How Color Spectrum Affects Marijuana Plants

grow loigh color spectrums

In growing cannabis plants, light is an important parameter that should be considered. It should be supplemented properly into your plants for it to grow well. Light is the secret tool that growers hold to produce more cannabis buds. It is also used to ensure that the buds will be highly potent as it should […]

Common Cannabis Seedling Problems

growing cannabis seedlings

Growing cannabis plants isn’t easy as everyone conceives it would be. It can be a challenging experience especially for those first-time growers who don’t have any concrete information regarding growing cannabis plants. Though it could be frustrating sometimes, it is important to seek help readily when you’ve encountered problems relating to growing cannabis plants. One […]

Sprouting Marijuana Seeds Quick Guide

sprouting germinating marijuana seeds

Sprouting marijuana seeds refers to the germination process of getting your seeds to sprout. You’ll know that sprouting just happened when you notice white tendril popping out of the cannabis seeds. This is called the “taproot”, and all roots made by the marijuana plant in its lifetime shall sprout from the “taproot”. What Cannabis Seeds […]