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What To Do With Moldy Weed?

what to do with moldy weed

Some molds are innocent and harmless. Other types are simply dangerous. When left alone, mold can cause disturbance to the respiratory system. Exposure to mold can cause coughing, sore throat, and sneezing that are about to persist. 

What to do with moldy weed? Well, moldy cannabis is harmful to users. If you still choose to smoke it, you may experience vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, trouble breathing, & heart palpitations. Pneumonia is a possibility as well. 

What Does the Moldy Weed Look Like?

Moldy weed normally comes with a whitish-gray coating. If you are not a regular cannabis grower, you may struggle to recognize and distinguish trichomes from the mold. Perhaps, you may identify mold as trichomes or trichomes as mold. 

Trichomes are the glimmering, sticky crystalline substances on the buds and leaves that give a strong aroma to cannabis. Compared to trichomes that look like shining glitters, mold looks a whitish or grayish powder.

Likewise, mold comes with a smell that is one of a kind. Thus, mold is easier to recognize by the way it smells. Moldy cannabis often has that musty smell. Otherwise, it might smell like hay. 

Can You Smoke Moldy Weed?

You may be wondering if moldy weed is still good to use. Well, it is less likely to kill you, but using a moldy pot is still not advisable. Among healthy individuals, smoking cannabis with mold does not appear to leave a damaging effect on your health, excluding the general dangers of smoking. 

Once you use moldy pot, you may experience common symptoms, such as nausea, coughing, and vomiting that are far more hostile than risky. However, if you have mold allergies, smoking moldy weed can cause inflammation of your lungs and sinuses. You can tell this with the following symptoms:

  • Drainage
  • Sinus pain
  • Wheezing
  • Congestion

In persons with weakened immunity or inflamed lungs, breathing in the smoke coming from the moldy pot can have severe negative effects on your health. Fungi such as Mucor, Aspergillus, and Cryptococcus can trigger severe and fatal lung infections, central nervous system infections, and infections affecting the brain of a person with compromised immunity. 

How to Check Cannabis for Mold?

  1. How It Looks

The easiest way of checking cannabis for mold is to check it with your eyes. You can tell your weed is already infected with mold with these signs:

  • Powdery look
  • Cobweb-like material
  • Dark spots that you will see on the greenish buds
  • Greyish or yellowish fuzz
  • Slime
  1. By Its Smells

Moldy cannabis will show a wide range of aromas, right from diesel fuel to berry to skunk. However, if your weed has the odor that smells like urine or sweat, it can be infected with mold. 

Sometimes, some people find the smell of mold as something aromatic. That said, they can still notice the strong smell of weed despite the presence of mold. Besides, mold sometimes does not emit any form of smell unless they are almost fully developed.

  1. By How You Feel When You Touch Them

A healthy pot that has been properly cured must feel crispy and dry. If it feels spongy or damp, it can be moldy. Detecting mold on cannabis is not easy. It requires practice and typically involves 3 simple tests such as smell, look, and feel.

If you did all those tests and still have doubts about the quality of your cannabis, then you can do additional tests that are mentioned and described below. 

  1. Looking at them Deeply

If you have a microscope, get it and check the cannabis for mold. Keep in mind that mold is hard to see with your naked eyes while it’s still developing. It will be visible to your eyes only when mold is fully developed.

Even the jeweler’s loop or magnifying glass will help you see better the surfaces of cannabis flowers. Mold creates structures like hyphae that appear nothing like any other portion of a cannabis plant. Anything that seems not ordinary can be mold. 

  1. Check Your Cannabis for Recalls

As your last resort, you may check the media outlets even the websites of famous cannabis growers to how to do checking for recalls caused by moldy pot. It may not be the most consistent technique for checking cannabis for mold as many problems like this were unrecorded. However, it could be effective when the crop was big enough and shipped to different locations. 

What to Do with Moldy Weed?

The only 100% safe and sure way to deal with moldy pot is simply discarding it. If you’re wondering if you can still recover the infected plant matter and save it for your next smoking session, you may try these 3 suggestions:


If you have moldy cannabis, don’t throw it away. You can make it usable again by baking it in an oven at a temperature of 230°F for up to 35 minutes. This will effectively eliminate the mold and make it safe for consumption. Don’t hesitate to use this method to make edibles or concentrate once the decarboxylation process is complete.hem in the dab rig with the water filter in the base. The liquid will filter out as much as 15% of the mold. If you did the decarboxylation process and cooked up the produced cannabis extract, breathing in the vapor that flows over the water filter must eradicate the traces of mold that are still there in the mixture.

Option: Recycling Moldy Weed

If you still have doubts about the quality of cleansed plant material, why not recycle it? Proper composting increases the soil temperature to about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures will kill the mold and break down your plant material. Therefore, you can use and mix it with the soil the next time you cultivate cannabis plants. Just make sure the temperature is anywhere between 140 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the mold and prevent it from shifting to new cannabis plants.


What to do with moldy weed? Well, the best thing is to discard or use it as compost. You can also try saving the contaminated plant material with the suggestions given above. Do whatever you think is the best for your weed. 

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