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One-Hitter: A Must-Have for Stoners

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Ever since cannabis marked its popularity across the world, users or stoners have found techniques to experience marijuana effects to the fullest. Because of that, new tactics and other methods pop out in every place, making it difficult for stoners and wannabe-stoners, to achieve what they wish to accomplish with overloading information. But, the rampant data found online and in books should not be a hindrance to knowing the One Hitter technique. The tiny pipe comes in various sizes, materials, and types, but its slender quality remains ideal for stoners. 

What is One Hitter?

One hitter goes by many names, and sometimes users call it oney, bat, tay, oney bat, or taster, which, if you criticize deeply, have the same term for its primary purpose. As the name suggests, one-hitter is intended for a single hit, yet it will contain more significant grams than usual to suffice for the one-time usage. This hard-hitting process of consuming and getting high is usually ideal for a single person rather than a socially-motivated session.  

For the structural ingredient, you may find it different than the one usually used by other users since it can consist of other materials like metal, glass, ceramic, etc. The stuff you will be using will matter as long as the methods are highly convenient and comfortable to use. Despite coming out in a variety of resources, the design is usually alike.  

How to Make a One-Hitter and How do you use it?

Moving past to the equipment that you will need, the next question should revolve around how you start with how you make a One-Hitter by yourself and how you are going to use it. The following procedures and tips should serve as a guide and assistance to individuals interested in making and using the One Hitter technique.

How to make One Hitter?

Before we make one, let’s check out other materials, traditional or not, involved in One Hitter. Please take note that the stoning technique is not a modernized idea people came up with because it already exists back then. The only difference from before to now is the updated and recon-structured design made by consumers to make the process more efficient and more manageable.


During the 18th century, things that are made up of clay is usually more prominent because of the newfound practice. So, it’s no doubt that few of the things they use came from clay. In this case, Chillum has a channel from end to end with a conical shape on it. It originated from India and is already known in other places. 


This Hitter came from the Middle East and is a traditional process of smoking tobacco blended with healthy herbs. Unlike the first one, Midwakh is available in various materials, including bone, wood, glass, or metal.


Kiseru is a Japanese one-hitter pipe that consists of metal and bamboo, where metal is appointed as the mouthpiece with a bowl on the other side and bamboo between the materials. This one Hitter is the earliest to come out during the 17th century, where Buddhist books are citing it as a reference.


This one-hitter originated from Morocco. It is a pipe with a narrowed-shape bowl made up of clay. Sebsi is usually made up of wood, and according to old traditions, it is where Moroccan smoke cannabis’ pollen. It can go up to 18 inches long, depending on how users will like it.

For the process, you will only need to take notes because cases for one hitter are already available in the market, depending on which material you would instead use. Start with your chosen weed or cannabis strain. It is essential to know which way will make it more desirable to smoke. You will need to perform decarboxylation; in which you will apply more significant heat to eliminate larger THC molecules. You will also need to make sure that your weed is dry and free of moisture. The decarboxylation technique is one way to do it. 

Secondly, light it the right way for a more comfortable utilization. You will only need to light the pipe for a mere second to prevent it from acquiring too much heat. Hence, making it undesirable to hold and use. Make sure the flame is away from the hitter, and the pipe is facing towards the ground. 

Lastly, always clean your one-hitter to achieve smooth usage and keep the ash from building up. For this tip, you will only need to use a pipe cleaner, water, alcohol, salt, and whatever cleaning material you wish to use. It is also advisable to clean it every week or two to eliminate built-up ash and odors. If you want to know more about cleaning your pipe, here are what you should do:

–     Pour hot water over your hitter, to ensure that no bacteria will live.

–     Put the rinsed hitter in a plastic container to keep away possible fungus, bacteria, and dirt.

–     Pour rubbing alcohol and make sure it can cover the hitter.

–     Add a spoonful of salt.

    Close the lid and shake the container.

–     Discard the now liquidized salt with alcohol and put out your hitter,

–     Repeat the first process of pouring hot water.

–     Air-dry it, if possible. But, if you need the one-hitter right away, hair-dryer can work.

How do you use One Hitter?

As mentioned, one Hitter is easy to make and easy to use. You will only need to pour the bowl with weeds you prefer, pack, light, and take a puff. For steady airflow, inhale slowly and avoid the ash as much as possible. Then, enjoy taking a wind for a stoned feeling.


Depending on how you like to use your weed, answering the question could be a difficult task. For users who want the Stoney feeling and are always in for a single session, one Hitter is something they should have. Aside from the strong sense, it is also easier to carry, no unwanted odor will emerge, and it is completely reusable. Therefore, One Hitter is a must for consumers who hope for higher potency. 

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