CBD oil is one of the most potent cannabis products that is used as a treatment for many different medical conditions among them, erectile dysfunction. How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction and medical cannabis tips will be discussed in this guide.

What are the Natural Effects of Marijuana?

Marijuana is a natural recreational and medicinal plant. Depending on the strain, marijuana can produce a variety of physical and mental effects that can be harnessed to produce craved-for recreational highs. Marijuana is also very therapeutic and this is mainly because of its chemical components known as cannabinoids.

Marijuana strains with high amounts of CBD or cannabidiol will provide therapeutic effects while cannabis with more THC or tetrahydrocannabinol will be more psychoactive and thus provide recreational effects.

Marijuana has the following natural effects

Meanwhile, cannabis also has many therapeutic qualities. It can provide relief from

Marijuana use also comes with side effects like the following

Why Marijuana for Erectile Dysfunction?

THC in marijuana is responsible for an overall increase in blood flow. This is why people who use cannabis have low blood pressure, red eyes, dry mouth, and dry eyes. And because blood flow is increased to all parts of the body, blood can also move through the large blood vessels of there productive area in males leading to improved erections and larger penis size and girth.

Another good reason to use marijuana is to enhance sexual performance in men. Cannabis has natural cerebral effects making you more stimulated, energetic, and more relaxed. You will be more likely to respond to sexual stimulation with weed and focus on what your partner wants as well.

And of course, as sex becomes better and better as you perform better in the bedroom, you will become more and more confident in yourself. At some point, you no longer need to use CBD or cannabis to help you with ED.

How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction?

CBD oil is marketed in different products online and in local dispensaries. The most common form is vaping oil which is vaped using a simple vaporizing device. Vaping oils are available in small flasks or containers and are simply loaded in a vaporizer. There are pocket-sized devices and there are sturdy, desktop vaporizing equipment too.

Another way to use CBD oil is to make tinctures. This is a very potent concentrate that’s usually placed under the tongue or sublingually. This area is full of blood vessels and thus, it will take only seconds for CBD to take effect. Tinctures are placed inside small amber-colored medicine bottles with an eyedrop cover. This is a very convenient container for tinctures and oils since these are small, you can take this anywhere plus you can easily dose up with the eyedropper cover.

Still, there are new and ingenious CBD oil products made especially for ED. One of these is a special lube that you simply apply over the penis to enhance blood flow. This liquid gel is applied to the skin and is easily absorbed. It won’t take too long for the penis to expand in size. This new product also helps lubricate the penis which adds to sexual performance.

Aside from lubes, CBD-based sprays and liquids may also be used in the penile area just before sex. These products are often more preferred by ED sufferers since there are no known side effects plus these work quickly.

Other Treatments

CBD oil may also be used as a long term treatment of impotence as some men suffer from ED because of tension, stress, and anxiety at home or work. Taking specific doses of CBD oil daily can help relax, reduce fatigue, improve stimulation, and aid in focus and creativity. For this treatment, smoking CBD oils, taking CBD edibles, or consuming CBD supplements are far better than using sprays, lubricants, and oils because you’re treating erectile dysfunction for the long term.

The Best Strains for Erectile Dysfunction

Cannabis has two major subspecies: Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa and both can help improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Indica strains are known for being very relaxing, calming, and uplifting. Sativa strains are more stimulating and energizing. Meanwhile, hybrids are a mixture of both but in varying degrees. Therefore, if you were to look for the best strain for the treatment of ED, the answer would be a good CBD-rich hybrid strain.

Check Out the Following Strains that are Good for Erectile Dysfunction

Now you know how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction, visit your doctor for your condition. Marijuana-friendly doctors will prescribe the right dose depending on your symptoms and will also recommend the right product for your needs. Don’t hesitate to consult today.

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