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Crown Royale Cannabis Detailed Review

crown royale cannabis strain

Many are attracted to the bright purple hues as well as the deep green foliage of Crown Royale. It is so tasty delightful, blending into fruity strains. Let’s learn more about the facts about Crown Royale.

Crown Royale Cannabis Genetics

Crown Royale is a cross-breed of Purple Kush and Blueberry, which is a sweet indica-dominant cannabis hybrid. Its grandparent cannabis strains came from the landrace varieties from Afghanistan, Thailand, and the Hindu Kush. The potency of this hybrid strain is between 12% (modest) and 22% (impressive).

Crown Royale has a THC concentration of roughly 21%, and a CBD concentration of 2.10%. In some sources, Crown Royale is regarded as a feminized form of an indica-dominant strain having 70% of Indica variety.

Crown Royale Scent and Flavor

Crown Royale is a blend of two colorful cannabis strains Blueberry and Purple Kush, offering a piney and telltale berry tartness aromas. The scents are described as “fruity sweet”. Obviously, Crown Royale has a fruity and tart aroma due to the influence of Blueberry.

Crown Royale also possess pleasant herbal and floral scents, brightening the tart scents. As the flowers are ground, they release some spicy or peppery characteristic. Take note that the colors of the leaves do not necessarily affect the scent.

Crown Royale Strain Characteristics

The leaves of Crown Royale have a vibrant spring green shade, with many orange hairy pistils. Some of its phenotypes have purple and deep blue streaks, with eye-catching colors as a result of anthocyanins pigments. In cold weather, this strain becomes agitated, exposing violet shades that lurk underneath conventional green cannabis leaves.

Crown Royale Potency and Effects

Crown Royale burns a lung-expanding and rich smoke when combusted. It won’t induce coughing even if it is heavy. It leaves a pleasant and grape-tinged taste lingering on the palate upon exhalation.

Crown Royale is usually regarded as the creeper of cannabis strain. It takes several minutes to savor its unique taste after using it, and then the taste continually blooms. Most users describe smoking Crown Royale having an initial pressure surrounding the eyes and temples, and a subtle tingle manifesting in the neck area and spine, spreading out gradually through the core and limbs in relaxing waves.

Crown Royale is worth to snatch up if you are looking for an indica that offers a dreamy and trippy experience, leaving you’re largely functional and lucid. It is an excellent choice for either solo or group enjoyment.

The most apparent effects is full body “high” with trace amounts of sativa traits contributing to slightly stimulating mental senses. Crown Royale provides dreamt and hazy mental effects. It enhances the passive aesthetic experiences such as watching a midday Hollywood movie or having a tour in a museum.

Crown Royale has aphrodisiac properties. Users should be prepared with the body melt feeling that escalates as the high wears on. This strain is best enjoyed during the night because it provides a deep and restful sleep.

Crown Royale Strain Medical Benefits

When it comes to the therapeutic effects of Crown Royale, it can numb pains and aches associated with acute injuries and chronic medical conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. It has anti-inflammatory properties, soothing nausea and mild to moderate headaches.

For people suffering from stress and depression, Crown Royale provides great relaxation of nerves. It aids in the treatment of a terrible migraine and various types of pain which include arthritis pains. It is beneficial for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy as it reduces nausea and loss of appetite. Based on studies, Crown Royale can help in relieving arthritis, depression, chronic pain, headaches, and insomnia.

Crown Royale Cannabis Strain Cultivation

Crown Royale can be grown both outdoors and indoors, requiring a humid and Mediterranean-like climate having a daytime temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Cannabis growers need to regularly “top” Crown Royale plants to trim away light-blocking fan leaves to promote faster growth.

These plants should be exposed to cold (avoid freezing) during night time to bring out the purple bag appeal of this strain in the vegetative phase. Crown Royale takes 9 weeks when grown indoors, providing about 46 grams of flower for each square foot.

Crown Royale Reviews

  1. Back from a recent back surgery, the pain was really excruciating. After smoking Crown Royale, there was a full body high and literally 0-level of pain. Surely, it deserves a 5-star rating!
  2. It treats the spinal pain experienced from 6 out of 10 to 0 in just an hour. This indica-dominant hybrid has a body buzz that barely causes head buzz. Crown Royale is an excellent strain, so it deserves 5 stars!
  3. Have you ever got anxious because of smoking marijuana? This is the best strain to counteract negative effects. It really handles pain away! No wonder many users just love Crown Royale, thus many give it a 5-star rating!
  4. For a long time, the chronic lower back pain temporarily disappeared an hour after smoking Crown Royale. Chiropractic care and Crown Royale are helpful in treating chronic pain. Kudos to the cannabis breeders propagating this wonderful cannabis strain! All 5-stars to you!
  5. Crown Royale is a remarkable medical cannabis strain. It offers enjoyable group sessions most especially in 420 celebrations! People who have pain issues greatly benefit from it and literally eliminate any level of pain in just an hour or two. It truly deserves the best 5-star rating!

Crown Royale has a cerebral high physiologic effect, gradually taking over your system. It is energizing and the effects are very strong. Cannabis users just love the taste of Crown Royale with its dank, citrus, spicy, and flowery flavors. It has a smooth aroma, blending citrus and pine flavors. Generally, it is a safe cannabis strain that only tends to dry the mouth at times.

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