How to Make an Apple Bong At Home

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Do you know that you can make a bong out of anything? From plastic water bottles to soda cans, from coconuts to a zucchini, nothing’s impossible for a creative toker.  You may have also heard of famous fruit bongs like an apple bong. Today we’ll explore how to make an apple bong and a few tips on how to use one.

Why an apple bong?

There are many reasons why an apple is the best natural material to make a bong. First, the fruit’s shape is the best shape and size for a handy bong. The round shape is easy to hold with one hand as you light up your material from the top of the fruit. 

An apple has very strong skin and can hold well even if you make a hollow apple bong. Also, it’s biodegradable and can take a day or two before you need to throw your fruit bong out. This is a good idea especially if you have plenty of apples at home. 

An apple bong is also a great idea as it’s easy to make and is easy to use. Some users also agree that the apple adds flavor to your smoke.

Materials you need to make an apple bong

  • A ripe apple (not overripe as this fruit has skin that’s already starting to soften)
  • A ballpen
  • A small knife
  • A bowl


  1. Wash your apple by lightly scrubbing it with a soft brush under running water. When you’re done, wipe it dry. 
  2. Hold the apple with one hand and remove the top using an empty pen. Use this part of the pen to drill a hole through the apple. Clean the hole well using the pen’s body. 
  3. Create a second hole near the bottom of the apple. This hole must meet up to the hole at the top of the apple. Clean this hole using the same pen. 
  4. Create a third hole along the side of the apple using the pen. The third hole must be an inch from the hole at the top. This hole must also meet with the chamber that you have created. This hole must be convenient enough to cover with your finger as you light the bong.
  5. Carve out the bowl. The bowl is where you’ll place your dried plant material and is found at the top of the apple, where the first hole was made. The bowl must also be big enough to keep your dried weed.
  6. Your apple bong is ready. You may now fill the bowl with dried weed that you wish to smoke. To use this fruit bong, hold it with one hand with a finger closing the carb (third hole). Light up the bowl with your other hand and place your mouth on the hole found at the bottom of the apple.  

How to make a hollow apple bong

The following steps show you how to make a hollowed-out apple bong. The materials are the same as the previous steps. 

  1.  About an inch from the top of the apple, cut the top using a sharp knife. Slide the top off and remove the stem.  Do not cut too close from the stem because you will need to use the top like a bowl. Wiggle the stem out of the top, don’t cut it because you can damage the top.  
  2. Use a spoon to carve out the chamber from the apple’s base. Allot at least 1/3-inch for the wall of the chamber.  Also, don’t remove too much along the sides and bottom of the chamber. You need a very sturdy apple to use as a bong.

You might find it hard to remove the flesh of the apple using a spoon. You can use a small knife to break up the flesh into small sections before scooping these up with the spoon. Place the flesh in a bowl; you can use it in your cooking or baking. 

  1. Create the carb and a mouthpiece. Use a pencil to carve out a carb an inch below the apple’s rim. Use the pencil again to create a second hole located a few inches from the side of the carb. This second hole will be your mouthpiece. 
  2. You may ow use the hollowed apple bong. Put the lid on top, cover the base. Place the top of the lid with your dried weed. With one hand, hold the apple and use a finger to cover the carb. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and use your other hand to light up the bowl. 

Tips how to use an apple bong

Your apple bong will not last a long time unlike glass or ceramic bongs so remember the following tips when using your pipe.

  • Throw away your apple bong after a day’s use that is if you use the bong the entire day.
  • If you will only use the fruit bong once a day, you can make this last longer by covering it with foil or a plastic wrap and placing it inside your fridge. 
  • If you notice the insides of the apple are turning brown and are emitting an acidic smell then you must not use the bong anymore. It’s a good idea to start making an apple bong using an unripe apple. This is firmer and will last longer. 
  • As much as possible, don’t share your apple bong. If you’re hosting a pot party, include a DIY apple bong making as a part of your event. Always make sure each participant or guest has his apple bong to use. 
  • Can you eat the apple after you’re done using it as a bong? Why not? However, some users report a funky taste and would rather recommend against it. 
  • Keep your bong from children or pets that may think that this is food.

Aside from an apple bong, go creative and make a bong out of other veggies or fruits. As long as the fruit or vegetable has a good shape, you can carve out a bong and use it to smoke your stash. 

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