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5 Cannabis Strains for Friedreich’s Ataxia

5 cannabis strains for friedreichs ataxia

FA or what we call Friedreich’s Ataxia is a rare heritage disease, resulting in disorders with balance and gradual disruption to the nervous system. Most people will develop it during their infancy, resulting in ataxia that impairs their muscle coordination and it worsens as time passes by. Medical marijuana has already been shown to have neuroprotective properties and these cannabis strains also reduce inflammation as well as allowing brain cells to recover, which can also benefit FA patients, specifically to slow down the progression of this disease.

Studies also suggest that cannabinoids inhibit neuronal activation, oxidative damage, and excitotoxicity, contributing to neuron degeneration. The mitochondrial mechanism of the cell increases by cannabinoids found in marijuana and stimulates cell debris removal— thus improving the health of neurons. Also, the human body is influenced differently by distinct compounds of our impressive medical marijuana strains as they can significantly help in treating Friedreich’s Ataxia. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, for example, according to the American Cancer Society, helps to relieve nausea and pain, meaning, it serves as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation. We also know that living with this ailment may result in depression because FA’s symptoms impair the capacity of a person to function entirely and may affect his/ her daily life. That is why we have researched and listed some of the cannabis strains that may help FA patients battle their symptoms and live a happy life.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help in FA?

  • Cannabinoids function as antioxidants to lessen the free radical level
  • Cannabinoids act as pain relievers. Contain release of pain signal in the brain. Cannabis has a neurochemical impact on pain.
  • Cannabinoids aids jerky eye movements
  • Cannabinoids relax tight muscles particularly in the spine
  • Cannabinoids help alleviate depression.
  • Cannabinoids reduce muscle spasms including leg cramps
  • Cannabinoids can mitigate stress

Here are five medical marijuana you can use if you have Friedreich’s Ataxia:

  1. ACDC strain

It is a cross between a famous medical marijuana strain Cannatonic and a Ruderalis as a balanced hybrid strain that already won cannabis cup awards because of her CBD level and established a great medicinal value. Due to a superficial level of THC and the remarkably high level of CBD, ACDC is quite different from most cannabis strains. The ACDC scent is like earth tones and sweet, as well as fruits that are sometimes tasteful. Some of the symptoms that this cannabis strain can alleviate are cancer. chronic pain, and even seizures. This strain is also used in patients with less severe conditions, particularly in FA patients. The high CBD rates provide comfort and relief as well as anxiety.

2. Blue Dream

This cannabis strain is produced after combining Blueberry Indica strain and Super Silver Haze. A true legend is prevalent in California. It is considered as a perfect daytime strain because of her uplifting and boosting effect and offers a mood-altering high. It is also known as a constant strain of many medical marijuana patients when it comes to mild and soothing effects that can alleviate stress and depression caused by illnesses like FA. You can also enjoy how it tastes like you take a bite of your favorite fruity candy once smoked.

3. Grandaddy Purple

Another potent Indica Strain was created in KenEstes’s lab and also called GDP. If you are someone who is seeking for a body high and relaxation, it tastes and smells like grapes, that is why it became a favorite of many medical marijuana patients while treating their symptoms and affliction.
This strain is selected for being an efficient healing strain and de-stressor amongst other hybrid strains. It is suited for a person that suffers from sleep deprivation caused by pain and discomfort from their illness like with FA.

4. Head Cheese

Head Cheese is an unmistakably composed combination. Although its name is not attractive to many, it has won many fans with its powerful and versatile effect. It is a fusion of the UK Cheese and the famous 707 headbands. Head Cheese’s psychoactivity was evaluated around 13% and an incredible 30 percent of THC by the Marijuana test lab Analytical 360.

The mental and physical effects of head cheese can be stellar, and its type has a wide range of medical cannabis uses. The mood-altering effects of this cannabis can alleviate anxiety and can relieve the disturbing signs of mild to moderate stress and depression. Those deep-seated aches and pains can be numbed. Its anti-inflammatory effects can also ease fatigue, nausea, and migraines from everyday problems and illnesses like Friedreich’s Ataxia

5. Green Candy

Green Candy is a Sativa leaning strain that is suitable for a busy, productive day. While the original breeders are unknown, this strain was said to be a blend between the infamous green crack and Kandy Kush. Green Candy is a potent weed that is ideal for numerous activities during the day. It has a pleasantly fruity, and sweet flavor that compliments its smell once burned, making her one of the favorite strains not only for recreational use but also as medical marijuana. This weed will hit you fast after a couple of tokes and can offer a relaxing and calming body buzz. Her effect also includes focuses that can be very beneficial to patients who have ADHD and alleviate chronic stress and early signs of depression. This strain is considered as awake and bakes strain that can still make you functional along with its mild sedative effect afterward.

Final Thoughts

Having an illness like Friedreich’s Ataxia can be challenging to treat and we understand the need of looking for alternative medicine to help them combat its symptoms and attacks. While there is no cure for this illness, it is good to know that there are many natural remedies that we can rely on to at least lessen the painful experience of the patients. We do hope that with this article and list of competent medical marijuana can help patients to alleviate symptoms and make them feel free from discomfort for some time

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