Organic Marijuana Growing: Good for You, Good for the Planet

organic marijuana growing

Nowadays, the very term organic is steadily becoming mainstream. We are supposed to know fair well why any organic food is superior to non-organic counterparts but are we really aware of the utmost necessity of embracing an organic approach to literally every aspect of life? Yes, this includes considering the benefits of organic marijuana growing. […]

Everything you Need to Know about Marijuana Grow Tent

grow marijuana grow tent

If nature does most of the heavy lifting for outdoor cannabis growers, indoor marijuana cultivation requires a far more comprehensive approach. But with the increasing popularity of one smart innovation from recent decades, indoor cannabis growing has become easier in many ways. Yes, we are talking about marijuana grow tent –a versatile and cost-effective grow […]

Best Soil for Growing Weed

best soil for growing weed

Growing marijuana in soil has numerous benefits. Undoubtedly, this is the most natural method for cannabis cultivation. Once you learn how to utilize the best soil for growing weed, you can enjoy succulent, juicy buds full of flavor that feature top-shelf quality. Moreover, the soil is the most forgiving growing medium. This means that you […]

How You Can Make Use of Male Marijuana Plants

male marijuana plants

Most breeders do not want to have a male cannabis plant in their garden. Unlike female plants, male ones do not produce buds with the same amount of cannabinoids, which are responsible for the different effects of a strain. In addition, males can ruin your bud harvest by pollinating females. Because you cannot get any […]

Indoor and Outdoor Marijuana Agriculture Choosing the Right Strains

growing marijuana indoors outdoors

So, there you are, getting ready to immerse in the profound joy of growing your very own cannabis plants from seeds. Selecting the strains to grow is such a beautiful part of the cannabis growing journey because this is when the magic of being a marijuana grower actually kicks in. But how to choose the […]