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Smoking Moldy Weed: Risks and Potential Health Effects

smoking moldy weed

Smoking cannabis has become very popular lately. Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in several places, it has captured public attention. The cannabis industry has become the fastest growing industry and cannabis enthusiasts continuously find more ways to improve cannabis consumption.

As cannabis smoking becomes a trend, it is a necessary precaution to know that the weed you are about to smoke is of good quality. Smoking moldy weed may cause danger to your health. It may result in an unpleasant trip.

What is moldy cannabis?

Moldy cannabis is an unhealthy type of cannabis. These are cannabis with grayish-white coating in the outside. If you are an experienced grower, it is easy to spot on moldy cannabis. Molds look gray and are white powdery in appearance. They also have a distinct odor and it is different if you compare it to other cannabis.

Molds are sometimes mistaken as trichrome because they somewhat look alike. Trichomes are the crystal-like sticky substance that can be found on the leaves and on the buds of the cannabis plant that gives its flavor and aroma. The main difference between trichomes and molds is that trichomes appear to glitter and they are hair like while molds are grayish and white coating with musty and mildew, harsh smell.

Can smoking moldy weed make you sick?

According to recent studies, molds and other toxins can be harmful to the body. It can be a breeding ground for other bacteria. Thus to answer the question if smoking moldy can make you sick? The answer is a big YES. 

There may be a few reasons why smoking moldy weed can cause danger to your health but these reasons should not be taken for granted. 

If your immune system is not very strong, this may lead to a risky health condition such as lung infection. Moldy weed can make you sick because of the compound called endotoxin and mycotoxins. These compounds are harmful to the body because they can trigger illness. Another compound that can be harmful is endotoxins which molds contain. 

Endotoxin can cause asthma or difficulty in breathing. It can cause lung irritation. Both endotoxins and mycotoxins can cause inflammation. The infection that is brought by smoking moldy weed can lead to pneumonia and may cause these symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Changes in the mood
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sensitivity to the light
  • Memory difficulties
  • Brain fog
  • Cough
  • Difficulty of breathing
  • Sinus pain
  • Congestion
  • Wheezing 

A study showed that these symptoms are present when you smoking moldy weed. Other fungi like Mucor, Aspergillus, and Cryptococcus are also present in moldy weed. These harmful fungi cause serious illness and irritation in the body.

What are the different kinds of molds in cannabis?

There are many types of molds and mildews in a cannabis plant. They differ in kinds and sizes as well as the region where the cannabis plant is cultivated. As mentioned, there are many types of molds than can affect a cannabis plant but here are the most popular types of molds:

  1. Aspergillus – this is a type of fungus that produces mycotoxins which are thought to cause harmful effects to the body. Mycotoxins are said to be carcinogenic. This compound can cause infections particularly to the lungs which can be quite serious especially to those who have a very low immune system. A study showed the effects of Aspergillus when it contaminated cannabis. The infection caused emphysema. It caused lung infection.
  2. Cladosporium – These fungi are common plant fungus which can often be found on porous materials. 
  3. Botrytis – This is the most common type among the compounds that cause molds in the cannabis plant. 

How to treat moldy weed?

Every cannabis cultivator’s goal is to produce a healthy and bountiful harvest. But one dreary experience for cannabis cultivators is to encounter molds and mildews at any stage of their cultivation process. You must know the warning signs so that you can do something about them and treat them.

You can use a microscope to see if molds are growing in your plant. Early diagnosis is very important so that it will not cause much trouble in your plant. If it is too late to cure it, it is better to remove so that the other plants will not be infected. 

Better be aware of the kind of cannabis that you consume. It is not just enough that you are smoking the cannabis of your choice but it is also very important that you have a top-quality product for the better and best smoking experience.

Keep in mind that smoking cannabis can be hazardous to health and smoking moldy weed can bring about an unpleasant experience. It can lead to illnesses that are related to lung infection or allergies. 

It is not just enough to smoke just any kind of cannabis. High-quality cannabis is the best choice for any consumer as they are safe and can help you experience a wonderful trip. Make your health also a priority and don’t just settle for low quality cannabis weed. Again, smoking moldy weed can bring about illnesses especially if you have a weak immune system. Do not settle for anything less. Make sure that you have a top-quality strain that will allow you a safe and enjoyable trip.

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