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How to Make THC Vape Oil?

how to make thc vape oil

THC concentrates are making waves. They are everywhere. It has contributed a lot to the booming industry of cannabis. It has changed the face of the cannabis industry. Though the traditional way of consuming cannabis is still famous and is still being used, cannabis consumers have found new ways on how to consume this amazing weed.

One popular cannabis concentrate is THC Vape oil and the best thing about this is that it is possible on how to make THC vape oil at home using minimal materials. Though THC vape oil is widely available online and on local cannabis stores, still to be able to create a THC vape oil, with the strain, flavor, and fragrance of your choice.

What is THC?

Before we go further let us first get to know the essential compound that makes up the THC Vape Oil? Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a very important component of cannabis. In simpler terms, the THC is the one responsible for the high that consumers get in smoking marijuana. This is a psychoactive compound that will allow you to experience a strong mental and psychedelic high. The THC is responsible for uplifting the mood, boosting the energy and the appetite, and also stimulate the brain to become creative.

The THC component of cannabis affects the brain’s function particularly thinking, memory, movements, pleasure, sensory, concentration, and also time perception.

A strain with a high potency can let you experience a strong mental high which can alleviate the mood and allow you to experience happy emotions. These strains are perfect if you want a psychedelic experience. Some of these THC potent strains are being used in spiritual or religious rituals. It uplifts the emotions during meditations. 

What is THC Vape Oil?

Vaping is now becoming a substitute for smoking and it is also the same thing in consuming cannabis. Of course, we all know that one of the traditional ways of consuming cannabis is through smoking and now it can be consumed through vaping buy producing a cannabis concentrate which is a THC vape oil.

When you hear the term THC Vape oil, you may already have an idea of what is it. As the name suggests, it is an extracted THC from particular cannabis. This is cannabis oil with high THC concentration. The THC Vape oil is made by extracting the resin of the female marijuana plant by the use of alcohol. This the best method among the other methods used to extract THC marijuana from a cannabis plant. The extracted THC vape oil is used in smoking THC concentrates using a vape.

How to make THC vape oil?

So you may have been vaping for a while and now you want to try creating your THC Vape oil. This can be fun to think that you can actually select a strain and turn it into an oil and later consume it using a vape.

The process can be easy yet tricky so you better watch out with even the smallest details. If you want to start making your THC Vape oil, here’s what you need:

  • 1 gram of good quality THC potent cannabis strain
  • 2 glass jars
  • Pyrex bowl
  • Baking sheet
  • Strainer
  • Stovetop
  • Refrigerator or freezer
  • Oven
  • Pot
  • Thermometer
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dropper bottles
  • Terpenes or cannabis concentrate (if this is not available you need to undergo with the decarboxylation process)
  • High percentage alcohol but do not use rubbing alcohol
  • 20 MG of Propylene Glycol

Let’s say that you need to create your THC Vape oil without the use of cannabis concentrate. We need to go through the process of decarboxylation and create the concentrate. To do the decarboxylation process we need to:

  • Grind the strain or weed onto the baking sheet with the use of an aluminum foil.
  • Bake it inside the oven at 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. After heating the materials, break them down on another aluminum foil and leave them in the oven at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Turn off the oven if you see and smell the vapor forming.

After the decarboxylation process, we need to mix it with alcohol. If you have a cannabis concentrate, then there is no need for you to undergo this process. Rubbing alcohol is not recommended in doing this process as well. Note that the higher the alcohol content, the faster it evaporates.

  • Get your glass of jar from the freezer.
  • Take your baked cannabis buds and place them inside a jar.
  • Soak the cannabis buds in a jar that is full of alcohol. To submerge, shake the mixture back and forth.
  • Place the jar with the mixture inside the freezer for a minute or two.
  • Get the 2nd jar and then place cheesecloth over it. Place it at the top. Make sure that it is secured. Pour the mixture through. To get the most of the mixture, squeeze the cheesecloth over the mason jar.
  • In the 2nd jar which is filled with liquid and alcohol add a bit of water and then place the jar inside the pot.
  • This is to boil the concentrate until you get about 5 ML of liquid left inside your jar.
  • Finally, add 20 MG of Propylene Glycol to the jar.
  • Carefully remove the jar from the pot.
  • You will now have at least 5 ML of THC Vape oil that you can use!


But to be able to know how to make THC Vape oil will give you a one of a kind satisfaction as a cannabis consumer. You will not just rely on commercially sold products but you can also do some experiments.

Knowing cannabis consumption fun and exciting. You can use different THC potent strain and enjoy consuming them through vaping. You can select from a variety of THC potent strain which sometimes is not available as concentrates. So now that you know how to make THC vape oil, enjoy vaping, and have a safe and happy trip!

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