How to Buy Marijuana in a Medical State

A memorable date for medical marijuana users in Alaska – November 3, 1998 – marks the beginning of the removal of state-level criminal penalties on the use, cultivation, as well as possession of marijuana by verified patients in America. Verified medical marijuana patients own written documentation from a qualified physician confirming that they “might benefit […]

Best Ways to Sell Cannabis Seeds in your Store in Canada

Within only about a year after the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, businesses are already witnessing the rise of never seen before opportunities for fair and substantial profits, thanks to the tremendous potential of the booming marijuana industry. So, what are the best ways to sell cannabis seeds in your store in Canada with […]

Solvent VS Solventless Cannabis Concentrates: Everything You Want to Know

solvent cannabis concentrates

When talking about concentrates, these are products taken from the plant, cannabis. Concentrates have undergone process until the most desired compounds, especially the terpenes and cannabinoids. Impurities and other excess are removed to have the purest mixture. These concentrates taken from marijuana showed a higher amount of the said two pounds. In fact, concentrates increase […]

13 Potent Marijuana Strains to Cultivate and Enjoy this Year

potent marijuana strains

The industry of marijuana is set to move forward into the fast-changing years. With this, marijuana growers should be updated with the newest fresh and strong genetics that will hit the scene. With quite tough competition, new modernizations, new products, and a new era of cautiously cultivated and conceivably game-modifying marijuana strains should be attained. […]