Growing Marijuana in Greenhouses: Fraction Cost

greenhouse marijuana growing

According to a recent report by Grand View Research Inc., the legal marijuana market is bound to hit the mind-blowing $146.4 billion worth as early as the end of 2025. These numbers bring valuable insights about the way marijuana is slowly but steadily changing the lives of millions of people globally. Just like more people […]

Homemade Organic Marijuana Plant Fertilizers to Boost Yields Naturally

homemade organic marijuana fertilizer

There are numerous benefits to organic marijuana cultivation. By choosing to restrain from the use of non-organic fertilizers, pesticides and/or herbicides, limit the chances of ingesting hazardous compounds when finally indulging in the sweet rewards of your cannabis harvest. Furthermore, you also contribute to a unique, positive impact on living nature. One of the downsides […]

Key Stages in Cannabis Plants Growth

growth stages cannabis

Like all living creatures, cannabis plants go through different stages of development from seed to harvest. By understanding the basics of the life cycle of a marijuana plant you will know your medicine better, and in return, enjoy maximized yields while growing healthy, happy, and vigorous cannabis plants in your outdoor or indoor ganja garden. […]

Deep Water Culture: Another Way of Growing Cannabis

deep water culture

If you are an enthusiastic cannabis grower, and have considered switching to a hydroponic setup then you have probably heard of the deep water culture (DWC) technique. This popular method of hydroponic cannabis cultivation has received a lot of positive feedback from growers who have tried it. One of the main benefits of hydroponic cultivation […]

Drying Marijuana the Right Way for the Best Taste

drying marijuana right way

So, you bought your seeds, survived all the hazards of the grow, and made it to harvest time, but now what? There’s still one crucial step to perform before you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Before that bud can be smoked, it must be dried or “cured”. This step helps develop […]