A Guide to Growing Marijuana in Shipping Containers

grow marijuana shipping containers

Growing marijuana in shipping containers keeps growing in popularity, and that’s for some good reasons.

Whether you are a hobby marijuana grower looking forward to scaling up yields upon harvesting or an enthusiast with a flair for the green medication who wants to make his/her way into the growing cannabis industry, shipping containers for growing weed can work wonders for suiting your needs.

If you want to get familiar with the benefits you can reap by growing cannabis in shipping containers, keep in mind the most important factors you need when choosing the type of shipping container that will fit your cannabis growing requirements.

We’ve compiled our guide to growing marijuana in shipping containers by highlighting and pinpointing the exact bits of information you want to know before you get started.

Benefits of Growing Marijuana in Shipping Containers

In the US alone, legal marijuana sales have brought $5.4 billion in revenue in 2016. That makes up for an estimated 30% growth in marijuana sales, and this is only the beginning.

The projected revenue from legal cannabis sales in the US is evaluated to grow to approximately $20.2 billion in 2021.

And in fact, these numbers can be easily outreached. By 2026, the amount of the legal marijuana industry can hit the mind-blowing $50 billion.

Another intriguing trend that points out to the huge growth potential of cannabis industry in the US comes with the fact that beer consumers that have substituted their favorite drink for cannabis or who would substitute it if cannabis was to become legal in their state are estimated at 27% based on data from 2017.

Video by Bloomberg Markets and Finance – Cannabis Industry Poised for Tremendous Growth, Constellation Brands CEO Says

From cannabis industry-related degrees and jobs through cannabis extracts and edibles – the herb is here to stay and expand into gaining a monstrous share of the market not only in the USA alone but also in the countries that will soon follow Canada’s, Uruguay’s and Jamaica’s example in taking off the harsh restrictions posed over this miraculous natural remedy.

As a result of these impressive forecasts regarding the massive expected growth of the cannabis industry, many growers want to scale up their business. Nevertheless, even those who enjoy growing their own green medication for personal use only are also looking into establishing reliable indoor cannabis growing space.

Of course, using a spare room in your house or simply growing marijuana outdoors can work fine but that’s only to some extent.

Keeping in mind that the grow space is a huge factor in your cannabis growing mission, it can become quite an issue. Meanwhile, with the boom of advanced technologies stepping into the marijuana industry, shipping containers can prove to be an excellent choice for passionate cannabis enthusiasts who don’t want to be left behind in controlling their indoor marijuana grow space like a pro.

And here is where shipping containers for growing cannabis bravely step in. There are several significant benefits of growing marijuana in shipping containers you want to know.

Growing cannabis in shipping containers – freedom

Finding a suitable space for growing marijuana can be quite challenging. Even in states where cannabis is already legal, the strict regulations applying to the distance that must be kept from schools, libraries, and parks, among others –can make finding indoor cannabis growing space quite overwhelming and tricky.

Not to mention that many buildings will still refuse to let you rent or buy space for growing cannabis even if it doesn’t counterfeit with the state’s zoning regulations for growing marijuana.

For years, cannabis growers have been stuck in the shadow of negative public opinion which doesn’t really make any difference between a pothead, a medical marijuana user or a dedicated cannabis grower.

With shipping containers for growing marijuana, though, you have freedom of choice when it comes to picking a suitable location. Since shipping containers are portable, you can always feel free to re-locate your cannabis growing space whenever needed.

Growing cannabis in shipping containers – control

We know fair well that cannabis plants are creatures of habits. They will thrive and produce more upon harvesting if you are able to provide the right conditions for your green ladies to flourish.

With outdoor cannabis growing, understanding the strains’ specifications, as well as the climate in your region,  can help you grow fantastic amounts of the herb while letting Mother Nature do much of the hard job for you.

But with indoor cannabis growing, any weak spots in the way you manage the environment indoors can highly decrease your yields.

When growing marijuana in shipping containers, achieving maximum control over the environment in your grow space can feel like a breeze. That’s because shipping containers are tightly sealed and thus, maintaining a perfectly-balanced environment can be handled much more efficiently.

Video by INDICA INSTITUTE – Best Weed Environment for pH, Humidity, Temperature – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

Growing cannabis in shipping containers – opportunities for growth

Even if you are a cannabis grower who looks upon cultivating marijuana indoors as a hobby, you can still benefit from opting for shipping containers.

Not only can you end up with top-grade buds but you will also have many opportunities for professional growth in the future. After all, one never knows, right? What you perceive as a humble hobby can turn out to be a highly valued skill, considering the rapid growth of the cannabis industry where more and more experts will be needed in the next several years.

Interestingly, many growers are also considering the benefits of growing marijuana in shipping containers as part of a communal grow space. Maybe you have awesome cannabis buddies who are willing to go the extra mile with you?

Getting a share of communal marijuana to grow space by utilizing shipping containers can give you a mighty boost in becoming a large-scale marijuana grower without having to get suffocated in debts to setup a reliable and well-functioning indoor growing space on your own.

Say you start a personal grow and you’ve had fun, you might want to go in with some friends on a 20-foot box, and you start a communal grow. Then eventually you want to go with a 40-foot box for more people. You shouldn’t have to go out and buy a warehouse to grow your own medicine” summarizes Cody Gould who is the marketing director of one of the top companies producing professional-grade cannabis grow shipping containers, CannaBox Containers.

Professional cannabis growers are no less benefited by the multiple opportunities for growth when utilizing shipping containers. Since the market is bound to develop at a never-seen-before pace, it becomes even more relevant to be able to keep up with the speed and supply the market with high-quality, competitive cannabis products.

Professional cannabis growers should keep in mind, though, that the more enclosed, better-controlled and engineered environment comes with a higher cost and operating capital. So if you end up with excess dried flowers or some form of cannabis derivatives that can’t be possibly sold out, the higher cost and operating capital can be devastating to your business.

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On the one hand, being perfectly enclosed and controlled, shipping containers can greatly benefit you in terms of eliminating pests issues, powdery mildew, mold, as well as increase the potency and quality of the end products.

But on the other hand, the company’s cost of production can be vital to the survival of your business endeavor, and in such cases, greenhouse growing operations might turn to work better than growing marijuana in shipping containers.

Even though growing cannabis in greenhouses you have a lower control over the environment which can result in decreased yields and/or potency of the end products, it might be the better option if you’re operating with limited finances and are afraid of possible bankrupts due to the operating costs.

Video by Jorge Cervantes – Grow Marijuana: Cool-season Cannabis Mother Plant Greenhouse

There’s another perspective on the possible benefits of growing marijuana in shipping containers for large-scale growers.

If you are thinking about creating cannabis extractions, then ending up with a slightly decreased quality and/or potency of the end product may not be that much of an issue. That’s because cannabis extracts can be easily upgraded but if you’re looking into taking a share of the premium dried cannabis flower market, you can’t afford to make any compromises with the quality of your stock.

Important Factors for Choosing Shipping Containers for Growing Weed

Generally, there are two major types of shipping containers for growing weed – professional grade marijuana grow shipping containers that are sold specifically for the purpose of cannabis cultivation, as well as commercial shipping containers that are,  can be repurposed for cannabis cultivation.

With professional-grade marijuana grow shipping containers, the major factor you want to take into account when choosing the right one for your needs is the size.

In fact, it is only the size that truly concerns your decision because professional grade shipping containers for marijuana growing come with a built-in lighting system, ventilation system, as well as humidity and temperature control system.

All you have to do is to hook up the shipping containers to reliable sources of water and power and start growing. When it comes to the different stages of marijuana plants’ development, top-grade shipping containers are also tailored to cater to your plant’s needs throughout their entire lifespan – from cloning, vegetation, and all the way up to flowering, and curing.


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With commercial shipping containers, you’ll save much from the initial investment as compared to opting for professional grade marijuana grow shipping container. However, you will also have to do all the hard work of upgrading the commercial shipping container for becoming suitable to cater to the needs of your cannabis plants. But the hard work can repay your efforts over time, that’s for sure.

Commercial shipping containers can be ordered online but you can also find some of these available in physical stores, too. Some companies will allow you to customize the size of the shipping container depending on your personal needs and preferences, too.

You want to take the time to investigate the suitability of the materials that shipping containers are made of. For example, shipping containers made out of composite materials are extremely efficient in preventing and blocking cannabis plants’ issues related to mold, mildew, pests and/or rot that can greatly damage your marijuana grow operation.

Fine grade commercial shipping containers don’t lack the most important features that are essential for your any cannabis growers. These include electrical panels and outlets, floor drains, water connection stub, and ventilation ports, among others.

Once you pick a suitable commercial container that comes in the right size and possesses the right features you need to start growing, you simply have to take care of installing your preferred grow lights, fans and/or filters, and make use of all the traditional indoor marijuana growing equipment such as hygro-thermometers, pH test kits, suitable growing medium, additional CO2 sources, dehumidifiers or anything else that you wish to make a part of your cannabis growing journey in order to maintain a perfectly-balanced environment.

Now, reclaimed commercial shipping containers will require you to get down to some really proper research. Yes, research is crucial to avoid disappointments and/or serious troubles in your marijuana growing journey that can easily cost you much more than the money you can save by opting for a reclaimed shipping container.

But don’t get this friendly reminder wrong, though – reclaimed shipping containers can work perfectly fine for cannabis cultivation.In fact, reclaimed shipping containers have made a big boom as part of the tiny house movement, too!

One of the most important things when dealing with reclaimed shipping containers is to consult with a professional electrician. You don’t want to miss even the tiniest corner as retired shipping containers can often cause severe electricity issues that can be completely devastating to your crops, as well as your entire growing equipment.

A Guide to Growing Marijuana in Shipping Containers: The Takeaway

Whether you opt for professional grade cannabis grow shipping containers, commercial shipping containers, or even reclaimed/retired shipping containers, one thing is for sure – you can grow cannabis all year-round with tremendous success.

Just don’t forget that proper research matters when choosing a suitable shipping container, and together with a little planning, you can be only one single step away from taking your cannabis growing skills to the next level.

Any important decisions that are related to some types of investment and, initially, with a different amount of efforts should be taken only once you have evaluated both the pros and cons.

It is important to consider your long-term goals as a cannabis grower. For instance, if you are keen on growing marijuana 100% organically, then even the most amazing shipping container may fail to cater to your needs because organic marijuana growing can be only accomplished outdoors.

What are your thoughts on growing marijuana in shipping containers? Did we miss something out that could be helpful for fellow cannabis growers? We’ll be happy to hear back from you in the comment section below. Let’s make this world a greener place together with a mind to the future generations.


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