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Purple Marijuana Strains: Myths vs Reality

purple marijuana strains myths vs realit

The Internet provides us incredible information about almost anything. But if we’re not careful enough in conducting our online research, it’s possible that we end up believing a myth. One of the hottest topics that you can read in the marijuana industry is about ‘purple marijuana strains’. Unfortunately, bad information about this plant has been spread on the web.

The good news is, we are here to provide you accurate information regarding purple marijuana strains. The goal of this article is to separate myth and reality. This strain has a large mythic standing in the world of cannabis. Although it’s a simple topic, some information about it is a bit convoluted. And we can’t blame other weed writers or influencers since purple marijuana strains can be a tricky concept. We all heard of the timeless line that says, “roses are red and violets are blue”. And guess what, purple marijuana can truly be blue and not always ‘purple’. Your confusion ends now as we will shed more light about this topic and make sure that you truly understand what it is

Facts You Need to Know

Why Do We Have Purple Marijuana?

Let’s investigate as to why we have purple marijuana. It’s also very helpful to note that by ‘purple’ we mean quite ‘blueberry’ in color. Anthocyanins make blueberries ‘blue’ and these beautiful purples ‘purple’. Anthocyanins cover a range of colors and you can observe blue, dark blue, purple, and even black. Of course, this all depends on the pH level.

As part of the flavonoids family, anthocyanins have very little to do with flavor and aroma. Although we can find the word “flav” in it, it doesn’t relate to the world flavor. Instead, the word ‘flav’ comes from the Greek word ‘flavus’, which means yellow.

It can be quite confusing, linguistically, but this should help us understand those blue class molecules present as red while purple is considered as the subset of a class yellow molecules.

It can be quite complex but once we understand the interaction of anthocyanins and other flavonoids, things should become a lot easier to grasp. Just like seeing leaves during autumn, where we see a wide spectrum of colors, purple marijuana strains share the same phenomenon. It changes colors and it has its reasons why it changes.

The reason why they turn into purple is because they are conserving their energy in order to prepare themselves for pollination. Cold climate or seasons can bring stress to your plants and so these purple ones adapt. And it effectively increases their chance of pollination.

Keep in mind that the ability of marijuana strains to present dark-colored pigments is dependent on the strain’s genetics. Genetics plays a crucial role in the appearance of the plant. You’ll notice that there are certain marijuana strains that have more anthocyanins than others. This means that there are strains that have more interesting color pigments, such as purple. And you’ll be able to observe these unique and special traits when the winter cycle of flowering arrives.

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Is Purple Marijuana Strains Better and More Desirable?

It’s no secret that these purples beauties are visually more appealing compared to other regular-looking strains. Their royal-toned flowers are so attractive that it encourages many cannabis growers worldwide to look for their seeds. Sure, their colors are a cut above the rest, but according to science and research, they are not better than other marijuana strains.

At the moment, there is no airtight evidence that anthocyanins bring more pleasing flavors, aromas, and effects to human consumers. While it’s true that they contain higher levels of anti-oxidants, still, we can’t say that they are more beneficial to use compared to other buds. Although anthocyanins contain anti-inflammatory properties, consuming marijuana that contains higher CBD content still the best option if you’re looking for anti-inflammatory effects.

For cannabis consumers who love powerful strains that contain high levels of THC, consuming purple marijuana can be quite disappointing. This is because they have lower THC content compared to their green brothers and sisters. But this is not to say that all purple marijuana does not have high levels of THC. Again, this all depends on the genes. And for sure, some cannabis cultivators out there who are experimenting on producing purple strains that have high levels of THC. A number of growers would love to reinforce the genetics found in purple cannabis. Imagine consuming a beautiful yet very powerful cannabis plant! It’s definitely something out of the ordinary.

What are the Benefits of Growing Purple Cannabis Strains?

The truth is, growing cannabis marijuana strain is strictly novelty. It’s not a special kind of strain that produces superior quality flavor, aroma, and effects. But if you like your marijuana garden to look more interesting, then growing multi-colored strains should give you beautiful results. Perhaps the two main benefits of growing purple cannabis seeds are that they have high anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from these benefits, they are just like any other marijuana plants.

Let’s Talk About Myths

You might think that there are countless of cannabis cultivators out there who are manipulating marijuana plants in order to come up with colorful strains. However, the prevalence of such practice is a myth. There are some alleged techniques posted online on how to grow purple marijuana. Some techniques involve flash freezing. But the truth is, this is a myth and it doesn’t work.

These experts are not saying that purple marijuana strains do not occur at all. There are some tweaking and light that one can apply in order to achieve purple hues. Although many seasoned marijuana growers do not recommend it. Of course, consuming marijuana is more than just a smoking experience since, if you wanted to learn how to make some purple strains, then go for it.

Common Myths About Purple Marijuana Strain

Overloading Your Plants with Nitrogen

Some think that by providing too much nitrogen on the plants they can conceive purple buds. But this is a myth – an unhealthy one. Giving your plants too much oxygen is not recommended since it burns them and makes them sick. A sick and unhealthy marijuana turns into brown, not purple. This is definitely not the technique that you’re looking for.

Oxygen Deprivation

Some people think that if they deprived their marijuana plants with the oxygen they’ll turn blue. But no. It’s not the same as holding your breath too long and turning into the blue. Oxygen deprivation is a complete myth and it will either kill or stunt the growth of your cannabis plant. Just like any other living creature in this plant, your marijuana plants need oxygen. You want to grow them, not kill them.

Carbon Dioxide Deprivation

Another myth about the purple marijuana cultivation technique is carbon dioxide deprivation. Depriving your plants with carbon dioxide does not help them develop correctly. Same as oxygen deprivation, this is a recipe for stunted and unhealthy cannabis. Depriving your plants of oxygen and carbon dioxide is like not wanting them to grow and develop.

Light Cycle Alteration

Changing the light cycle does not also make your cannabis plants turn into purple. One of the basic truths about successful marijuana cultivation is that they need a particular amount of light each day in order for them to grow healthily. Messing with this process could lead to failed crops and harvest.

Different Water Volume

There are many specific guidelines that you must follow when growing cannabis. Sadly, there are many cannabis growers out there who do not follow these guidelines in order to grow and develop healthy plants. Some provide a varying amount of water to plants in order to achieve unique results, such as purple buds. However, this is a myth and it can pose different problems if you’re not providing them adequate amounts of water.

Frequent Change of Grow Medium

Again, this a myth. Changing the growing medium of your cannabis plants does not in any way give them that royal purple color. Instead, this will give you more unhealthy plants since different soil has different quantities and composition of nutrients.

Growing Purple Marijuana

If you’re contemplating growing purple marijuana strains, then it’s important that you keep in mind several pointers first. Now, two critical factors that you need to keep in mind when growing these kinds of strains are genetics and temperature. Follow these steps and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to grow them.

1.    Start with the Right Seeds

As discussed earlier, purple marijuana strains are about genetics. You have to make sure that you pick a seed that contains anthocyanin. The presence of anthocyanin should give you purple-looking plants. Check whether the seeds contain carotenoid or anthocyanin.

Choosing seeds that contain carotenoids will result in a more yellowish-looking plant. Nothing can change this fact. It’s like growing eggplant and expecting to produce broccolis. It’s important that you choose reliable and reputable seed banks that are known to sell these types of seeds. Always check their background history first and make sure that you check out reviews before you buy anything from them.

2.    Copy Fall Temperatures

Temperatures play an important role in growing purple cannabis. Remember that we discussed plants changing colors when temperatures begin to drop. Providing your plants with fall-like climate or temperature, which is below 50 degrees, increases your chances of growing healthy purple marijuana strains. And this is due to the fact that a drop in temperature promotes the breakdown of chlorophyll and is very useful in making anthocyanin more active.

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Best Purple Marijuana Strains That You Can Grow

Here’s a list of the best and most popular purple marijuana strains that you can grow. If you’re planning on cultivating purple cannabis, then you should check out these strains.

Purple Haze

This is perhaps the most popular purple marijuana strains that are available in the market today. It offers great effects and is indeed very beautiful. And yes, Hendrix was correct.

Purple Cheese

If you love marijuana strains that have a pungent aroma, then you’re definitely going to love purple cheese. Although it has mild cheese flavor, still, this hybrid is one of the most well-loved cannabis strain in history.

Granddaddy Purple

Well, as the name suggests, this is the granddaddy of purple marijuana strains. This is what lit the fuse and spread the popularity of purple marijuana strains.

Purple Diesel

Another incredible marijuana strain that you can grow and consume is the purple diesel. It packs a load of antioxidants and is known for its high-flying effects of the legendary Diesel.

Sour Grape

A lovechild of Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel, Sour Grape is definitely the best strain for those who want a good-tasting and good looking marijuana strain.

Where is Purple Marijuana Headed?

Purple marijuana strains is not a bad weed, although some claim that it’s inferior compared to other quality strains. One of the main reasons why not all marijuana growers are hooked in growing these strains is because they have low THC levels. But then again, if you just want to grow purple cannabis strains and wanted to have a more pleasant-looking garden. Then you can’t go wrong growing them.

With the legalization of marijuana, more and more marijuana researchers and scientists are conducting studies. For sure, there are some of them who are experimenting with these types of marijuana strains. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll get to enjoy a beautiful purple marijuana strain that is loaded with great powerful effects.

Final Thoughts

Growing purple marijuana is recommended to anyone. If you’re just doing it for fun and not for business purposes, then you’re it’s okay to grow them. However, if you’re growing them to earn more money, then well, it might not be a smart and practical idea. There are still a lot of consumers out there who are skeptical about this strain. If you want to earn more money from growing or cultivating marijuana, then we suggest that you start growing popular strains. And just do your research before you start cultivating. Remember to enjoy the process and love your plants! This leads to great rewards.

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