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Best High Thoughts to Keep While You Are on Weed

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Smoking weed and getting high always bring a good time for its users. There are a lot of things that can happen when you smoke a blunt or two. Most people would get high, laugh uncontrollably, and feel relaxed afterward while others have what we call high thoughts. These are experiences wherein users get introspective or begin to think of philosophical thoughts and discuss them through other users.

Part of the fun with smoking weed with friends is having these types of conversations wherein you discuss deep thoughts and ideas. Here we gather some of the best high thoughts that you can think of and discuss with friends while you get high.

Best High Thoughts To Keep While You Are On Weed

  1. What if our lives are just a big reality TV and everyone else is watching? To add more, what if our lives are being broadcasted to higher-ups in a corporation or to aliens?

This concept is based on the movie The Truman Show where the character of the wonderful Jim Carey began to realize that his whole life was being played out for the world to see. As he slowly uncovers the truth, he also begins to realize that everything he interacted it was all a lie.

This is a great springboard of discussion for those who want to believe that this is not everything life has to offer. There are still some other things that can be done but in a twisted fashion, all of our dark secrets are being aired like dirty laundry for everyone to see unbeknownst to us. Such discussion can help bring their own emotions to the surface allowing them to take charge of it which can be therapeutic for the users.

  1. What happened to the first person who discovered weed and why did he even think of smoking it in the first place? What was their firsthand experience in getting high from smoking weed?

While the oldest known record for cannabis use dated back in 2727 BC in China, the fact that someone discovered a plant and decided to cure its buds and smoke it just to see if it has any medicinal effect meant that someone was either foolish or brave enough to do something that risky. This is just one of the best high thoughts that you can have while smoking weed and imagine if you were that one person who encountered cannabis. Would you be brave enough to smoke something that you don’t know about or would you rather wait for someone to try it?

  1. Another mind-blogging thought can you can do to pass the time with friends while getting high is the thought of a parallel universe. Ever thought of all the things that did not happen after making a certain choice in life and what could have been if you have chosen one over the other?

There are so many things that could have happened to you in the other life. So many big life decisions made and what could have become and what if you get to visit those what-if moments in your life in another universe. Imagine taking a different path in life. Would it still lead you to where you are right now or would it lead you to something very different? The possibilities are endless.

The mere thought of a parallel universe filled with missed opportunities and second-guesses should be a fun way to keep your mind busy while you are getting high with or without your friends. 

  1. Speaking of parallel universe, another idea that should keep you entertained while getting high is the concept of time travel. As painstakingly complex as it may be, it should allow you to spend an entire afternoon smoking weed and getting high while still being able to discuss the many-layered concept of time travel with your friends.

The possibility of traveling back in time and correcting your mistakes would also spark a whole new debate whether you are where you are needed to be at the right time. The fact that you can travel to the future and see how you fair in life, would it also mean that when you come back in the present you begin to alter your life to suit your future or has it already been spun into action when you decided to travel to the future?

  1. Another fun thing to speculate about while being high is what would happen if every country in the world has legalized the use of cannabis? Knowing full well that there is little evidence to show that smoking cannabis is bad for your health and has been studied to bring more therapeutic effects, the world would either be in a state of pure bliss or utter chaos knowing how people would just be laughing at each other.

Aside from that, imagine a world where cannabis is readily available in your local grocery store or at the gas station just like a cigarette has become. Would the legalization of cannabis hurt the tobacco industry and how would it impact the world economy? There are also other things that you can ponder about within your community and see if it would either bring a positive outcome or make things worse?

These high thoughts about the legalization of cannabis all over the world should bring forth many discussions with your friends. Some might even have a different opinion about it while others would want to share the happiness all over the world. With that said, what are your thoughts on the global legalization of cannabis if it ever comes to pass?


Smoking cannabis has always been a great way to connect with people. Its recreational benefits have proven to be very successful knowing how much it connects people from all walks of life. If you see people smoking weed, you rarely see them fighting or arguing. This is why it is always an enjoyable experience especially when you have these high thoughts to ponder on.

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