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What is Pinene: Effects and Benefits of Pinene Cannabis Terpenes

what is pinene effects and benefits of pinene cannabis terpenes

α-pinene, commonly referred to as Pinene, is one of the major terpenes produced within the cannabis plant. While the levels of Pinene can significantly vary in different cannabis strains, the varieties that are rich in this aromatic compound are known to smell and taste much like (yup, we bet you already guess it), pine trees.

Apart from greatly contributing to the unique blend of aromas and flavors of various marijuana strains, Pinene also plays a major role in enhancing the synergies between active cannabinoids and other terpenes, a phenomenon that has created waves of massive interest in the science behind ganja with the introduction of the cannabis “entourage effect” thesis.

A Quick Overview of Marijuana Terpenes

There has been quite some buzz around cannabis terpenes lately, and it only seems that the public attention on this intriguing group of aromatic compounds is bound to grow and expand in the following decades.

The thing is, terpenes were not really believed to play any significant role when it comes to the unique effects experienced after consuming different cannabis strains some mere years ago. Much of what experts used to understand about cannabis effects basics could sum up to the fact that THC is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, while CBD inhibits the psychoactive properties of CBD.

But way too little was known about the incredible, enchanting pathways through which not merely the active cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN work on our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (aka the ECS) but through which terpenes work in close collaboration with cannabinoids to trigger the full array of effects of cannabis consumption, making the sense of high a far more complex experience with several onsets, rather than just a flat-line. Instead of such type of flat-line experiences with cannabis, we actually get through many exciting episodes of the marijuana high, kicking in with waves of euphoria and offering variable sensations that can be more of an in your head type of episodes, quick boosts of energy and motivation, relaxation, the giggles, and munches, and so on, and so on. Well, if it wasn’t for the unique synergies of terpenes and active cannabinoids, weed consumption would have little to do with experiencing the beautiful array of complex effects we adore so badly.

What is Pinene Terpene?

Pineneterpene is a highly aromatic molecule which is produced, and subsequently released by different plants, including but not limited to cannabis. It is not only coniferous trees like the pine tree that is rich in Pinene. Other plants high in Pinene include rosemary, sage, orange peels, dill, turpentine, ironwort, eucalyptus, parsley, and frankincense.

As you can see for yourself, Pinene-rich plants like rosemary, frankincense, and sage, among others, do not smell solely like pine, and that’s because, similarly to the cannabis plant, other plants do also produce a bouquet of terpenes, and not merely a single terpene is what determines their complex blend of aromas and flavors.

With a chemical formula C10H16, Pinene is known to possess a boiling point of 313 degrees Fahrenheit (155 Celsius). It is good to keep in mind that Pinene has one of the lowest boiling points of all cannabis terpenes, and therefore, Pinene is commonly the first terpene to be lost due to evaporation.

When exposed to temperatures above the boiling point, Pinene is sure to vanish, and so one would fail to take the best advantages of its many potential therapeutic benefits. That is to say, if you want to reap the most from what Pinene cannabis terpene has to offer, your wisest move is to choose to medicate with weed tinctures or edibles made with a conscious mind to not allowing Pinene to degrade. Using a rosin press device to enjoy high-quality terp sauce rich in Pinene is also a fantastic idea.

Smart Tips for Enjoying Maximized Levels of Pinene in your Cannabis Stash

It is crucial to store your cannabis flowers in clear, sealable mason jars, and not in plastic baggies with a mind to protecting the gentle cannabis terpenes. Plastic bags tend to absorb terpenes or may easily lead to terpenes leaking off, too. That’s certainly one of the first lessons marijuana growers learn on their journey of cultivating the ancient cannabis plant, no matter if it comes to indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse operations.

Also, in the process of drying and curing your cannabis flowers, a lot of Pinene is lost, then again due to the low boiling point of this terpene which is closely associated with Pinene’s heat sensitivity. And so, the marijuana users who want to enjoy more of this amazing terpene’s benefits, juicing raw cannabis might be an excellent option. You don’t really need to “sacrifice” your precious cannabis flowers when juicing raw ganja, so if you happen to be a tiny space cannabis grower, fret not, you can still enjoy plenty of Pinene by juicing (or simply consuming in a salad or dressing) large marijuana leaves as soon as the harvesting point kicks in when terpenes’ content in cannabis plants reaches its peak.

Effects and Benefits of Pinene

To start with, there are two types of Pinene, namely alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene. However, it is alpha-pinene that is most prevalent in the cannabis plant.

For many years, the ancient folks made the best use of the beneficial properties of Pinene, even though they didn’t really get to have reliable access to terpenes extraction technologies as we do nowadays. Instead, people would collect the Pinene-rich resin from trees’ barks, and then use the resin in the treatment of a very broad variety of ailments.

The resin would be mixed with various liquids, such as water, wine, or milk. Not the least, the resin was also mixed with animal fats or beeswax for the preparation of antimicrobial ointments.

Back in the 17th century, the Dutch used to make tonics from juniper berries. Nowadays, these tonics, known as Guns, are still cherished and are widely used recreationally.

Back to Pinene and ganja, it is no secret that cannabis terpenes add a mighty bit of flair or “personality” to the different strains out there.

As of now, experts are still moderate when it comes to discussing the therapeutic benefits of Pinene, among other terpenes, because of a lack of sufficient research to validate the multiple existing studies on that matter.

However, there are several directions in which Pineneterpene has shown to be potentially beneficial to both medicinal and recreational cannabis users, and we have compiled these in a short and neat list below.

#1. Pinene has displayed strong anti-inflammatory properties. A 2011 study examined the antiviral properties of Pinene, further highlighting Pinene’s potential contribution to the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis.
#2. Pinene has been long known to work as a mighty bronchodilator, which means that it helps to open airways. Because of this, Pinene can aid in respiratory system-related issues, such as asthma.
#3. Pinene is found to counteract some of the adverse effects of THC, and in particular, the chances of experiencing episodes of paranoia. Not the least, Pinene is found to possibly counteract yet another of the possible negative effects associated with THC, namely short-term memory impairment.

Ultimately, Pinene is proposed to increase the feelings of alertness and focus one gets to experience after consuming strains that are high in this particular terpene. Apart from an improvement in short term memory retention, creative inspiration is also suggested to be beautifully enhanced thanks to the cerebral properties of Pinene when indulging in Pinene-rich cannabis varieties.

Top Cannabis Strains High in Pinene

When selecting the best strain to cater to your personal needs and preferences, understanding individual cannabis terpenes characteristics is of major significance.

High levels of Pinene can be found in many different strains, ranging from hybrids through Indicas and Sativas.

It is crucial to note, though, that the abundance of any terpene is greatly dependent on a broad range of environmental factors. Anyway, there are, indeed, cannabis strains that tend to produce higher levels of Pinene, or at least levels that are above the average norm.

One quick, easy, enjoyable, and affordable way to further enhance the synergistic effects of Pinene when consuming cannabis is to make out a cup of rosemary tea or simply eat a handful of parsley shortly before or after consuming just about any cannabis strain. Even though only based on grandmother research methods and anecdotal evidence, consuming terpenes-rich plants alongside cannabis might really intensify some of the desired effects.

Grape Ape

Don’t get fooled by the distinctly delicious grape-like smell and taste of Grape Ape strain, for this Indica-dominant gemstone is also high in Pinene, even though the piney undertones are not what his your palate at first.

Towering up to 23% THC, Grape Ape cannabis plants give rise to succulent, dense, dank nuggets that simply beg you to get them filled in mason jars and guiltlessly let thyself sink into the purple-tinted embrace of those big, lemme brag you about my homegrown cannabis buds 24/7.

Pineapple Express

One of the pioneering stoner characters of his royal cannabis connoisseur majesty Seth Rogen was definitely the one of Dale Denton, the dedicatedly stoned-to-the-bones pothead who got involved in a series of crazy adventures after accidentally witnessing a murder. The thing is, Pineapple Express strain is not at all any less of a legend than the Pineapple Express movie! The fact that Pineapple Express is high in Pinene adds just another bonus point to this strain’s out of this world effects, rich blend of aroma and flavors, as well as the relative ease of growing.

For those who enjoy creativity stimulating and energy-boosting cannabis varieties, Pineapple Express remains an all-time favorite go-to.


Named after the gas-operated assault rifle designed by Michail Kalashnikov in the former Soviet Union, AK-47 is one of those strains that leave a deep imprint on your body and mind, much like a bullet does. Although, instead of causing you any form of pain, AK-47’s list of specialties is to offer an uplifting, upbeat high that can help one get along with daily tasks and duties with a wide smile.

This strain is praised all across the globe for being easy to grow even for beginners, while simultaneously promising decent yields and a blend of high THC content (about 18%), coupled with above the normal levels of CBD (about 1%), and a stunning fusion of terpenes, one of which is this article’s superhero, Pinene.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of those strains that you’d better find a way to try out at least once in your life. If you are into growing this unique cannabis variety from seed, all that we can suggest is that you don’t delay and get down to adding Blue Dream to your indoor or outdoor marijuana garden asap!

A favorite strain for medical users because of the excellent combination of high levels of CBD and average to high levels of THC, Blue Dream also happens to be rich in Pinene, alongside other terpenes, such as Myrcene. The effects experienced after consuming Blue Dream are best to be described as sublime relaxation sprinkled with a generous dose of heightened focus and motivation.

A great strain that provides a symphony of buzzy cerebral sensations, just the right dose of dreaminess, and nonetheless, a delightful blend of flavors that pamper the palate, Blue Dream cannabis plants are easy to grow and will reward your efforts with mesmerizing buds that display tints of deep blue.

Effects and Benefits of Cannabis Terpene Pinene: The Takeaway

There’s so much yet to be discovered about the promising future uses and big benefits of the otherwise tiny aromatic molecules known as cannabis terpenes, that it is hard not to feel excited, uplifted, and utterly inspired to embrace the world of all things cannabis-related with an open mind, heart, and soul, always hungry and curious for more!

Of course, there is much more that we are bound to learn about the effects and benefits of Pinene as the ban on marijuana is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. At depart, we want to wish you nothing less but a beautiful and genuine experience with your favorite cannabis strains and products. And may the next time you get to indulge in the pleasure of enjoying a strain high in Pinene you also get to feel yourself as an intricate part of the living nature and the endless, vast, always full of curiosities and limitless possibilities Universe, the very mastermind that conceived the ancient, healing, and powerful cannabis plant millions of years ago.

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