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Black Indica Cannabis Detailed Review

black indica cannabis strain

The Black Indica cannabis strain was named after its distinctive and dark color and appearance. Those who have tried the Black made users come back and crave for more.

Origin of Black Indica Cannabis

The Black or Black Indica Cannabis is a pure indica strain that was bred by BC Bud Depot. The Black dates back in the 1980s, wherein indicas were used in treating pain and promoting sleep in California and Vancouver, Canada. Its name was obtained due to its unique growing characteristics, wherein the dark purple frosty leaves turn black during the flowering phase.

In 2008, Black Indica gained was recognized by High Times as one of the Top 10 Marijuana Strains of the year. The genetic lineage of Black Indica is unknown because the genius creators, BC Bud Depot, don’t want to share the information to prevent their product from being copied.

Black Indica Genetics

Black Indica cannabis strain is a result of cross-breeding Pure Kush and Afghanistan. Experienced cannabis users greatly enjoy using Black Indica as it provides THC levels between 14% and 17%.

Based on laboratory results, The Black is composed of 10% sativa and 90% indica. First-time users should be careful taking large doses to prevent lethargy and couch lock.

Characteristics of Black Indica Cannabis

The buds of Black Indica shimmer with resin and trichomes. The stunning color of The Black is a combination of gray and purple undertones. In between the sugar leaves, you’ll find the orange and brassy pistils filled with tiny hairs that twist and curl. The thick frost trichome crystals sparkle or shimmer when exposed to the light.

The plant is bushy and short, expanding outwards but not taking so much on the upward space, thus making it a convenient strain grow indoors. It can successfully flourish in a low-ceiling space, storage closet, or in an attic.

Scent and Taste of Black Indica

Black Indica cannabis strain emits a scent starting out as grape-like and fruity, with extra hints of spice and earth. The Black has an overpowering aroma. Once The Black hits the lungs, it offers a gentle and smooth smoke with velvety texture that doesn’t promote coughing or breathing difficulty.

Once the scent profile progresses and hits the tongue, the user tastes spice and pepper blended with notes of grape and berries, all interacting together to produce a general sugary or sweet taste.

Growing and Cultivation of Black Indica

The Black can be grown both outdoors and indoors.

Climate and Weather: It is thought that Black Indica thrives in warm and sunny weather. Whether indoors or outdoors, keep in mind that indoor grow sites should simulate the sunny and warm environmental conditions for proper growth. The right amount of light should be available, a working ventilation system, and devices for monitoring and manipulating temperature and humidity.
Flowering Time: It takes 8 weeks for Black Indica cannabis plants to mature and flower.

In the flowering phase, the purple sugar leaves of The Black metamorphosis, turning it into a shade of dark black.
Harvest Time: It falls early to mid-October with generous yields, producing an average of 10 ounces yield per square meter. Outdoor yields can reach up to 12 ounces per cannabis plant.

In every sense, The Black is primarily a pure indica, producing immense body “high”, with mind-uplifting effect. It makes the mind at peace and offers profound sedative effects. Higher doses can make a person immediately asleep. For people who are tolerant to cannabis or who consume only small amounts of The Black experience munchies, couch-lock, and total body relaxation.

The Black Indica is best to use at night time due to its sedative effects, which is good for promoting sleep and relaxation. Because of its effects, some connoisseurs regularly ingest Black Indica. The flavor and aroma are the reasons why most people keep coming back and crave for more.

The Black is not ideal during the day, most especially if you have tasks or activities to do. If you have no plans at all except to rest, chill-out, and eat, then The Black is the best cannabis strain to give pure enjoyment and relaxation. At night time, The Black offers a real treat with plenty of enjoyable moments and joyful bliss.

Potency and Effects of Black Indica

Black Indica cannabis can help in improving the mood, inducing mild body buzz, and treating depression. The high is followed by a strong relaxation and possible couch-lock.

Medical Benefits

The Black is used for treating insomnia and muscle tightness. It offers immense pain relief with a sedative effect, ideal for those suffering from acute and chronic pain like migraines, arthritis, and joint pains. Its pain numbing abilities are beneficial for those with degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and those suffering from cancer.

When you are stressed, start with a smaller dose because you may react negatively to higher THC levels that can further increase your anxiety. Higher doses are usually given for people with insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, lack of appetite, nausea, muscle spasms, nausea, body tension, and cramps.

Possible Side Effects of Black Indica

Like any other cannabis strains, The Black can cause pretty intense dryness of the mouth or “cotton mouth”. These side effects are minimal and manageable through simple planning and preparation. Ensure that you drink plenty of liquids before, during, and after the “high” to prevent cotton mouth. Drinking fluids also prevent dehydration, fewer headaches, and reduced grogginess.

Purchase moisturizing eye drops from a local pharmacy or store before your high and keeps them readily available to avoid eye discomforts and dry eyes. Other side effects are nausea, dizziness, and paranoia, which are extremely rare.

Flowering Black Indica

The flowering stage of  The Black is short, about 7 to 8 weeks, and it is usually predict when its buds turn to deep black from dark purple shade. Generally, it is good to cultivate Black Indica if you prefer a strong indicator and you have experience growing marijuana in the past. It is best to consume The Black during night time for better sleep and relaxation.

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