BubbleGum Cannabis Strain: Prepare for a Bubbly Ride!

You would know the quality of a good strain by looking at how many awards it has racked up ever since it was introduced to the general market. Of course, the more awards a strain has won, the better. And when it comes to awards won, there are not a lot of strains that have […]

Top 10 Purple Marijuana Strains

top ten purple marijuana strains

Beautifully, marijuana flowers can exhibit different color nuances. This highly depends on strains’ specifics and/or environmental factors that can trigger the distinct purple coloring. Just several decades ago, enjoying the mesmerizing purple hues of cannabis varieties was not widely available. Thanks to the increasingly accessible cannabis education, as well as the spectacular advance in breeding […]

Candy Cane Strain Detailed Review

candy cane cannabis strain

If you want a sweet weed treat, then Candy Cane is just right for you. Everybody deserves a candy treat once in a while, and cannabis users can go back to their childhood through the hit of Candy Cane. This strain was almost gone, but they are back again to bring smile to users and […]