects sex life, libido, and nonetheless, sexual enjoyment. Thanks to the expanding scope marijuana legalization globally, research on the still little-known and often quite contradictory properties of ganja is also on the rise.

Published in the February 6th issue of the journal Human Reproduction, an intriguing study revealing that male marijuana consumers show higher sperm count rates than men who don’t use cannabish as cast waves of euphoria, making up for plenty of discussion on that matter, and yes, a whole lot of likes and shares in the world of mass online communications.

With some of the greatest masterminds engaged in working as part of the most trustworthy online and offline publications, such as Medical News Today, Time, The Independent, Live Science, and Harvard’s School of Public Health, among others, joining in with revolutionary insights and further information on the newly discovered properties of the green medication for increasing sperm counts in males, we are currently witnessing one more of the many myths associated with pot use busted.

But considering the subjectivity of the experiences related with both cannabis, as well as sex, it really isn’t that easy to come up with a final stance on how exactly pot affects sperm count rates in men, and nonetheless, how it affects sex for males and females in general.

In this article, we will look at what research does tell us about sex and cannabis use, and what it doesn’t, with the goal of shedding more light on the miraculous benefits of the ancient cannabis plant that provide great hopes for helping mankind cope with some of the most difficult health issues to address in our modern-day society, such as sexual dysfunction and reduced sperm count.

Exploring the Link between Cannabis Use and Higher Sperm Counts

For all our stoner bros out there, the innovative, eye-opening finding discovered by Harvard University researchers on how cannabis use affects sperm, has brought up quite some room for celebration.

Contradicting all conventional knowledge in terms of pot being widely claimed to hurt male fertility based on previously existing research on the matter, the recently uncovered evidence showcasing that marijuana use is actually associated with a higher sperm count, quickly went viral.

Digging deeper into the sperm count rate boosting properties of weed consumption revealed by the revolutionary 2019 study, semen samples were collected within the scope of 17 years (2000 – 2017) at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Clinic. And so, after analyzing a total of 1 143 semen samples collected from a total of 662 males, researchers concluded that those who smoked cannabis at some point of their lives had a sperm concentration of 62.7 million sperm per milliliter. Meanwhile, the male participants who had avoided marijuana use entirely during their lifespan had a sperm concentration of 45.4 million sperm per milliliter, or in other words, about 30% lower sperm count rates than showcased by cannabis consumers.

Furthermore, the results of the study revealed that only 5% of pot users had sperm concentrations that reach below the threshold set as a “normal” sperm count by the World Health Organization (for the record, that’s 15 million/mL). As a comparison, 12% of the men who had never smoked cannabis showcased lower sperm concentrations than the average healthy norm pointed out by the WHO.

Now, before we get down to celebrating one more ugly myth about cannabis being busted, it is crucial to highlight that the results of this study managed to surprise even the Harvard School of Public Health researchers, as what they wrote in their paper themselves is that they actually expected for cannabis use to be associated with lower sperm count, instead of a higher sperm count. The truth is, previous research has shown various correlations between pot use and negatively affected sperm count rates.

However, the available studies on pot use and sexual function are very, very limited, largely due to the almost century-old ban on marijuana that has kept and keeps blocking researchers from getting to know more about the highly therapeutic cannabis plant and its multiple invaluable implications in establishing the green medicine of the future.

Not the least, the existing studies on sperm count rates and pot use were usually and mostly focused on males with a history of drug abuse, while the recent paper simply asked the participants whether they have ever smoked more than two joints in their entire life.

With slightly more than half of all men (55%) answering that they have had, indeed, tried at least two or more joints throughout their life so far, and the rest stating that they had never consumed pot (like ever), researchers point out to yet another possible caveat of their findings. According to the researchers, it isn’t really 100% clear if the males who responded to have never consumed cannabis were honest about it or if they had simply decided to deny it, trying to stay away from any possible issues related to the unresolved legality of cannabis globally and/or the associated stigma.

Pot Users Showcasing Higher Sperm Count Rates: Looking beyond the Caveats

Certainly, as of now, there is no such thing as a Harvard-approved medical recommendation to consume cannabis as a fertility treatment. However, the results of the groundbreaking study released at the beginning of 2019 do, at least, suggest that a little cannabis definitely doesn’t hurt.

Not the least, the ancient relationship between cannabis use and sex seems to be as old as the world itself, so the rising number of people who are currently into practicing cannabis intimacy should come as no surprise.

There are cannabis strains that can be perfect to use prior to sex with the goal of releasing tension, improving one’s romantic mood, and nonetheless, helping with pushing away mental barriers and/or emotional blockages, such as, for instance, a high CBD strain such as CB Dream or a beautiful Sativa diva-like Chocolope.

Likewise, there are particular cannabis strains that can be the most amazing after-sex treat to help individuals fully sink into the profound pleasure of shared intimacy, such as Purple Kush and Northern Lights, just to name a few.

When it comes to the way cannabis affects sperm count, and in fact, sex life in general, users should be open-minded towards consciously experimenting with a wide range of marijuana products and methods of consumption in order to tailor the desired effects and benefits perfectly based on each individual’s unique preferences and needs, just some of the many options out there being microdosing cannabis, taking advantage of weed lubes, or why not considering a sensual foreplay weed-infused honey massage.

All in all, taking into account the subjectivity of both sex and cannabis-related experiences, as well as the lack of sufficient data on the exact ways through which pot use affects fertility and intimate relations, embracing a holistic approach is crucial.

One must also always acknowledge the quality of the cannabis flowers used for the preparation of just about any pot-laced product, whether it comes to topicals, edibles, or oils, among many others. Provided you have the legal opportunity to grow cannabis from seed, this is your best bet in making sure that you know exactly what you expose your body to when consuming marijuana, as many readily-available products are made with the use of cannabis flowers that have been treated with harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and/or other possible contaminants. It goes without saying that any of these toxic compounds can have adverse effects, and especially with long-term use and that these unwanted effects are not solely limited to possibly reducing sperm count, but extending towards posing risks for one’s health and well-being in general.

Ultimately, the least that cannabis users should be certain of by the end of this article is that marijuana can have invaluable implications in increasing sperm count in males, and in increasing fertility in both sexes alike. Cannabis can also help to boost libido and enhance the sensations between the sheets (or like, wherever you choose to explore the dimensions of intimacy with your partner, be it under the sheets or over the kitchen countertop). However, habitual, heavy cannabis use may have quite the opposite effects on sex drive and fertility, so respecting the green medication, paying attention to the way your mind and body react to cannabis use, as well as raising your awareness of all the new, exciting findings cannabis-related, remain the best ways to make the smartest use of ganja for reaping the benefits that matter the most to you.

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Above all, we truly feel responsible for the information we share with our fellow bud buddies out there, and even though as cannabis connoisseurs, advocates, and enthusiasts we are more than happy to see a growing acceptance and the further studies of cannabis bringing the ancient herb into the limelight in quite a different appeal than the stinky, worn-out pothead stereotype, the truth is, we still have a very long way to go before the multiple benefits of weed could be possibly discussed as fully scientifically validated.

Fast forward to the groundbreaking study revealing that smoking weed is associated with higher sperm count rates, the results of the study are still somewhat imperfect in some ways, and therefore, the results must not be considered as set in stone, especially as we take into account the rather complex, and nonetheless, strictly individual, pathways through which cannabis use may or may not lead to an increase in sperm count.

For instance, the participants in the study were not axiomatically representative of the general population, as they were predominantly college-educated, white, and at an average age of 36. Furthermore, all of the participants were seeking treatment at a fertility center.

All of the above beings said it is easy to realize that further research is needed to corroborate the intriguing recent findings. However, the authors of the research do already have several theories about why cannabis could potentially correlate with higher sperm count.

The first theory revolves around the understanding that low levels of cannabis could have a positive effect on the human body’s endocannabinoid system. That’s because the neurotransmitters in the nervous system do have the affinity to bind to cannabinoid receptors, and cannabinoid receptors are known to affect both males, as well as female fertility.

The second theory revolves around evaluating cannabis smokers as being highly more likely to take risks, and the risk-taking as a behavioral trait has much to do with higher levels of testosterone.

According to the lead author of the study, FeibyNassan, who is a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard Chan School, the findings of the study “could reflect” of men with higher levels of testosterone as inclined to “engage in risk-seeking behaviors,” one of these behaviors possibly being pot use. For the record, low testosterone levels lead to a low sperm count, so with this in mind, it could be the case that higher sperm count rates in cannabis consumers vs. non-consumers can have something to do with the highly individual aspect of natural levels of testosterone produced, which tend to greatly vary from one person to another.

On another note, anecdotal evidence on the libido-enhancing properties of cannabis has been growing literally day by day, coming from virtually every country across the globe. And even though quantitatively measuring the sex drive-boosting properties of weed remains a rather complicated task as of now, having much to do with the subjectivity of the experiences related with both sex and cannabis alike, there is little place for doubt that the way marijuana affects our bodies and brains extend all the way to dimensions that we could barely even imagine several years ago.

And so, even though more years need to pass before we can finally congratulate ourselves for being the generations to have participated in the rise of understanding better the gorgeous cannabis plant that has been undeservedly demonized for far too long, cannabis is already changing the world as we know it for the better, and as weed games are progressively becoming more intricately related with the era of green sexy games for adults, we can expect to see more and more cannabis varieties and products being marketed as all-natural sex-enhancing tools.

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