Candy Cane Strain Detailed Review

candy cane cannabis strain

If you want a sweet weed treat, then Candy Cane is just right for you. Everybody deserves a candy treat once in a while, and cannabis users can go back to their childhood through the hit of Candy Cane. This strain was almost gone, but they are back again to bring smile to users and growers. In this article, let’s find out more about Candy Cane including its characteristics, benefits, effects, and cultivation.

Candy Cane Cannabis Origin

Candy Cane by Crop King Seeds is one of the best cannabis breeds available and sold in the market today. They are always looking for the best landrace marijuana strains worldwide to stock and create new cannabis hybrids. In 2005, they had to stop their operations due to some sort of restrictions, but they got back on the game seven years later when Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis.

Candy Cane, a cannabis hybrid was developed over the past few years. Crop King Seeds used three instead of just two strains that is commonly used by other breeders. Candy Cane is a result of cross-breeding AK-47, White Widow, and Mango.

Candy Cane Genetic Composition

Candy Cane is a cannabis hybrid created by crossbreeding AK-47, White Widow, and Mango. The AK-47 is a multi-awarded cannabis hybrid that is able to deliver great cerebral high, clearing the mind and sharpening the focus or concentration. In Amsterdam, the infamous cannabis strain, White Widow, is a staple in coffee shops for many years now. White Widow is known for its intense, stimulating and energetic buzz. On the other hand, Mango or the latest modern cannabis strain, original Mango cross-bred with KC 33, is known for its fruity aroma as well as its humongous cannabis buds. Candy Cane has 20% THC level, and between 0.1% to 0.3% CBD.

Candy Cane Potency and Effects

Candy cane is a fast-acting cannabis strain with great intensity. It comes with 20% THC concentration. Smokers of Candy Cane report that they feel pressure between their temple and eyes after a few tokes. It provides a euphoric cerebral buzz that gradually form and intensify.

It helps in unlocking an individual’s creative side, causing a “mind race” or influx of ideas and thoughts. Once the indica traits creeping, it provides a mental high stabilization, leaving users intensely elated. The mood swing effect of Candy Cane is considered as one of the most-sought effects of users.

The body melts away in lingering stress and tension, once Candy Cane kicks in, then a complete body relaxation sets in, blending with the euphoric cerebral high, thus leaving cannabis users in bliss. Depending on the dosage, Candy Cane can overwhelm the users, casing people to feel lazy, though it does not cause lethargy.

Candy Cane Statistics

  • Effects: Relaxation (10), Sleepiness (5), Euphoria (4), Hunger (4), Happiness(3)
  • Side Effects: Dizziness (10), Dry Eyes (9), Paranoia (5), Headache (1)
  • Scents and Flavors: Sweet, Pungent, Mint, Tropical
  • Medical Benefits: Stress (10), Insomnia (10), Pain (9), Nausea (9), Depression (2)
  • Flowering Time: 7 weeks for indoor growing, Early to Mid-October for outdoor growing
  • CBD Percentage: between 0.1% to 0.3%
  • Indica and Sativa Percentage: 70% cannabis indica and 30% sativa
  • Yield: 4 oz per square meter for indoors, 2 oz or more per plant for outdoor
    *10 as the highest
    *1 as the lowest

Candy Cane Aroma

Initially, taking Candy Cane is underwhelming because of the size that the buds are popular for. Candy Cane releases a very delightful fragrance once the user break the nug, and it becomes more pungent gradually with a skunk hint. Most cannabis users find this strain possessing an exotic scent that is really enticing.

Candy Cane is so flavorful but easily and smoothly passes on the throat and the lungs due to its mild menthol flavor. Because of the taste of tropical mango, most users find this strain delicious.

Candy Cane Side Effects

The side effects of Candy Cane can be prevented through proper dosing and control. Some of these include red eyes and dry mouth that can be prevented through chewing a gum, drinking lots of fluids, and using eye drops. It also causes dizziness most especially during the initial surge of cerebral high.

Candy Cane is not recommended for those people who have anxiety or panic attacks. It can also cause paranoia but not very alarming, though it can be uncomfortable. With gradual and proper use, these side effects are kept at a minimum level.
Medical Benefits

The therapeutic benefits of Candy Cane are due to the combination of indica and sativa effects. It is uplifting and euphoric, providing total body relaxation and comfort. It is very effective for people who have depression because Candy Cane can help them in ignoring ill feelings and thoughts, promoting optimistic thoughts and allowing them to realize the beauty of life and the world.

It is also a treatment for chronic stress after all day of work. Due to its sedative effects, it can alter any physical discomfort, helping in muscle relaxation and providing deep relaxation. It acts as a pain reliever to treat acute or chronic pain. Users can get quality of sleep through Candy Cane, thus helping people with sleep disorders.

Growing and Cultivation of Candy Cane

Growing Candy Cane is fun and exciting. The Candy Cane plant produces humongous buds. Some growers highly recommend using Low-Stress Training or LST for better plant preparation. The flowering period happens as early as 7 weeks that yield 4 ounces of buds with every square meter of plant.

Candy Cane will thrive in a warm environment, producing equal amount of yield in indoor growing with the use of advanced techniques. It provides around 2 ounces of cannabis buds or even more.

Candy Cane is not your ordinary cannabis hybrid (indica dominant) strain. It is powerful and intensifying. The full-body buzz is most sought, providing euphoria and positive thoughts and feelings. It is perfect for those who are depressed, suffering from insomnia, and other sleeping disorders. Candy Cane is sweet and fruity due to its parent Mango. Growing Candy Cane is relatively easy as it thrives both indoor and outdoor grow sites.

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