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Benefits of Companion Plants for Cannabis

companion marijuana plants

Beautifully, when you grow cannabis, you expand your knowledge of horticulture. This is an invaluable experience because it allows you to keep nurturing and upgrading your marijuana growing skills while also learning tons of incredible facts about the vast world of gardening.

Best Marijuana Companion Plants: A-Z Overview

Guilds are how experts refer to a collection of plants selectively grown together in order to support each other’s healthy development. Acting just like diverse, micro-sized ecosystems, guilds can improve the quality of soil, the bio-availability of various nutrients, as well as water penetration and retention rates.

Cannabis Companion Plants for Improving the Quality of Soil

1. Alfalfa

Known as “the king of foods,” alfalfa cannabis companion planting can help a great deal in balancing the levels of nitrogen naturally, as well as ensuring the accumulation of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

Alfalfa grows very quickly so it is a fantastic idea to use it as mulch placed right around your cannabis ladies. Simply trim the alfalfa and you’re good to go in using it as mulch. Alfalfa plants grow very deep roots. Because of this, alfalfa plants break up the soil.

2. Cerastium

When planted right alongside your weed beauties cerastium acts just like living mulch. It increases water retention, as well as water penetration while it also shades the soil to prevent water from evaporating too quickly.

3. Chamomile

It is important to keep in mind that chamomile releases essential nutrients vital to your cannabis plants only after it dies. Once the chamomile’s life cycle is over, it will release accumulated sulfur, potassium, and calcium back into the soil.

4. Clover

Both white and red clover can work equally well in enhancing soil’s fertility. Clovers are known to be able to fix the levels of nitrogen available in the soil naturally after finishing their life cycle, similarly to chamomile.

Cannabis Companion Plants for Repelling Insects

1. Alfalfa

Alfaalfa plants attract beneficial pests’ predators such as beetles, wasps, and ladybugs. Alfaalfa plants are also known to repelLygus bugs.

2. Basil

The distinct, sweetly-scented aroma of basil serves as a natural repellent to mosquitoes, asparagus beetles, aphids, whitefly, and hornworms.

3. Chamomile

The cannabis plants’ beneficial tiny friends such as bees and hoverflies are attracted to the gentle aroma of chamomile while nasty intruders such as flies and mosquitoes prefer to stay away from the distinct scent of chamomile filling the air.

4. Chervil

Chervil plants make fantastic cannabis companion plants when grown in guilds with coriander and dill. A guild of chervil, dill, and coriander will attract the highly beneficial honeybees, as well as mini wasps to keep pests at bay. 

5. Coriander

This is the most effective way to reap the full array of benefits of coriander and cannabis companion planting when it comes to repelling potato beetles, spider mites, and aphids while simultaneously attracting beneficial parasitoid wasps, hoverflies, and tachninid flies.

6. Dill

Part of the holy companion planting in guilds trio of coriander, chervil, and dill, dill is one of the most multi-functioning cannabis companions. If swallowtail butterflies cause troubles to your cannabis garden, plant dill and they will prefer to munch on it rather than on your cannabeauties.

7. Lavender

Being naturally high in the terpene Linalool, some cannabis experts claim that lavender and cannabis companion planting can boost the levels of Linalool naturally due to the ways plants are shown to communicate. 

8. Lemon balm

Lemon balm can make a great cannabis companion plant if you need to keep gnats and mosquitoes at bay and also known to attract beneficial pollinators, however, the lemon balm does spread very, very quickly. 

9. Marigold

Marigold can work wonders in repelling leafhoppers and beetles. You can also make fantastic Olive Oil and cannabis-based healing topical solutions adding marigold flowers.

10. Peppermint

Peppermint can help you get rid of fleas, aphids, ants, and mice invading your cannabis garden. 

11. Sunflowers

What’s more, you can make a fantastic and strong repellent for aphids, mites, and ticks that also has the properties to immensely boost plants’ growth during the phases of vegetation by using nettle to prepare fermented stinging nettle tea.

12. Yarrow

Yarrow cannabis companion plants are capable of repelling a very wide range of bugs. Meanwhile, yarrows can attract important anti-pests allies such as ladybugs, hoverflies, parasitoid wasps, and aphid lions.

Cannabis Companion Plants for Boosting Growth and Resin Production

1. Alfalfa

You can boil dried alfalfa stalks by adding these when brewing compost tea. Alfaalfa dried stalks will release a myriad of cannabis plants-friendly minerals and vitamins. If you stick with boiling only dried alfalfa stalks tea, you can spray the concoction generously all over your marijuana garden. 

2. Chamomile

The state of turgidity is what results in greatly increasing the rigidity of tissues and/or cells, which usually happens due to the absorption of fluid.

3. Coriander

While coriander is not known to directly boost essential oils production in cannabis plants, it can help indirectly by effectively keeping the nasty spider mites away. This is possible once you boil crushed coriander seeds and apply the coriander brew by spraying it onto your marijuana plants.

4. Marigold

Marigold is a very powerful plant and it has been used in traditional, plant-based medicine ever since ancient times. The ancient Greeks did not only use Marigold for its medicinal properties but also for food coloring and even for make-up.

5. Yarrow

Although still embraced in mystery, according to horticultural folklore, yarrow is one of the oldest companion plants as it is believed to release beneficial chemicals that increase essential oil production in neighboring plants.

Benefits of Cannabis Companion Plants: The Bottom Line

The benefits of cannabis companion plants are quite alluring to any grower out there. Cannabis companion planting is the most cost-effective way to bring your weed gardening to the next level. Embrace organic cannabis growing practices to learn how to sustainably grow highest-quality marijuana.
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