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Original Skunk Cannabis Strain Review

original skunk strain

Original skunk is a marijuana strain, a grassroots, and variety of landrace skunk, which is perfect for anyone who is looking for a reliable and dank aromatic weed. It actually laid down the blueprint for numerous popular hybrids. Let’s find out a detailed review of the original skunk strain, focusing on the genetics, effects, and cultivation.

Origin of Original Skunk

Original skunk is an indica-dominant variety that can get anyone very stoned with roughly 17% THC concentration. It has relaxing and primarily physical effects that can leave anybody enough mental focus to do regular tasks.

Original Skunk is a direct descendant of the popular Skunk line. The Skunk #1 became legendary which was created in the late 1960s to early 1770s by Sacred Weeds, as a result of cross-breeding various strains of marijuana. It is considered as the first stabilized marijuana hybrid strain and this was presented to the Dutch. Since the introduction of original skunk, it has been one of the most useful and well-used marijuana breeding strains that contributed to almost all strains of “Skunk”.

Cross-Bred Strains

Original skunk is a combination of cross-breeding Afghani indica with Colombian Gold sativa and the “Acapulco Gold” of Mexico. It acquired the great high and taste of sativas and the reduced flowering duration, bud density, resin production of the best cannabis indicas. The original skunk represents the “gold standard” when it comes to marijuana breeding.

Cultivation of Original Skunk

Original skunk is best left outdoors with warmer Mediterranean climates, but they also thrive in indoor grow sites in greenhouses. It takes 9 weeks for the indoor flowering phase before the light green or golden buds filled with resin can be harvested.

They are harvested every month of October. With the high concentration of THC, the user experiences a cerebral high after careful curing its powerful and sweet flavor. It can reach a height of 150 centimeters. Original skunk produces a large quantity of harvests about 500g per square meters of top-shelf buds in just 7 to 8 weeks. Original skunk genetics can be found in LSD cannabis and other autoflowering strains.

Original Skunk Characteristics

Breeder: Seedsman
Genetics: Mexican Sativa, Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold
Parents: Afghani, Colombian, Mexican
Variety: Indica-dominant
Type of Flowering: Photoperiod
Sex: Feminized
THC Concentration: 15 to 17%
CBD Content: 1%
Grow Site: outdoors or indoors (greenhouses)
Flowering Durations: 9 weeks
Harvesting Month: October
Taste and Flavor: sweet, pungent, fruity, skunk
Effects: strong, relaxing, motivating

Growing Your Own Original Skunk

Difficulty Level of Growing: Easy
Photoperiod or Autoflowering: Photoperiod
Flowering Duration: 7 to 8 weeks
Harvesting Time: end of September or early October (outdoor)
Indoor Yield: 500 g per square meters
Outdoor Yield: Medium
Indoor Height: 1 meter
Outdoor Height: 2 meters

Reviews of Original Skunk:

  1. Overall Great Cannabis Strain. Planted 3 seeds and they all popped.They grew for six weeks under CFL lights (10 6500k). To keep them short, LST was used to all the side branches stay the same height. The smell of original skunk reminds the smoke users usually experience in the 1990s which are super strong and stinky (in a positive way). The aroma is peppery and sweet pine, that may linger around the house when flowering and while curing. Give 5 stars for the overall quality.
  2. Original skunk seeds are highly recommended because they are easy to cultivate. With the 6 seeds bought, 3 seeds got germinated and cracked in just less than 24 hours. They were put in rockwool cubes with the aid of fluorescent lighting. Two were placed in a soil medium, and the one was planted in a DWC bucket (3 gallons). Surprisingly, even the organic skunk seed in the DWC medium thrived! It is really an excellent product so it deserves the 5-star ratings for quality and cultivation.
  3. The first batch of organic skunk # 1 has grown into a beautiful bush with many thick colas. They are nicely flourishing under 2 600w MH/HPS, and they share a good space with a Bubba Kush and KwaZulu. This strain is truly a classic, so it deserves a 5-star rating for quality.
  4. This is the best weed most growers ever grown. It is an awesome cannabis strain with big, sticky, and stinky buds. They are easy to grow and trim. Many growers just really love this cannabis strain classic. It is no wonder why this cannabis strain earns 5-star ratings among reviews.
  5. Seedsman offers high-quality organic skunk seeds, with free seeds included. Of course, we cannot discount the fact that some seeds may not thrive, but the survival rate is 95%. It truly deserves the best 5-rating for overall quality.
  6. Buying a Seedsman label is awesome because even the freebies seeds are awesome, thriving any given medium. The final yield is filled and packed with trichomes. All efforts are rewarded when growing an original skunk. Do not expect all seeds will germinate like any other cannabis seeds. They are great both for indoor or outdoor growing. A 5-star rating is given to them!
  7. Original skunk is a classic representation of hybrids. The effects are strong and relaxing. It allows manageable performance of routine activities. Every cultivating effort is rewarded because this strain is easy to breed either outdoors or indoors. Giving original skunk 5-stars is perfect for this cannabis strain.
  8. Let all marijuana growers thank Seedsman for the best original skunk because they are proven to be easy to cultivate in any grow site. Their indica-dominant traits are excellent, making anyone relaxed and very high. We give kudos to organic skunk strain, so it really deserves a 5-star rating!

We can truly say that original skunk is a legendary cannabis strain, possessing the great effects of its parents. For marijuana growers, they are a perfect strain that provides greater yield since the majority of seeds are germinated, with easy cultivation either outdoors or indoors. Every first-time cannabis grower will surely be happy with the outcomes of harvesting organic skunk strain, keeping cultivation cost down and gaining profitable income from mass-producing this cannabis strain.

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