Amazing Benefits of Rosin

amazing benefits rosin

Rosin is known as an affordable, pure and potent form of cannabis. It has become more popular among cannabis patients and people who want to use cannabis for medical reasons because of its good effects and quality content. There are even supporters of cannabis use that claim that rosin is the future of marijuana concentrates because of its numerous benefits.

Rosin and the Benefits

Rosin is pure cannabis extract with a consistency similar to sap. It is made from the extraction process that combines heat and pressure to create a solventless hash oil or SHO. The result is a high-terpene and high cannabinoid resin product.
Rosin is made by using a rosin press; a special tool that will create rosin from buds. A rosin press applies just the right amount of pressure and heat on buds to properly extract terpenes and cannabinoids. And you can also make rosin at home using everyday household items like a hair straightener but this won’t be as efficient as a rosin press.

No residual solvents. Compared to other cannabis concentrates, rosin does not contain any residual solvents. It may look similar to BHO but it is solventless. Making rosin does not require a solvent unlike BHO where butane is used therefore there is reduced health risks when rosin is used.
Having no trace of solvents in the final product means that you have pure and potent medicinal marijuana to use. Although butane is very efficient in extracting cannabinoid compounds, it is extremely harsh on the body and on the environment.
Rosin is clean and will definitely be a good alternative for patients and anyone who would like to use this for its therapeutic purposes. And you won’t be missing out on any therapeutic properties of BHO because rosin and BHO have the same potencies. Therefore if you need to use a potent and pure concentrate then rosin is for you.

Rosin is Easier and Safer to Produce

Producing BHO takes a lot of skill and practice. You must also exercise extreme precautions when you are doing butane extractions at home. This is because butane is highly flammable and if you are not careful, working with butane can lead to an explosion because this is an extremely volatile substance.
There have been a large number of accidents due to people trying to produce cannabis extracts using solvents such as butane. Most of these accidents happen to people who are new to butane extractions. But even when extractions are done by professionals, this is still very dangerous and can even do serious harm or even death. With rosin, you will be able to avoid these risks while preserving the potency of the concentrate.

Rosin is Quick and Cost Effective

By using a rosin press, you will be able to make rosin in just a few minutes. Of course purchasing a rosin press is an investment if you want to make rosin for profit.
A rosin press applies heat and pressure to the cannabis to liquefy the cannabinoid and terpene content and creating a sticky wax similar to honey or sap. The process of making rosin is very straightforward actually. When you have managed to learn how to completely use the rosin press, you will be making high-quality rosin concentrates in a day.

A rosin press will also be a good tool for professionals too because compared to traditional closed-loop systems that could take weeks to months to work, a rosin press will be up and running as soon as you take it home.

Butane used in extracting concentrates could be very expensive and of course the closed loop extraction system setup for serious extractors could coast from $100,000 to $200,000. Some high tech systems could even cost more.
Rosin extractors or rosin presses could cost around $1000 or even less. This is truly very minimal compared to using a very expensive closed loop system. And if you are planning on taking rosin-making to new heights, you will surely get more profit from using a rosin press compared to using any other system.

Rosin has Equal to Higher Potency than Other Concentrates

According to reports, rosin could contain from 50 to 70 percent THC content. A raw cannabis flower could contain only 25 to 30% THC making rosin very potent and super concentrated. This high potency concentrate is a good choice among patients and for people looking for fast-acting, effective concentrates. Less potent products are used to make other cannabis products.
As you can see, pure rosin is potent and is also economical. It is a cleaner and healthier option because there are no additives used to make it.

Rosin is potent and pure and therefore it’s fast-acting. This is a very concentrated form of cannabis that is packed with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. A small amount of rosin may contain a high dose of cannabinoid fast. This small dab is equal to smoking three to four joints!

Pure, potent and highly-concentrated rosin is very versatile. You can use it to make wax, budder (cannabis butter), sugar, shatter and more. Rosin can make any kind of concentrate and of course, these products are solvent-free. Rosin can be incorporated on all kinds of cannabis products like oils, tinctures, topical products, salves and edibles. And then you can even use rosin on its own. Rosin can be inhaled or vaporized or it can be consumed orally. Because rosin is versatile, it is highly adaptable. It can be used by all kinds of patients, young and old and can be used as treatment for almost all kinds of medical conditions.
Rosin is easy to use, is potent, very concentrated and is versatile. You can use it on all kinds of cannabis products plus it can be used to make different types of concentrates as well. It is safe to make and therefore is recommended for novice and professional extractors.

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