If you’re a joint smoker, then you already know about the joint roaches. Joint roaches are the term used for the end part of the smoked joint. It’s fun to know what to do with joint roaches. Other users just discarded the roaches or tossed it on the floor. 

But, there are many ways to use roaches and still gives you a high feeling. Joint roach is usually becoming brownish, especially when the roach has higher amounts of resin. 

Why Use Joint Roaches

Most cannabis users find ways to get the most out of their joints as they smoke up to the very last part. Even others may not tend to consume the last bit of joints. There are still others that want to use the small amount, so they don’t waste any part of the joints. If you are a weed smoker that wants to consume the weeds more then consider these different ways on what to with the joint roaches.

Know What to Do With Joint Roaches

  1. Load Up a Joint Roaches in Bowl

It is the ideal way for those consumer that does not want to cut up the roach and just want to inhale it. You can place all the roaches in a bowl then burned and smoked it like that. Another way is by placing the end part of the roach then hit it while you are facing into the bowl. The end part of the roach will be burnt, and the smoke goes up, and you now hit the bowl. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Keep the Weed Inside the Roach After Smoking 

Know what to do with joint roaches with this method. It is the simplest way to consume leftover weed in the roach, by simply unwrapping the roach and keep the leftover weed for future consumption. 

You can do this every time you consume weed until you save enough amount of weed from the joint roaches. Once you save enough weeds, then you can create a new joint to consume. Even the weed may not look the same as the usual weed you smoked, it is still consumable as it just being resinated.

  1. Wu-Tang the Roach

Wu-Tang the roach means swallowing it. In swallowing the roach, this doesn’t mean that you swallow the whole roach, it is just the roach you are going to swallow. It is done once the roach gets small enough. 

The main reason for doing this is just for fun for those cannabis users that want to try something different. Check out these tips:

  1. Smoke the Joint Roaches

If you always smoke joints, then you are surely collect many stashes of blunt roaches. Smoking joint roaches can do in many different ways, such as:


As stated above, the weed that you get in a roach may become fresh as a new and unused joint. Many consumers just throw out their roaches and the weed inside it was just wasted. Try those steps to consume your joints up to their roaches effectively. Now you know what to do with joint roaches.

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