Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Strain

dwarf low flyer strain

Marijuana strains that grow into short and sometimes bushy plants are good for very limited spaces. A lot of marijuana cultivators perceive this as a vigorous strain. Despite their sizes and low height, these cannabis varieties can bring in high yields at harvest.

Dwarf Low Flyer Strain is considered as a feminized seed. This kind of strain makes the lives of marijuana plant grower easier because they don’t need to germinate twice just to produce enough number of female seeds. This kind of seeds gives more stable results than a regular seed. It can be grown outdoors, indoors, in a soil or in a hydroponic setting.

Dwarf Low Flyer Genetics

The dwarf low flyer strain (feminized dwarf auto-flower) is often called as bonsai-like auto-flowering. Dutch Passion invented feminized marijuana seeds. This kind of strain is an offspring of Low Rider, Early Girl, and Cannabis Ruderalis. It is a feminized auto-flowering strain that contains 10% Cannabis Ruderalis, 70% Cannabis Indica, and 20% Cannabis Sativa. Just like the other strains out there Dwarf low flyer originated from Spain.

This plant is recognizable because of its strong smell. It has a strong aroma until it is harvested but during the curing process, it will produce a mild sweet scent. It has a herbal mild aroma with a slight citrus smell. The curing process is very much important when it comes to its taste and aroma. It has the flavors and aromas of coffee-like, spicy, herb-like, floral, fruity, earthy, pine, nutty, chocolate, sweet, and pungent.

Dwarf Low Flyer Characteristics

The Dwarf low flyer has short branches and may appear stout but it is still a very productive plant. The more light hours, the higher the yields. It grows quickly, reaching an average height of 40-70 cm or at least 2 feet. The strain will finish flowering in as early as 6 weeks or within 45 days.

Since it is an auto-flowering seed, we can grow the marijuana plant in the easiest and fastest way, there is no need to vary lighting as long as there is a minimum of 20 hours of light each day and even though you will only give them a low dose of nutrients it will still grow healthy. The dwarf low flyer strain is one of the best strains because it requires less tendering and is low maintenance. Feminized seeds are guaranteed flower delicious, resinous buds.

Potency and Effects

It consists of low to moderate level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which only consist of 10-15%, the Cannabidiol (CBD) level is ranging between 0.20-0.30% and the level of Cannabinol (CBN) is ranging between 0.15-0.20%. It is a mild strain but the high is quite relaxing.

This strain is popular for its benefit of head-to-toe relaxation and the smokers will experience a natural high. The effects are manifested physically than mentally. The effect of the plant can be felt within 15 to 20 minutes from the first hit but it would still depend on the dosage. This kind of strain results in better potency for 80% of all varieties.

This strain is great for those who have some problems with space. This is also perfect for those people who don’t want to smoke that hits them too hard and who just want to relax and have fun without going to “the outside world”.

This strain is also addictive to others because of its tranquilizing effect that cultivates the feeling of contentment, provides you the sense of relaxation and it reduces stress.

Dwarf Low Flyer Medical Benefits

The dwarf low flyer has something to offer to medical marijuana, this strain produces toxins that are comfortable, relaxing and analgesic-like that provides the stoned effect. People who are experiencing different diseases like lupus, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, sclerosis, and sleep disorders such as insomnia can benefit from the therapeutic or medicinal effects of this strain. It is also ideal for pain tolerance, involuntary contractions of the muscles, anxiety, and depression, appetite stimulation and sleep deprivation.

Reviews of Dwarf Low Flyer

  1. Its potency is surprising. It is a very appealing plant with lots of buds and it has very sugary trichomes. It has a high resiliency to heat variations, smaller grow sites, and you don’t need so much time to get yields. Beautiful colors of purple, light green and dark green blended flowers. It’s sugary and frosty, so sweet and pungent
  2. This kind of strain is the best especially for personal use and it is also user-friendly for new grower like me. I personally use cannabis for a medical reason and I can say that this is just the right strain for me. It gets you high but not wrecked. You can still be productive, you can still watch a movie and memorize things.
  3. The 9 out of 10 sprouted and it looks good. I have successfully grown two crops from early December-mid March. The yield taste great, it has an earthy taste but not too strong. The effect is strong but not so long. It is a smooth strain for chilling outside with friends over a bottle of beer.
  4. I am suffering from fibromyalgia, headaches, swelling, different kinds of body pain, arthritis, and insomnia for 30 years. This strain is great, I can finally fall asleep. I use this after work, it is so relaxing but I still stay alert. It takes about 15 minutes to kick in and it easily melts all my pain away. I sleep like a baby after using it.
  5. It is a bit challenging to grow marijuana seeds but this kind of strain is interesting. It’s less hassle, I don’t need to be a master cultivator just to let it bloom. I let it grew in a small room but still it produced large yields.

The dwarf low flyer is recommended for new marijuana cultivators because it is easy to grow and has low maintenance. Growing a cannabis strain has never been easy but with the right choice of strain, ensuring ample light and sufficient nutrients it won’t let you down. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a marijuana plant and usually, it is based on flavor, aroma, strain reputation effects and our own personal past experience.

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