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How to Get Resin Out of Clothes

how to get resin out of clothes

Resin stain in clothes is a sure pain. It does not only make your clothes dirty, but it also stinks in it. Resin is one of the most difficult substances to get away from any surface, such as clothes. It’s not just stuck in clothes but can also leave a huge stain on fabrics once it does not remove them immediately. Knowing how to get resin out of clothes is important to avoid an unpleasant look in your favorite fabrics.

To rescue you about removing the residual resin or THC in your clothes, try on some traditional cleaning techniques that you can choose to use. If you tried to use some chemical products for your fabrics, you need to consider first what you are about to use as they could damage your clothes more.

Ways on How to Get Resin Out of Clothes

Learn how to get resin out of clothes by checking out these different techniques on how to get resin out of clothes. You can simply use some things from your home to help you remove such a mess.

  • Use Hot Water to Remove the Resin Stain

It is the easiest and does not require other materials to help you remove resin stain. The first method you need to do is to heat some water in the container, while boiling, carefully fill about one cup, put in the stained part, and wait until the resin dissolves. Before it cools, use a brush to rub the stain until it fades from the cloth.

  • Use Alcohol

Moisten small cotton using alcohol and gently rub it into the stained area until it removes. If you do not reuse the resin, soak your clothes with rubbing alcohol, then use other old fabrics to remove it. Wash the clothes after doing this procedure.

  • Use Hair Dryer

Using a hairdryer, apply some heat to the resin stain in clothes. Be careful not to directly dry the garments as it can burn by heat. Once you notice that the resin started to melts, use cotton that soaked with acetone to remove the resin. You may also use hot iron for this procedure.

  • Use an Ice for Removing the Resin

It is an effective way to remove resin out of clothes. Place ice on the resin until it freezes, then use a knife or spoon to remove the stain fully. 

  • Use Baking Soda

This technique is not recommended for clothes with dark colors as it possibly leaves marks from baking soda. Just add water into baking soda and mixed it until it becomes like a paste. Apply a small amount of paste under the garments and leave for at least an hour. Hand washes the garments after doing this technique.

  • Use Glue Remover

Apply a small amount of glue remover direct to the resin stain. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes then wash it as usual.

  • Use eggs to remove resin from clothes

This technique is also the easiest one because you will probably have eggs in your home. Remove the egg yolks from the whites and apply the white in a stain. Leave it for a few minutes then check if the resin stain becomes fade. Wash the garments afterward.

  • Use Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is used not only as a kit for removing nail polish but also to remove resin stains. Soak acetone with small cotton and directly apply it in resin stain. This technique is not applicable for colored garments as it may discolor your clothes instead of removing the stain. You may try to test unused garments first to see the result to avoid worsening the resin stain.

  • Use Chlorine 

This technique applies to white clothes. Even chlorine is usually used as domestic use. You need to be extra careful while using it. Damp a small amount of chlorine in cotton then apply it directly on resin stain. If you notice that the stain does still not get out of clothes, combine some chlorine with water and soak the clothes for a few minutes. Wash the garments using detergent afterward.

  • Use Oil for Removing a Stain

Any kind of oil will do with this technique. However, the best oil to used is olive oil. Apply some oil on the stained area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Scrape the resin afterward using a spoon or knife. 

  • Use Vodka or Grain Alcohol

Rather than consuming the leftover vodka in your home, it is better to use it to remove the resin stain instead. You can also use some high alcohol vodka to remove the stain, just simply fill it in your clothes then let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. You may also pour vodka in a glass dish, place the fabrics, then wait until the vodka evaporates and scrape the sticky resin using a spoon or sharp object. Using this technique will also let you extract the residual THC, then you can reuse it after.

When all fails, you can also try to use salt instead. Using salt, you will lose all the resin that builds up from your clothes. Combining such techniques like salt and toothpaste may also work well for every kind of fabric. Using such techniques gets better results as soon as you do sooner after tackling the stain in your clothes. The resin is still fresh and easier to remove the first few minutes after the resin stained your clothes.

As mentioned, many natural products can help you used to remove the stain from your clothes. You may first check the tag of the garment before trying to use such techniques. Some fabrics are not applicable to use with chlorine, for example. Some fabrics are sensitive in cleaning methods involving alcohol and other stain removal products that can purchase. Those sensitive fabrics include cotton, polyester, raincoats fabrics, and even cashmere are the fabrics that not applicable to apply usual cleaning products.


Be patient in getting the resin out from clothes. It may take time and effort until you completely remove the resin stain. But once you know how to get resin out of clothes, you can also apply it to other fabrics. In cleaning substances such as resin in clothes, you may use some natural chemicals recommended for fabrics.

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