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What Causes a Sticky Weed?

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We try to steer clear of anything sticky. From sticky floors to sticky hands, we try to stay away. But there’s another syrupy thing that marijuana users love more than anything else and that is a sticky weed. What is a sticky weed, what causes sticky weed and the value of sticky weed will all be revealed here?

Sticky Weed Defined

Syrupy and icky weed refers to the buds that contain very thick resin in the trichomes. This resin is what makes weed perfect for making concentrates like cannabis oil. Resin is the “sap” or “juice” of the cannabis plant and this is why weed is very syrupy when touched. So when you hear anyone saying they have sticky weed then they are referring to buds or flowers coated with resin making these look and feel syrupy.

Is Sticky Weed Good to Smoke?

Yes, is great to smoke and in fact, it’s one of the best kinds of weed. Usually, syrupy weed is
reserved for high-value customers or sold to people who manufacture concentrates. Yes, it’s one of the
best things that happened to weed as you’re smoking or consuming a pure, very potent cannabis

Cannabis Flowers

Sticky weed starts from its flowers from female cannabis plants. When these buds mature, you’ll find these buds in lovely bright colors such as orange, bright green, red, purple, and yellow. In some plants, their buds and flowers turn purple when exposed to cold climates. The flowers will be covered with very tiny hairs that look like miniature glass mushrooms. Also, these tiny hairs have a very important purpose so don’t remove them or touch them!

Cannabis Trichomes

The trichomes are the glands of the cannabis plant and these produce delicate and delicious resin. There are three kinds of trichomes on a cannabis plant but the largest ones called capitate-stalked trichomes are the most responsible for resin production.

Cannabis Resin

Again, cannabis plants grow flowers which produce trichomes. The trichomes produce resin. This material makes weed very syrupy. The color of resin can change from glass-like translucent color to a very cloudy red-orange substance. The color and transparency depend on the life cycle of the plant.

All About Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are chemical components in weed. There are hundreds of cannabinoids and the most common are THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN. These cannabinoids are found in the resin created by the trichomes that coat the buds and the plant.

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid while CBD is the therapeutic compound in weed. THC and CBD work hand in hand in making weed recreational or medicinal. And as THC in weed is higher, CBD levels are lower. When CBD is higher, THC levels are lower.

If you want to enjoy the effects of cannabinoids then the best way to do so is to smoke a joint or a blunt or consume a THC gummy candy. Cannabinoids are found in resin that’s produced by the small trichomes of a marijuana plant.

And if you’re looking for cannabis with more trichomes you want more resin and that’s only possible with sticky weed., you’ll get the best recreational strain and the most therapeutic medicinal strain.

Is Sticky Weed Better than Dry Weed?

You may have also wondered if its better than dry weed. Let’s compare these two.

Dried or Wet Weed?

Sticky weed and dried marijuana are both dried which means both were harvested and dried for many more days in a cool and dry space. The difference is that dry weed may have been left in the drying area for a longer time. These may also be plants with a small number of trichomes or resin. This simply means that dried flowers may provide a harsher experience rather than sticky weed with a full and very tasty flavor.

The Quality of Sticky Weed

Most cannabis experts rate sticky weed as the best quality marijuana that you’ll ever find in a dispensary. The plant has trichomes with flowing resin and thus, you’re going to get the best amounts of cannabinoids.

But dry marijuana still has lots of cannabinoids but not as good as a sticky weed. Take note that the quality of the cannabinoids affects many factors related to enjoying your high. A sticky strain with high THC will produce a more recreational high while a strain with high CBD content will give you a more therapeutic effect.

Is Sticky Weed Very Expensive?

Probably the biggest difference between a sticky weed and dry weed is the price. You can get a quarter of an ounce of dried cannabis for 75 USD but only an eighth of an ounce of sticky weed for the same price.

And just like shopping for good quality, you must settle for nothing but the best. Look for a dispensary with good quality make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Read reviews of online cannabis sites that sell this product and check and compare prices to get the best deals. Also, don’t forget promos and deals like free delivery charges, free shipment, or free weed for a particular purchase amount.

How to Consume Sticky Weed?

As we mentioned before, syrupy weed is a potent type of marijuana and this must never be overlooked. You can easily get high with a small amount especially when you’re new to consuming this kind of weed. You must always proceed with caution and consume/smoke moderately.

If you’re smoking or consuming as medicine, consult your doctor first. Ask about the best strain that can help you with your condition. A cannabis-friendly doctor can help you make the best decision.

Sticky weed is not new and in fact, it has been available in many quality dispensaries locally and online. Don’t hesitate to try sticky weed, it may be the best thing that will happen to you since you first tasted marijuana.

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