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What is a Cannabis Dispensary?

cannabis dispensary

If you are planning to purchase cannabis, whether, for recreational or medicinal purposes, it is recommended that you buy it from an authorized dispensary where the state is permitting the consumption of cannabis. 

As of today, 28 states permit medical cannabis dispensaries, and to name a few of those, the District of Columbia and eight states permit the recreational dispensaries to operate. A cannabis dispensary is a controlled, safe establishment that mostly offers everything you ought to find out, cultivate, and use cannabis.

For beginners, visiting dispensaries for the first time can be frightening. Hence, you must understand what cannabis dispensaries are.

Understanding What a Cannabis Dispensary Is

Substantially, cannabis dispensaries are businesses that offer cannabis for the public’s consumption. Generally, depending on the law of the state, cannabis dispensaries are classified into two types: recreational and medical dispensaries. 

The medical dispensaries commonly suggest discounted prices to people who have serious medicinal needs, commercially speaking. A lot of recreational dispensaries are also giving discounts and loyalty programs for repeat customers.

How Do Cannabis Dispensaries Acquire Their Weed?

Legal cannabis dispensaries get their weed from licensed and legal suppliers and cultivators. The exact legal schemes and regulative systems that illustrate this operation differ from country to country and state to state. 

What to Anticipate when Going to a Cannabis Dispensary

Except if it is a franchise, every dispensary that you will visit is likely distinct, with its unique atmosphere and novel branding. Various cannabis strains are attainable to provide an array of needs and focus on alleviating different symptoms. Indica strains are commonly CBD-dominant, influencing them to be more tranquilizing and deliberated to be particularly beneficial for insomnia, anxiety, and pain alleviation. 

On the other hand, Sativa strains are exhilarating and stimulating, making them great for daytime consumption and finishing tasks for the day. Many cannabis dispensaries are also giving a huge collection of topicals, tinctures, edibles, as well as high-THC incorporating concentrates like shatter and wax. 

In states where people are permitted to grow cannabis legally in private sections, dispensaries commonly sell cannabis plants as well as seedlings. Budtenders are always ready to assist you when choosing the best cannabis product.

What Can You Find in a Cannabis Dispensary?

A lot of cannabis dispensaries have various buds and flowers to display for your inspection – possibly available for smelling but not for touching. The flowers, ranging from Sativas to Indicas, shall all offer test results that will let you know the levels of THC, terpenoids, and cannabinoids – and these results also make sure that the cannabis is free from mold.

There are also concentrated cannabis ranging from kief to hash. You can also find oils of various kinds like crumble, CO2, shatter, clear, live resin, pre-filled cartridges, pho, rso, and more. 

You are likely to find various edibles, too – ranging from candy to cookies to granola. A lot of salves and tonic are also available, which act amazingly for people who are suffering from pains and aches, yet do not like to smoke.

Overall, a cannabis dispensary will offer different products for the utilization of their cannabis products. For instance, they will offer dabbing utensils, vape pens, nails for dabbing, glass, and more. Some cannabis dispensaries even have their garden or clones.

Finally, dispensaries have available budtenders who will assist you in finding the best cannabis product that meets your requirements. 

What is the difference between Recreational and Medicinal Dispensaries?

Depending on the state, some products may not be attainable for public consumption. In Oregon, for instance, cannabis dispensaries are only permitted to sell flowers to buyers aged over 21 years old, while medicinal consumers are permitted to purchase anything that is offered by a cannabis dispensary. Medicinal users are also not paying the high taxes which that recreational consumers obtain. 

How to Enter a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary?

Entering a recreational dispensary is a lot easier as compared to a medicinal dispensary. You are expected to show your ID to prove the legality of your age. Whether it is for recreational or medicinal usage, the attending receptionist will confirm the reason for your visit.

How to Enter a Medical Cannabis Dispensary?

You need to secure the necessary documents before you can enter a medical dispensary. Hence, you should have a recommendation before your visit. This is because banks will not get their money obligating them to transact only through cash. Getting much cash at all times needs more security compared to what you will find in a pharmacy.

The receptionist shall ask for the medical cannabis recommendations and your ID or ID card from a physician. Typically, you should be at least 18 years old to pass a medical authorization, although special cases can occur in certain states for minors with specifically crippling conditions.

You will normally register when coming inside a medical dispensary. This is to file your certification or medical cannabis recommendation for regulatory and legal purposes.

Any user who regularly smokes may end up reducing expenses in the long run by buying a medical cannabis card.


A lot of times, although not all the time, your transaction shall be monitored by the medical cannabis dispensaries. This procedure will help the patients as well as the budtenders trace effective medicine and also establish a living record of products and producers for future resources and follow-up.

Tips When Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary

  • Secure a Cash 

Plan and secure cash from your bank. This will help you save money from the possible accumulated service charge from an in-house ATM.

  • Do your Study

A lot of dispensaries have an available menu and website. Check the availability of your desired product before visiting the dispensary.

  • Secure a Valid ID 

You must have a valid ID with you when visiting a dispensary. 

  • Be Polite and Have Some Patience

Be polite and patient. You should understand that budtenders are attending to many people and they provide better assistance to customers who are kind and respectful.

  • Ask Questions

Many recreational dispensaries cannot answer questions that are related to medical concerns. Thus, ask important questions. Budtenders will commonly impart their cannabis encounter, clearing up the medicinal benefits of a strain without directly suggesting medical consumption.

  • You are Not Required to Give a Tip, but they will Appreciate it

Various dispensaries manage this concern differently.  If you think that you got notable assistance and you want to demonstrate your gratitude, you may consider giving the budtender small cash as a tip.


By getting inside a dispensary, you and the state you are residing in are counting on each other. You have faith that the state is justly controlling the product and introducing protections to guard the health of the public, and the state believes the user to consume and relish their cannabis accountably. 

The best habits here are respect, common sense, and discretion. You should always practice responsible transactions every time you visit a cannabis dispensary.

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