Sprouting Marijuana Seeds Quick Guide

sprouting germinating marijuana seeds

Sprouting marijuana seeds refers to the germination process of getting your seeds to sprout. You’ll know that sprouting just happened when you notice white tendril popping out of the cannabis seeds. This is called the “taproot”, and all roots made by the marijuana plant in its lifetime shall sprout from the “taproot”.

What Cannabis Seeds Need to Germinate

1. Moisture. It is important to keep everything moist but avoid soaking the cannabis seeds more than 24 to 32 hours.
2. Warmth. Keeping the environment warm is the key to obtain the best germination rate that mimics the springtime. Cooler temperatures slow down germination rate.
3. Planting Roots Down. Always make sure that the white roots are pointing down when planting germinated cannabis seeds.
4. Planting a Knuckle Deep. Germinated seeds need about a half inch to about an inch (1.3 cm to 2.5 cm), and should not be placed too deep in the growing medium.
5. Leave Seeds Alone. Don’t stress the seeds, and patiently wait for the taproot to show.

Ways to Sprout (Germinate) a Cannabis Seed

1. Starter Cubes and Seedling Plugs (Rapid Roosters Mat, Rapid Roosters Tray, Jiffy Pellets, Rockwool Cubes)
2. Planting Marijuana Seeds Directly Into the Growing Medium
3. Using a Germination Station
4. Soaking Cannabis Seeds in Water Overnight
5. Paper Plate Method

Let’s dig deeper into each method and choose the best one for you. Germinating cannabis seeds needs time, patience, and the right environment for the taproot to show and the seeds to survive.

Starter Cubes and Seedling Plugs

Cannabis growers find this method as one of the best techniques used in starting a marijuana seed. It is specifically-made for cannabis cultivation, making germination a lot easier than other methods. The marijuana seed is placed in the cube or plug, adding water as instructed, and the seedling is automatically provided with the right conditions it needs to germinate successfully.

The cubes or plugs have holes where the cannabis seeds are placed. All you need is to stick a seed in the hole, pinching the top closed a bit using your fingers. This method does not leave you a big room for mistakes because marijuana seeds are expensive and you want 100% germination rate as much as possible.

1. Rapid Roosters. There are the easiest to work with and it is recommended for almost any setup. Sprouts occur and the roots appear within a few days. Rapid Rooster starter cubes. These are suitable for all cultivating methods such as soil, coco coir, and hydroponics.

Rapid Roosters are convenient to use. No preparation or set up need. Just simply open the package and use it. It has the best germination rate for cannabis. Get more than 50 cannabis seeds at a time. Be sure to use it within a week or two upon opening the package to avoid drying. Its perfect for clones and seeds. You just need to allow the seeds to sit in the tray, add water, and wait until the roots form, then finally transplant the germinated seeds to their final destination.

2. Rockwool Cubes. These are not recommended due to the impact on the health and the environment. But there are cheap and relatively easy to find, useful in a hydroponic setup. They don’t have high germination rate.

3. Jiffy Pellets. These are used for either soil or coco coir. Jiffy pellets come dry so you can use them for a long time. They similarly work like Rockwool cubes but with higher germination rates. However, these are not suitable for hydroponics. When using it, simply soak the pellets in a warm water. It will make the pellets expand, germinating your cannabis seeds.

germinating seed

Planting Cannabis Seeds Directly in the Growing Medium

Cannabis seedlings naturally sprout in the soil. They emerge as the taproots begin to grow. Although some can be quite tougher than others, a cannabis grower can plant the seeds directly into their final destination or growing medium. The seeds will adjust naturally in the environment.

Using a Germination Station

When cannabis growers begin their marijuana seedlings in a germination station, the marijuana seeds are usually germinated using a starter seedling cube so that sprouted seeds can be transferred easily into the next container or growing medium. After the seeds have sprouted, make a little hole in the growing medium then place the whole pellet inside. The growing medium should be moist.

Soaking Marijuana Seeds in Water Overnight

You can germinate your cannabis seeds by soaking them in a slightly warm water overnight. This is done in a drinking cup. This germination method is very effective for cannabis seeds with extra hard shells or those that are a few years old.

Soaking overnight aims to “wake up” older cannabis seeds. The most viable marijuana seeds begin to float and sink at the bottom part of the glass within a few hours after soaking. Use a clear drinking glass so you can easily see the white taproots when the shell breaks.

Paper Towel Method

Using the paper towel method, you need to wet a paper towel and fold the cannabis seeds in, leaving them in a warm place. There is a risk that you might hurt the taproot using the paper towel method. Handle the cannabis seeds with care most especially when moving them. The paper towel may also fry out killing the new cannabis seeds. It is best to put the paper towel between two clean paper plates, or to an upside down bowl.

Whatever method you use, it is best to choose one that you are at most comfortable with. Learn from the experts and try a new method using one or two seeds first to avoid wasting them. Always ensure that you follow the recommended steps strictly to ensure that your cannabis seeds will germinate.

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