How to Grow AK-47: A Cult Classic Strain Exposed

a cult classic strain exposed

It is almost too often that we associate the term “AK-47” to the mass-produced weapon that originated from the Soviet Union back in the 1940s but is still very much in use today. However, if you are someone who is well-versed in the cannabis industry, you may very well know that AK-47 is actually the name of a cult classic strain that is popular across the world and may even be just as popular as the Soviet Union gun itself. In fact, it even stands as one of the most popular strains in the entire state of Colorado.

Because of how popular this strain is, it is almost imperative for anyone in the marijuana community to know how to grow it properly. After all, its popularity as a bud is enough to sell this strain. It will quickly fly off the shelves so long as you grew it properly to get its great effects and attributes. While it might not be the same as the AK-47 gun, this strain may even be on par with that weapon in terms of how popular it is and how quick it is to sell as long as it was done right.

But knowing the normal life cycle of a marijuana plant is not enough to grow AK-47 to its full potential. Like almost any other cannabis bud, AK-47 has certain attributes that make it so unique to the point that you also need to know certain techniques to give it the perfect combination of properties that an AK-47 strain should have.

As such, for you to know how to grow AK-47 well, it cannot be stressed how important it is to know more about the entire strain itself first.

Overview and Origins

If there was something you should always be sure of about this strain, it is that you should never let AK-47´s name fool you into thinking that it is an intense weapon that could very well affect your brains like a semi-automatic weapon would. Instead, it actually is quite the opposite when it comes to its overall attributes as many would agree that AK-47 is a bit mellow and chill despite how it is named. Its attributes are the reasons why it is actually a worldwide phenomenon in the first place.

Wondering why it is named as such and where it got its name? Well, that is a normal reaction when you hear about AK-47 since marijuana strains usually have good reasons why they are named as such. But AK-47 belongs to the exception in the sense that there is no certainty as to how and where it got its name from.

What is certain, however, is its genetic makeup. AK-47 is a cannabis hybrid that was the result of the crossbreeding of four landrace strains. That is right. It has the genetics of four landraces, which are South American, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani. In that sense, it has three sativas as its parents and only one indica. That is why AK-47 is considered a sativa-dominant strain. In some cases, it might have 65/35 sativa/indica composition but what cannot be argued is that it is more sativa than it is indica.

AK-47 is one of the many legendary strains that originated from the Netherlands, the country considered to be the Mecca of cannabis. It was introduced to the market back during the 90s and has since become one of the most popular strains to ever hit the cannabis scene. Its popularity was not confined merely to the Netherlands or to Europe but has actually become popular wherever you go around the world. It even went on to win numerous awards in many different types of competitions. In total, AK-47 has racked up 16 awards and is one of the most decorated strains in the cannabis industry. It is so great of a strain that it was mentioned as an honorable mention in High Times ´ Greatest Strains of All Time.

That said, there is no arguing the fact that AK-47 is truly a strain you should go for if you want a bud that is considered to be one of the best in the entire marijuana industry.

Aroma and Flavor

AK-47 is also particularly well-known for the type of aroma that this world-famous strain exudes the moment you open a bag of its buds. The scent is unmistakably sour to the nose. This kind of sourness is actually what dominates its fragrance as it is a scent that is unlike any other. However, it is also quite unique in a way because of how it also carries different notes underneath that sour scent.

Another thing that is noticeable about AK-47’s aroma is an earthy kind of fragrance that really feels natural. After your nose adjusts to the sourness, you will be taken on a trip to the forest because of how earthy AK-47 is. This earthiness also comes with floral aromas that can really make you feel as close to the earth as possible. However, you may also detect a bit of sweetness in this strain’s scent. It is a sweet fragrance that lingers for a while after the sour and earthy scents dissipate into the air.

When it comes to flavor, AK-47 no longer is as sour as it is. It may still have a bit of that sourness but what you can really notice in your taste buds is the earthy and pungent flavor that is also very abundant in its scent. You can also feel some floral notes hiding beneath that earthy flavor. In some cases, you might even feel a bit of sweetness in this strain’s flavor but such a taste is rare. But what can really be apparent is the sort of fuel aftertaste that this strain leaves in your mouth for quite a while.

AK-47 tends to be a skunky strain and is more or less very natural and earthy thanks to how closely tied it is to the genetic makeup of four different landrace strains. While some users believe that it is too skunky and pungent for them, AK-47 is actually a very pleasurable strain for a lot of cannabis connoisseurs because of the “classic” aroma and flavor profile that it carries.


One of the few things that AK-47 has in common with the actual gun is that it actually is pretty strong. But the weird part about its potency is that it does not hit you as hard as the most potent marijuana strains do. It actually only seems potent on paper but has effects and attributes that do not make it seem like it actually is a very powerful strain (even though it actually is). As mentioned, it is a pretty mellow kind of strain that does not really give justice to its name. Nevertheless, despite how it might be a bit misleading, AK-47’s effects are some of the best the cannabis world has ever had to experience.

As a sativa-dominant strain with more than 65% of its genetics coming from landrace sativas, AK-47 has effects that initially hit you with a happy buzz. This sativa’s effects are immediate and will rush into your head quickly to provide a euphoric sensation that is unlike any other. At this point, it is impossible not to feel any sort of happiness as your mind enjoys the rush of happy thoughts that come with AK-47’s cerebral effects. That is why AK-47 is actually known as a happy strain.

As soon as the euphoric buzz settles in your head, you will also feel an invigorating buzz that will make your mind feel more active and focused. You will be able to feel more creative while under the effects of this strain as you can use this amazing inspired mental state to do productive tasks and creative activities you would have struggled to do if you had not been under the effects of AK-47.

The good part about this type of high is that you will feel happy and uplifted throughout its duration. So, if you happen to be doing something creative or productive while under the effects of this strain, it will be impossible for you to not wear a huge smile or grin on your face. AK-47 simply has the ability to give you a smile that can reach your ears as you will surely be giggling and laughing at even the most mundane and ordinary thoughts and objects throughout the duration of this strain’s high.

Not to be outdone, this strain’s indica side can also manifest in a way that does not mess with its cerebral high. AK-47 has a deeply relaxing effect that will not make you feel tired or lazy. It actually goes well with its cerebral effects as the body high that this strain gives you simply makes you feel at ease. In that sense, you can get to enjoy its happy and uplifting vibes without feeling the weight of the world on your body.

With THC levels that can reach as high as 20%, AK-47 is somewhat a potent strain that does not really make you feel like it is very strong because of its happy effects. However, you still should never overdo this strain as this happy sensation might cause you to go into a state of paranoia because of all the thoughts that are rushing into your head.

Moreover, AK-47 is known to have one of the longest-lasting highs in the marijuana world. That means that this strain will have effects that tend to linger long after you have smoked it. Some say that it can last up to four hours (or even more). What that means is that you can get to enjoy its effects longer than what most other strains can give you. However, it also means that you should not try to take in any more of this strain (or any other) while its effects are still apparent.

Growing AK-47

This is the meat of it. As you already know, AK-47 is a sativa-dominant strain that has the genetics of three sativa landraces and one indica landrace. That means that this strain is more of a sativa than an indica and has attributes that are very closely related to its sativa landrace parents in terms of effects, aroma and flavor profile, and physical appearance as well. In short, treat it as a sativa while growing it.

AK-47 is not a very difficult plant to grow even for those who do not have a lot of experience in growing marijuana. For commercial growers and for those who have some experience in this endeavor, this strain is actually a pretty easy grow. But that does not mean that beginners will not be able to successfully cultivate AK-47. There will be some challenges along the way for newbies in this field but it is still possible.

First of all, while AK-47 may be a sativa that can grow outside in warm environments where it can get a lot of sunlight, most experts say that it is better for you to grow it indoors even if you happen to live in a warm and temperate climate (where sativas thrive well). The reason for such is that AK-47 is particularly sensitive to mold and mildew especially when the conditions get dry and wet.

So, if you happen to live in a tropical region, it might not be the best for you to grow it outdoors because the humidity might be too high for your AK-47 plants to take. For outdoor growing, it might be better if you grew it if you live in a climate that is similar to California and Nevada, which are warm but quite dry.

Growing it indoors, make sure to control the conditions that will allow it to thrive well. Keep your grow space well-ventilated to avoid giving molds and mildew an environment that is suitable for their growth.

Another thing that you also have to keep in mind when growing AK-47 is that it is very pungent and skunky as a plant. So, if you are growing it indoors, the ventilation will keep it from filling the room with its stink. And, when you are growing outdoors, try to find a way to filter the air so that the stink will not bother your neighbors.

AK-47 is a quick-growing plant for a sativa. It has a flowering period that is as short as seven weeks and as long as nine weeks. And the best part about all that is that this strain is pretty rewarding so long as you do things right. You can expect it to yield an abundant harvest full of buds that will immediately fly off the shelves.

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