Rolling and making a hash is quite very simple, and it does not need any advanced technologies that some of the weed makers use to make different weeds. If you have already known some of the basics of rolling a pure hash joint, then it must be very easy for you now to make or roll one. 

Ways to Roll a Pure Hash Joint

In a rolling of a hash joint, there are two ways that you can do it. One is that you may use cannabis, and the other is that you can use tobacco. 

Check out the good-to-know facts about rolling pure hash joint:

Making and Hash Joint Rolling Guide 

How to Roll a Hash Joint with Tobacco

How to Roll a Hash with Cannabis


Making and rolling a pure hash joint is the easiest way to use a substance and the most reliable one. It does not matter whether you make a hash joint with tobacco or cannabis, as long as it satisfies your needs. 

But be careful and remember that tobacco is more addictive than cannabis so better make the right decision for yourself and for your health to live longer. Both are substances that have their kind of effect and learn how to know what fits you the most.

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