Benefits of Cannabis Companion Plants

companion cannabis plants

Beautifully, when you grow cannabis, you expand your knowledge of horticulture. This is an invaluable experience because it allows you to keep nurturing and upgrading your marijuana growing skills while also learning tons of incredible facts about the vast world of gardening. Growing cannabis is an art form, too, because there are no limits to […]

Better Growing Steps of Marijuana Cultivation

better marijuana cultivation

Ganja, weed, pot, marijuana, dagga, the green medication, the herb: there are so many different words to refer to cannabis just like there are so many different ways to boost yields when growing your very own green ladies. Since you are reading these lines, we can bet that you are about to join the global […]

Most Common Marijuana Growing Mistakes

common marijuana growing mistakes

Cannabis plants are naturally hearty, sturdy creatures, and hence the name “weed.” The truth is, weed grows like crazy in the wild while requiring little to no special care except for the gentle nourishment provided by Mother Nature. However, when growing cannabis, we are rarely satisfied with mediocre results upon harvesting, and that’s why marijuana […]

Best Budget Friendly Cannabis Growing Guide

budget grow guide

Many cannabis enthusiasts tend to believe that growing marijuana is a time, effort, and money consuming endeavor. And while becoming a master cannabis grower surely requires a healthy dose of patience, consistency, and dedication, the truth is, growing weed has become easier than ever before! In this article, we will give you a taste of […]

How to Grow Marijuana in Cold Weather

grow marijuana in cold weather

Cannabis plants are extremely versatile creatures when it comes to their ability to adapt to a wide range of conditions in order to flourish. However, growing marijuana in cold weather can prove to be challenging, especially for growers who are not that experienced in cannabis cultivation. But on the bright side, there are actually some […]