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How to Make Weed Honey

make weed honey

For thousands of years, people from different nationalities and backgrounds all over the globe have been taking advantage of the healing properties of honey, as well as the healing properties of marijuana. Considering the priceless health benefits of both cannabis and honey, it is more than intriguing to learn how to make your very own weed honey!

Pot honey or cannahoney is fairly effortless to make (even for beginners), and it can be stored in the refrigerator for months. Also, you can make THC honey or CBD honey based on your personal needs and preferences.

Nonetheless, you can make weed honey with dry cannabis buds and/or you can also make weed honey with coconut oil.

In fact, if you roam the web in search for cannabis + honey recipes, you’ll quickly realize how many different ways one can choose to follow in order to prepa batch of delicious, highly therapeutic weed honey. But the truth is, not all of the cannahoney recipes you may come across work equally well, and that’s exactly where we kick in with a list of friendly guidelines that will make you a pot honey pro before you even know it.

Now, let’s get down to getting you acquainted with the best ways to prepare cannabis-infused honey, generously sprinkled with creative ideas on how to use pot honey, as well as essential pieces of advice on how to reap the benefits of marijuana honey to treat a wide number of medical concerns.

Make sure to fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be a sticky, tasty, marijuana-infused honey adventure like no other.

Should You Give Cannabis Infused Honey a Try?

Before we get down to the practical part of our weed honey tutorial, we want to highlight some crucial bits of information regarding the preparation and use of cannabis-infused honey.

For a start, many of you have the opportunity to purchase the readily-available pot, honey. As a matter of fact, you can be free to choose between THC or CBD honey depending on your unique demands.

With the expanding legality of marijuana across the world, laying your hands on nothing less but top-notch quality dispensary-bought edibles is gradually becoming the norm.

According to a recently published report by Zion Market Research, the global cannabis-infused treats market has reached a mind-blowing value of an estimated USD 2,376 million in 2018. Within as little as several years from now (2018 – 2025), the edibles market in the US alone is bound to generate approximately USD 11,564 million which makes up for a whopping 25.4% rise in revenue obtained from edibles’ trade and sales.

As cannabis aficionados and medical marijuana users, we feel more than blessed to witness the rising availability and ease of accessibility of the green medication, especially since we know painfully well how poorly treated and horribly misunderstood the cannabis plant has been in the last century or so.

Dispensary available cannabis based products ranging from dry cannabis flowers, cannabis concentrates, cannabis tinctures and topicals, to name a few, feel like a dream come true. Yet the age-old question keeps lingering in the air: “Is it a better idea to opt for weed honey from stores or homemade weed honey instead?”

Now, the truth is, this question cannot be answered with a solid, fat YES or a big, chubby NO because it is really a matter of personal preferences, and as we know fair well, no two cannabis users are exactly alike.

But while it is extremely convenient to go for weed honey sold in dispensaries, there are some undisputable and unbeatable benefits of making your very own pot honey.

Benefits of DIY Marijuana-Infused Honey

Unlike some edibles that may require you to spend quite some time in the kitchen and possibly put your Master Chef skills to a test, weed honey is easy-peasy to make. The know-how, materials, and equipment you’ll need are super basic: honey, weed, a crockpot, a mason jar, and a cheesecloth (alongside some other minor tools that any average household already has handy).

Apart from the ease of making a batch of DIY weed honey, the process is very enjoyable, too. Yeah, you can get your hands a bit sticky but that is a great part of the fun, too.

Learning how to make weed honey is well worth your (minor) efforts because just like the wise old saying goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Upgrading your skills in DIY pot honey making grants you the invaluable opportunity to tailor your delicious cannabis-infused honey 100% perfectly based on your personal taste and needs.

Ultimately, the major benefit of mixing a batch of homemade cannahoney is related with the high prices of edibles available in stores, so you are simply bound to save a small fortune in the long run if you get into enjoying DIY canna-infused treats including but not limited to weed, honey.

We did some calculations to check out exactly how much you can save from making cannahoney in the comfort of your home, so let’s see what the numbers have to say on that note.

For the record, dispensary available pot honey containing 500 mg of THC costs about $130.

If you want to make weed honey featuring the same potency you’ll need approximately 5+ grams of dried and cured cannabis flowers containing 20% THC or, respectively, 10+ grams of buds of 10% THC potency.

As a rule of thumb, 1 gram of 20% THC marijuana buds converts into 200 mg THC when prepping an edible, however, you only get to actually extract about 50% and up to 60% of THC, and that’s why you’d need 2+ grams of 20% THC potent buds to end up with 200mg THC in your edibles. Plus, that’s only true in the case you extract THC using coconut oil because olive oil can only extract about 35% and up to 40% of the active cannabinoids.

Fast forward to the example of dispensary-available $130 weed honey containing 500 mg THC.

If you are to purchase 5-6 grams of high-quality weed of 20% THC potency, you’ll likely spend about $10 – $15 per gram on an average. Add in about $10 for high-quality organic honey, and there you have a final price of roughly $60 – $85 which is close to paying 50% less for homemade weed honey vs. weed honey available in stores.

Best of all, if you grow your own cannabis plants, then your weed honey bill can get about 10 times cheaper!

Yes, this basically means you can prep a batch of mouthwatering, high-ly therapeutic pot honey featuring 500 mg THC potency for as little as $6 – $10! Hooray! Or why not make a batch of weed honey featuring 200 mg THC potency for as little as $3 – $5 on an average? You get the idea, bud buddies: homemade = top-quality, fraction cost cannabis flowers, and we can’t help it but feel like celebrating this fantastic news.

Revealing More Cannahoney Benefits!

So far, we focused on discussing the reasons why learning how to make weed honey as opposed to purchasing it from dispensaries has to offer in terms of benefits for the end-users.

In this section, we want to highlight other unique benefits of marijuana-infused honey that extend from personal to a global level.

To start with below is a neat cheat sheet of the physical and mental issues one can treat with the use of weed honey.

Keep in mind, though, that high-THC vs. high-CBD weed honey provide a different range of benefits, just like the two active cannabinoids (Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol) are well-known for, and that’s exactly why we have separated the two types of pot honey in two categories.

Health Benefits of THC Weed Honey

1. Appetite boost/ Food disorders
2. Weight and muscle gain speed up
3. Good mood enhancement/ Mood disorders therapy
4. Sleep disorders and/or insomnia management
5.Nausea and/or vomiting relief
6.Muscle tension and/or soreness relief
7. Chronic pain treatment

It goes without saying that high-THC weed honey will get you, um, high. Depending on the type of strain you choose to use, you can experience a different range of psychoactive effects. For instance, if you make weed honey using a pure Sativa or Sativa-dominant strain, you can expect to get a major boost in a good mood, motivation, and a lasting feeling of euphoria. If you get to prep pot honey using a pure Indica or an Indica-dominant strain, you can enjoy a more relaxing, pain-alleviating, sleep-inducing batch of cannahoney.

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the top strains you can choose to grow in your marijuana garden and use for the making of high-THC weed honey.

1. Bruce Banner

Nothing less but a true legend among cannabis strains, Bruce Banner is a Sativa dominant hybrid of high THC potency that is sure to bring your weed honey to a whole new level.

However, being true to its Sativa genetics, Bruce Banner spends quite some time in flowering ( 9 – 10 weeks) so if you can’t afford to wait that long but you still want to enjoy a Sativa-dominant hybrid, then Strawberry Cough autoflower might easily exceed your expectations upon harvesting. Plus, offering your bud buddies a bit of Strawberry Cough weed honey sounds quite delicious, doesn’t it?

2. Purple Kush Autoflower

Purple Kush autoflower can be a wonderful option for the growers who need a cannabis strain capable of producing potent buds in alluring purplish-tinted buds upon harvesting.

True to its 70% Indica genetics, Purple Kush grows into a compact, short plants that can be more than welcome for those of you growing cannabis in a tiny space. Despite being an autoflowering variety, Purple Kush autoflower does spend some good 8+ weeks in flowering.

However, considering the strong THC potency of 20+%, as well as the ease of growing, it can be a fantastic addition to any cannabis grow operation. When prepping Purple Kush weed honey, you can expect to end up with a batch of highly relaxing, therapeutic cannahoney to relieve pain, muscle tension, and combat insomnia.

3. AK47

Yet another cult-classic strain, AK47 is the secret weapon any cannabis grower would be proud to cultivate in his/her indoor or outdoor marijuana garden.

Hitting the moderate 18% levels of THC, AK47’ potency is not to be underestimated as this strain has most deservedly won multiple Cannabis Cups Awards over the years.

Being a 65% Sativa-dominant hybrid, it takes about 9 – 10 weeks to finish flowering but the waiting can be well worth it considering the average yields of about 350 grams for indoor growers vs. 500 grams for outdoor growers. Quite some decent amount of awesome cannabis flowers to make as much weed honey as you crave to, right?

While this can be more than welcome for a weekend wake and bake pancakes topped with THC honey-sweet escapes, many of you may prefer to stick with a less or non-intoxicating version of weed honey.

In order to do so, there are several options: you can either go for microdosing your THC honey intake (more on that matter below), use a less THC potent strain and/or less amount of weed to mix a less potent batch of THC honey or you can go for high CBD weed, honey.

Health Benefits of CBD Weed Honey

1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Anti-paranoia
3. Seizures reduction and long-term management
4. Anti-anxiety
5. Mood swings alleviation
6. Anti-depression
7. Aids in slowing down neurodegenerative disorders

Do keep in mind that CBD honey might be the only option for those of you who are about to undergo a drug screening test since CBD does not show on such types of screenings unless your weed honey also contains small amounts of THC.

If you are about to apply THC-rich weed honey topically, mind that doing so will not get you high because in order to bind with cannabinoid receptors THC requires a carrier chemical such as magnesium stearate. However, despite not getting you high, topical application of high-THC weed honey will inevitably show on drug screening tests, too.

High-CBD weed honey can work wonders for those of you who may have low prudence to THC. CBD can inhibit some of the psychoactive effects of THC, thus, helping you get out of those “too high” episodes when you might feel terribly stuck into figuring out whether your feet are made out of solid-liquid instead of flesh and bones or whether the ceiling will ever stop spinning and inviting you to cross the Portal of Time.

Just take a tablespoon of high CBD honey and patiently wait for the too high scenario to pass (Psst, just don’t panic cause you need to smoke about 40 000 joints within 15 minutes to overdose on marijuana which is practically impossible). Even when you feel the high has gotten totally out of control, this too shall pass, as it is only and merely a temporary experience.

Below is a list of the top high CBD strains you can plant in your marijuana garden in order to enjoy the purest quality CBD weed honey in the comfort of your home (gee, we already get some massive sweet-tooth cravings, and we haven’t yet reached the step-by-step weed honey recipes that are about to follow. Hang on, bud buddies, we will make it through this cannastorm together, LOL).

1. Auto Critical CBD

Auto Critical CBD strain finishes flowering within as little as 7 – 8 weeks. It is a fairly easy strain to grow, and the perfectly balanced THC: CBD levels of 5%:5% make up for this strain’s superbly rejuvenating properties.

Making CBD honey with Auto Critical CBD is a pure pleasure, as you will end up with a batch of cannahoney that can be perfect to use during the day without depriving you of the much-needed focus to get along with your daily tasks while combating stress, depression, inflammation, lack of energy, and chronic pain.

2. Super Silver Haze CBD

Another pearl in the crown of modern-day, high-CBD strains, Super Silver Haze CBD takes a bit more time to finish flowering as compared with Auto Critical CBD. This is more than logical since Super Silver Haze CBD is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, so it requires about 9+ weeks to reach the end of the flowering phase.

Considering its Sativa genetic dominance, Super Silver Haze CBD can be the perfect addition to a batch of delicious, homemade CBD honey that can energize your mind without taking away your focus and motivation, all while relieving pain and easing stress and anxiety.

3. Cali Kush CBD

The highest CBD strain in this list featuring 20% CBD to 1% THC potency is a rising star on the global scene of high-quality cannabis strains rich in CBD created by breeders with years of experience in the cannabis niche.

Easy to grow and promising fantastic yields, Cali Kush CBD is worth waiting for about 10 weeks to finish flowering.

We highly recommend this strain to anyone who is looking into mixing a batch of purest quality CBD-rich pot honey. This 80% Indica-dominant strain is best suited to those who want to target anxiety, pain, seizures or epilepsy while staying productive throughout any time of the day thanks to the high levels of CBD vs. trace amounts of only 1% THC present.

Weed Honey = Discreet Cannabis Intake & Easy Microdosing

Microdosing cannabis has hit the world as if by storm, and there are some solid reasons why one may choose to give microdosing a try.

If you are among the marijuana microdose fever enthusiasts, then weed honey can become one of your favorite methods for administrating the desired dose of THC/CBD according to your personal needs.

Nonetheless, whether you want to get really high or simply experience a relaxing, gentle buzz without losing your focus, weed honey makes a beautifully discreet option to medicate with cannabis whenever and wherever you wish to. Just place a suitable amount of weed honey in a small mason jar that fits into your bag/pocket/car and takes the desired amount using a small scoop.

As far as microdosing the exact amount of THC/CBD present in your weed honey is concerned, just remember that practice makes perfect. It may take a few trials and errors to get a perfectly well-balanced potency of your DIY weed honey that works best for you, however, you can also choose to take advantage of high-quality cannabinoid measure devices such as tCheck in order to easily and precisely adjust THC/CBD levels in a breeze.
How to Dose Edibles

After commenting on the benefits of weed honey in terms of microdosing and ease of discretion, we cannot skip on listing what we promised at the very beginning of this sticky sweet article: the best ways to use weed, honey!

How to Use Weed Honey?

In a nutshell, you can use weed honey in as many different ways as your imagination reveals to you. Now, to get your creative juices flowing, here are some canna-tastic pot honey ideas.

1. Weed honey full body massage (take a hot bath filled with milk and sprinkled with rose petals, mint leaves and/or lavender flowers before or after the weed honey massage and thank us later).
2. Weed honey face mask (leave on for 15 – 30 minutes after exfoliating your skin and use 2 a week for best results to reduce inflammation, smoothen the skin, shrink pores, and prevent wrinkles).
3. Add weed honey to your favorite smoothie.
4. Spread weed honey on a toast.
5. Have a fruit salad topped with cannabis-infused honey.
6. Enjoy a batch of homemade ice-cream and weed honey.
7. Bring your bud buddies together on a HIGH Sunday afternoon enjoyed with BBQ grilled meat and/or veggies marinated in weed, honey.
8. Top your pancakes or muffins with pot honey.
9. Have a relaxing cup of hot tea and weed honey.
10. Or have a refreshing cup of ice tea and cannahoney.
11. Enjoy a homemade lemonade with weed honey.
12. We can go on like this forever so please, just feel free to indulge in your delicious weed honey any way you like it!

How to Make Cannahoney Top 3 Step-by-Step Recipes

We find these basic weed honey recipes that we are about to share below to be the two best working ones among hundreds of others.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the THC content of the strain/s you use, the higher the potency of your weed honey and the smaller the amount of weed you’ll need. Respectively, the higher the CBD content of the strain/s you choose to work with, the higher the CBD content you can extract using a smaller amount of cannabis flowers.

Weed Honey Infused with Dry Cannabis Flowers

Active cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, among others, are hydrophobic which literally means water-hating. Instead of being able to dissolve in water, cannabinoids are fat-soluble. That’s one of the reasons why eating healthy fats when consuming cannabis in whatever method you prefer such as smoking, eating, vaping, etc., is highly recommendable to make the most from the green medication.

Innovative technologies are currently being developed in order to make it possible to extract active cannabinoids in water, however, as of now, water is not an option.

This means you cannot simply toss dry cannabis flowers in honey and reap the beneficial effects of weed honey since the active cannabinoids will fail to dissolve in pure honey because of the absence of fat unless heat and/or pressure are applied to extract the active cannabinoids.

However, in a pinch, you can easily make weed honey without having to extract the active cannabinoids using butter, coconut oil or olive oil. In order to do so, you need to decarboxylate your dry cannabis flowers first.

Also, as far as the first recipe for weed honey that we are about to share below is concerned, you need to feel okay with the idea that your pot honey will contain weed particles which would be otherwise strained through cheesecloth when prepping cannabutter or through the application of heat when making weed honey tincture.

Do keep in mind that this particular weed honey recipe will result in less potent cannabis infused honey as compared with weed honey tincture and weed honey with coconut oil.

However, this recipe can make an excellent choice for those of you who do not want to sacrifice a large quantity of weed, as well as for those who want to enjoy a super quick and easy version of pot honey. This recipe is effortless to microdose, and if you dislike the feeling of munching on the weed particles left intact, you can add chia seeds and/or caramelized nuts of your choice to disguise the marijuana particles while enjoying the crunchy, healthy bits of nuts.

Last but not least, this recipe works best when prepared in one-hit, personalized doses because if you go for prepping a big amount of weed honey with dry cannabis flowers following this recipe, the cannabis flowers will end up at the bottom of the weed honey, thus, making proper dosing quite challenging.

Basically, this recipe is all about taking advantage of decarboxylating cannabis, thus, converting THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) into THC. THCA does not induce the sense of high, that’s why we smoke cannabis and don’t eat it raw when we want to get high.

This particular recipe comes with essential gains since you do not need to let the honey and cannabis mixture boil for hours. It is crucial to keep in mind that when exposed to heat honey loses many of its incredible healing properties because the active compounds are too delicate to stand high temperatures.

List of Materials for Making Weed Honey with Dry Cannabis Flowers (No Cannabutter)

1. Organic, raw honey (the amount of honey you choose to use depends on the amount of weed you will add, so feel 100% free to adjust it to your taste).
2. Dry cannabis flowers (the amount buds you choose to use is a strictly personal matter of choice; as a rule of thumb, ingesting 1 gram of decarboxylated cannabis flowers of high THC potency will get you reaaaallly high, so act accordingly based on your unique, personal prudence to marijuana).
3.A suitable pan lined with baking paper
4. A knife
5.A plate
6.Wooden spoon/spatula/chopstick

Active prep time: 5 minutes
Inactive prep time: 50 – 60 minutes

Step 1: Decarboxylate cannabis buds.

Using a knife (or other suitable tool), cut the cannabis buds into pea-sized particles. Preheat your oven to 240 Fahrenheit (115 Celsius).

Place the pea-sized buds in a pan, making sure they are equally transferred on a sheet of baking paper in an even, thin layer.

Keep decarbing your weed for about 40 minutes and up to 1 hour. Make sure to rotate and stir your weed every 10 minutes or so to decarb it perfectly. Act quickly, though, because it is important that the temperature of your oven stays as consistent as possible throughout the decarboxylation process.

Once done, take the decarbed buds away from the oven and place them on a clean plate to stop any extra heat from further cooking the active cannabinoids.

Step 2: Slightly heat the honey on a water bath.

Using a water boiler (or a DIY smaller pot-in-a bigger pot water boiler device), let the honey melt so that it takes in the decarbed weed evenly.

Be patient and gentle, and heat the honey on a low temperature while stirring occasionally in order to keep as much of the precious nutrients of honey undamaged by heat as possible.

Step 3: Add the decarbed cannabis buds into the honey.

In about 5 minutes or so your honey will be already melted well enough to intake the decarbed buds properly.

Now, chop down the decarbed cannabis flowers into fine, tiny particles but avoid touching them with your fingers because some of the trichomes can stick to your fingers instead of ending up in your weed honey.

Finally, toss the decarbed buds (and other extra spices or herbs if you wish to) into the honey. Using a wooden chopstick or spatula, keep stirring the mixture until it is smooth and uniform.

Store your dry cannabis flowers infused honey just the way you would store ordinary honey: in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Better yet, enjoy a small batch of this simple and quick weed honey made with dry marijuana flowers and mix another one whenever desired.

Weed Honey Tincture

This recipe makes up for a wonderful, smooth, dispensary-quality weed honey that can be as high THC or as high CBD potent as you desire. However, this recipe does require cooking your weed honey for hours.

While this will not do any harm to the delicious taste of your pot honey, it will inevitably cause some of the nourishing compounds present in honey to disappear. It can be a good idea to mix a batch of weed honey tincture and add some uncooked, unheated honey afterward so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, you can add extra herbs or spices to your weed honey tincture to boost the health benefits you want to reap.

For example, adding dry lavender flowers to your weed honey tincture can work wonderfully for those trying to cope with insomnia and/or combat stress.

Add cinnamon sticks to increase the anti-inflammatory properties of your weed honey tincture.

If you are planning to apply your pot honey tincture topically to treat localized pain, muscle tension, and/or inflammation, dry marigold flowers can make an excellent addition. Don’t hesitate to do your proper research on the herbs you can take the best advantage of in terms of boosting the healing benefits to upgrade your weed honey tincture to a whole new level.

List of Materials for Making Weed Honey Tincture

1. Decarboxylated weed (the amount you choose to use depends on the potency of the weed honey you want to achieve, as well as the potency of the strain/s you choose to work with; for some, 15 grams of weed mixed with 2 cups of honey can work excellently while for others, 8 grams of weed mixed with 2 cups of honey can prove to be the best combination).
2. Honey
3. Sunflower lecithin (you need 1-2 tablespoons of lecithin per 2 cups of honey; lecithin helps to extract the active cannabinoids in the absence of fat, thus, increasing your weed honey’s potency).
4. A quart jar with a tightly-sealing lid
5. Cheesecloth (10’’ x 10’’ should do just fine).
6.A crockpot
7. Hand towel/dishrag
8. Extra herbs and/or spices of your choice (optional)

Active Prep Time: 10 minutes
Inactive Prep Time: 8 hours

Heads up: This method for making weed honey is 100% smell proof. The only traces of marijuana smell you’ll need to deal with are the ones emitted during the process of decarboxylation.

Step 1: Decarboxylate your dry cannabis flowers following the tutorial above.

Step 2: Wrap decarboxylated weed in a piece of cheesecloth.

Step 3: Combine honey and lecithin in a quart jar along with the cheesecloth-wrapped decarbed marijuana buds. You can add extra herbs or spices along with the marijuana buds and wrap them all up using cheesecloth or you can add extra herbs or spices once your weed honey is done cooking.

Step 4:Line a crockpot with a dishrag or hand towel.

Step 5: Now, fill the crockpot with water and place it on low heat. Place the tightly-sealed quart jar inside the crockpot.

Step 6: Honey will get warm enough in about 30 minutes or so. Make sure to check on it periodically because pressure tends to build due to the tight sealing of the lid. Just monitor the weed honey concoction and burp the jar when needed, then quickly tightly seal the lid back again.

Step 7: Keep cooking the weed honey quart jar on low heat for 8 hours. Then again, don’t forget to monitor frequently (every hour or so to burp the jar if needed).

Step 8: After 8 hours on low heat, your weed honey will be ready. Let it cool before you strain all the delicious, amber-hued mixture from the cheesecloth (but hey, just let it cool, don’t let it settle for too long because if you do so the honey will lose its perfectly well-melted texture and you’ll need to heat it up again).

Quick Heads Up: Don’t throw away the cheesecloth! You can steep it and make your very own cannatea in a breeze. No waste life rules, doesn’t it?

Your weed honey tincture is best to be stored in the refrigerator, although storing it in a dark, cool place can also do the trick just fine. If you use about 3 cups of honey, your weed honey can easily last you for a full year (provided you store it carefully and munch on it moderately).

Weed Honey with Coconut Oil

Although making a batch of good-quality cannabis-infused oil is a time- and effort-consuming process, the recipe we are about to share is well worth every minute spent because it makes up for delicious, versatile weed honey.

Most importantly, honey is NOT heated in this recipe so what you end up getting after following the easy steps below is a batch of top-notch weed honey with coconut oil that can be used in a wide variety of ways (you can ingest it orally, as well as apply it topically in order to treat localized pain/inflammation or simply as a part of your beauty routine.)

List of Materials for Making Weed Honey with Coconut Oil

1. ¾ cup cannabis-infused oil
2. 3 tablespoons cannabis-infused oil
3. A blender
4. A rubber spatula
5. A bowl
5. Tight-fitting lid mason jar

Active prep time: 5 minutes
Inactive prep time: 10+ hours in the case you get down to making your very own cannabis-infused oil from scratch

Step 1: Combine honey and cannabis-infused oil in a blender. Blend for about a minute or so on high speed.

Step 2: Scrape the sides of the blender to get as much of the weed honey mixture as possible using a rubber spatula. Transfer the weed honey into a clean bowl and place in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Step 3: Once the weed honey mixture has thoroughly settled, mix it well manually for a second time to help all the compounds transfer evenly into the honey and cannabutter fusion.

Finally, transfer the weed honey with coconut oil into a tight fitting-lid mason jar and keep refrigerated for up to 3 months

How to Make Weed Honey: An Out-of-the-Box Bottom Line

Did you know that bees can also make weed honey?

Although not the typical weed honey that you can prep by yourself, bees can collect the pollen from male marijuana plants (female cannabis plants do not produce any pollen), thus, producing delicious marijuana honey in the most natural way possible.

However, bees are not naturally attracted to marijuana plants because they prefer bright-colored, sweet nectar-filled flowers such as lavender, acacia, thyme, and marigold, to name a few. In fact, speaking of the ways of the living nature, bees have nothing to do with cannabis plants pollination since cannabis plants are wind-pollinated, and not bees-pollinated. Also, so far, there has been too little proof over the weed honey-producing abilities of bees since limited evidence comes from YouTube videos of a beekeeper who claims to have trained his bees to produce weed, honey.

The thing is, bees can be, indeed, successfully trained to collect pollen from male marijuana plants based on a rewarding training system when bees are fed sugar water after collecting pollen from ganja fields. It is also essential that bees are not provided any other plants they may choose to collect pollen from but to be strictly trained in ganja fields. Although bees would usually go for collecting pollen from marijuana plants only as a last resort, this doesn’t mean that bees-produced pot honey is only a myth, right?

Interestingly, bees cannot get high while collecting cannabis pollen because they do not possess an endocannabinoid system. Plus, being fully subjected to working full-time for their Queen, bees really have no spare time to indulge in recreational drugs use.

However, a mind-blowing journey to wild Nepal where a local tribe goes hunting for “mad honey” (psychoactive honey which has nothing to do with cannabis), proves that bees can and do gather pollen from certain psychoactive plants. “Mad honey” is used both as a medicine, as well as a soft drug by the Nepalese tribes.

Experts from Colorado Hemp Honey have made another intriguing discovery regarding bees and cannabis honey which can lead to amazing bees-made weed honey products of high medicinal value in the foreseeable future. As it turns out, bees can convert some of the sticky cannabis resin into healing propolis. Propolis is a mixture of beeswax gathered from the nectar of various plants and mixed with the strong anti-bacterial bees’ saliva.

Curiously, the ancient Egyptians were well-familiar with the healing properties of honey and cannabis mixtures. According to one of the four most historically significant medical textbooks of ancient Egypt, a fusion of cannabis flowers and honey was used to treat inflammation and mood disorder by being applied vaginally (sorry, guys, girls power kicks in).

In fact, both honey and cannabis were part of the burial ceremonies of the ancient Egyptians which marked the most important moment of a lifetime – the journey into the After Life. Honey was used for embalming the dead and was also gifted to the deities as a sacrifice while traces of cannabis pollen have been discovered on the mummies of several pharaohs, including Ramesses II.

Learning how to make weed honey is a process full of joy. There is plenty of room for experimenting, too, no matter if you go for making weed honey with dry cannabis flowers, weed honey tincture or weed honey with coconut oil.

Certainly, there are other cannahoney recipes you can try out, too, although we do find that the top 3 weed honey recipes that made it into this article are the best working ones. Ultimately, if you are a cannabis grower, there is simply no excuse not to polish your weed honey making skills. Even if you cannot afford to grow your own marijuana at this point for whatever reason, we highly encourage you to indulge in a batch of homemade THC or CBD honey as pot honey comes with amazing physical and mental benefits you should not deprive yourself of!


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